Fort de Bernia in Altea – Go for hiking in Altea

Altea, a beautiful coastal city located in Spain’s Alicante and also a part of popular Costa Blanca have amazing attractions and the holiday villas in Altea will let you enjoy a spectacular holidaying with family and friends. There are few destinations which will turn out to be an exquisite hiking, walking trail expereince in Altea, especially for the people who loves get get along with verdurous ambience & admire nature and also for those who love adventure. Altea’s Fort de Bernia, ancient architecture ruins over a hill top is such a destination for hiking & great walking, which you need to experience when you’re holidaying in Altea. From the main city centre of Altea you can reach foot of hill where Fort de Bernia is located, by travelling nearly 12 kilometres. People of Altea address ‘Fort de Bernia’, also as ‘Castillo de Bernia’, because the castle got the name from ‘Bernia Hills’ of Altea, over the top of which the castle is located. Don’t miss this popular & beautiful 3 & 1/2 hour hiking & great walking after backpacking, to encounter the ancient castle ruins and amazing panoramic views from Fort de Bernia, when you’re holidaying in Altea.