Dr Neil’s Garden in Edinburgh – Secret Garden of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s amazing capital welcome tourists throughout the year with it’s beautiful attractions and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Edinburgh that’ll let you enjoy great holidaying with family and friends. A beautiful garden of Edinburgh which is considered and actually is ‘a hidden gem of Edinburgh city’ and a must visit spot while holidaying in Edinburgh is the serene and spectacular Dr Neil’s Garden, a beautiful & verdurous garden. Dr Neil’s Garden is located behind a 12th century church in Duddingston village which is just 3 miles away from Edinburgh’s main city centre. Dr Neil’s Garden was created in a church land during the year 1963 which now, boasts itself as a beautiful secret garden of Edinburgh at the foot of popular Arthur’s Seat with pond, swans, walking trails, flower gardens, medicinal plants and Thomson’s tower(a unique octagonal building built during 1825) and peaceful ambience gifted with picturesque views. Don’t miss the spectacular Secret Garden of Edinburgh, when you’re holidaying in Edinburgh.