Colossus of Rhodes – One among the seven wonders of ancient world, located in Rhodes

Rhodes, the exquisite Greek island possess a lot of attractions and extra-ordinary ‘holiday’ ambience that draws tourists from various parts across the world and let them enjoy amazing holidays with family/friends. One of the most iconic and historical landmark of Rhodes which you shall definitely visit is Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the Greek sun-god Helios which was sculpted and erected by Chares of Lindos during 282 BC in Rhodes’ north-most tip coastline. From the main centre of Rhodes town(capital of Rhodes island) you shall reach ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ by travelling 3.5 kilometre towards northern tip, following the directions. Do you know? Being constructed during 282 BC and about 108 feet high, the ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ is one among the Seven Wonders of Ancient World for possessing rich architectural and historical values and also been standing strong and majestic during all these centuries though it faced a collapse during 226 BC. If you’re in Rhodes island (or) Rhodes town do visit ‘Colossus of Rhodes’, admire and click pictures at this iconic historical as well as popular tourists’ spot. Because, your holidaying in Rhodes is definitely ‘incomplete’ without a visit to ruins of ‘Colossus of Rhodes’.