Do walk the picturesque Golden Lane in Prague Castle, Prague

Prague, Czech Republic’s capital have amazing attractions and also fantastic holiday villas that’ll let you enjoy a splendid holidaying with family and friends in Prague. The main factor to admire about Prague city is being beautiful and elegant in a very simple way and on such a note, a beautiful street (or) destination to visit and admire when you’re in Prague is the Golden Lane located close to Prague Castle in Prague. Golden Lane was initially the residential region of holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II’s castle guards during 16th century and got it’s name from the goldsmiths of Prague occupying the region during 17th century. You can find small and well-built houses with beautiful and bright colors and most of them now function as museum, shops for gifts, souvenir and many more. Nothing to watch more than colored houses and cobbled street but you’ll be amazed by the picturesque views of Golden Lane and it’s definitely worth a visit when you’re holidaying in Prague.