Fiumi Fountain(Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) of Rome – Beautiful 17th century fountain in Rome

Fiumi Fountain-Rome
Fiumi Fountain

Rome, Italy’s capital city is one of the most popular city in world’s history from ancient times to present times. Rome have many attractions to visit and you can also find amazing holiday rentals such as holiday villas, and holiday apartments in Rome that will enhance your ‘holidays’ you enjoy in Rome. If you’re looking for a best way to enjoy your holidays and explore the city of Rome, do pick one among the many beautiful, luxury holiday apartments in Rome City Centre which will provide full-fledged services with utmost privacy. Holiday apartments in Rome City Centre are available affordable prices, luxurious ambience, and these holiday apartments in Rome City centre also provide easy access to other destinations to visit in Rome. One of the popular and historical landmark to visit in Rome is Fiumi Fountain(Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) and it means ‘fountain of the four rivers’ and it belongs to 17th century. Fiumi Fountain, the exquisite architectural structure with beautiful works is located in popular square of Rome city called as Piazza Navona in Rome. From Rome’s main city centre you shall reach Fiumi Fountain by travelling 3.4 kilometre, following the directions. Do take guided tour to Fiumi Fountain to know the fascinating history and stories told about the medieval century fountain in Rome and you can relax, dine at the beautiful restaurants, cafés surrounding the Fiumi Fountain in Rome. No holidaying in Rome city is complete without visiting and clicking pictures at Fiumi Fountain of Rome.