Ftelia beach in Mykonos island – Beautiful, tranquil beach in Mykonos

Mykonos, a beautiful island of Greece surrounded by Aegean sea consists of so many attractions to visit and enjoy holidaying with family & friends. A great way to enjoy holidays in Mykonos island is choosing holiday villas in Mykonos for your stay, since they provide round clock services and splendid hospitality. If you need more privacy, you’ve holiday villas in Mykonos with private pool and more facilities available at affordable prices along with picturesque views. When you’re in Mykonos and looking for a serene, secluded beach to spend your ‘beach day’ then you shall head to Ftelia beach which is located on north coastline of Mykonos island and 7 kilometre away & in north-east to Mykonos’ main city centre. Since, the beach is tranquil it’s less-crowded but looks beautiful with crystalline waters and a wide enough sandy beach surrounded by rocks and rock cliffs partially. If you’re a fan of windsurfing & kitesurfing, then you’ll love Ftelia beach in Mykonos, since, both locals and tourists of Mykonos island call it the ‘Surfers Paradise’, due to the presence of strong, gentle winds here. You’ve limited count of cafés and restaurants available near Ftelia beach and also beach bars near by. You can also visit the famous neolithic settlement and tomb of ancient Iliad war hero Ajax the Locrian, which is a historical landmark to visit near Ftelia beach in Mykonos.