Claverton Pumping Station of Bath – 19th century pumping station in serene, country-side of Bath

Bath city of United Kingdom is one of the classic holidaying destination that welcomes tourists from various parts of the world and let them enjoy the picturesque & historical attractions, fun-filled holidaying activities accompanied by rich climatic conditions and you have a great range of luxury holiday villas in Bath with round the clock services. A classic ‘old town’ attraction and nothing less than a historical landmark to visit and enjoy in Bath city is Claverton Pumping Station, a pumping station built during the year 1813(19th century) in Claverton village of Bath city. From the main city centre of Bath city, you shall reach Claverton Pumping Station by travelling just 4 mile towards east, following the directions. Though, it takes only a 4 mile distance to Claverton Pumping Station from Bath’s main centre, an urban area, the destination where the pumping station is located will let you experience the ‘country-side’ atmosphere easily by it’s verdurous, calm surrounding. Claverton Pumping Station look amazing with a pump house, pond, lush green ambience with rich flora, and a country-side, serene atmosphere which is suitable for taking leisure walks, spend time, enjoy food you brought and make it like a ‘family picnic’ & also clicking pictures with beautiful backdrop before leaving here. Do visit Claverton Pumping Station to feel the country-side beauty of Bath and also to spend leisure time with family & kids in serene atmosphere, while holidaying in Bath.