Kids Friendly Attractions in Rome

Rome is one of the top tourist attractions in the World. Millions travel to Rome every year to enjoy the ancient historical places. Many parents worry what is there to kids to see in Rome. Rome has some very good kids friendly attractions to spend your day out. Places like Ecplora IL Museo Dei Bambini Di Roma, Bioparco di Roma, La Casina di Raffaello, Museo Civico di Zoologia, Mouth of Truth, Teatro Mongiovino, Cinecitta World and Luneur Park are some of the popular kids friendly attractions in Rome. These places offer kids play area and other kids activities to keep the kids entertained all through the day. So go out with your kids in Rome to explore and entertained.

Rome – Spanish Steps

Climb the Spanish Steps located in the Piazza di Spagna where 135 steps were constructed in 1725 and tourists from all over the world come to conquer. At the top of the steps, you will find a large crucifix obelisk and many inscriptions carved into the stone. At the bottom of the steps, you can sit and relax in the many cafes and restaurants targeting tourists just like you!

Rome – Palatine Hill

In modern Rome, one of the most ancient areas that you go to is Palatine Hill. It is standing 40 meters above the Roman Forum and it is delivering fantastic viewpoints, from where you can see the expanse of Rome laid out before your eyes. Explore the several structures standing still, remaining their ancient exterior throughout the years, including Temple of Cybele and Flavian Palace.

Rome – The Pantheon

Explore a former Roman Temple, nowadays presented as a church open for visitors. The Pantheon is known for its perfect proportions and amazing architecture worth visiting. Pay respect to the Italian kings and admire the stunning interior. Bring your whole family to explore a temple unlike any other. The entrance is free, delivering at least 3 hours of exploring experience.

Rome – Piazza Navona

Explore Piazza Navona, built in the 15th century on the site of the Domitian stadium. Ever since it is a popular attraction in Rome that travelers from all over the world come to admire. The site is a great starting point nearby to the Trevi Fountain, providing you with most of your vacation. The square is full of artists and street vendors which creates a lively environment.

Rome – The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is a part of the Vatican Museum Complex at your disposal to explore. The church is one of the world’s most religious chapels and it is situated in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. The two magnificent places are impressive artwork and they are considered to be one of the most influential religions in history. If you enjoy learning more about Rome’s history, you can’t miss visiting the Sistine Chapel.

Rome – Borghese Villa Complex

villa borghese rome

Located in the complex of Borghese Villa, the gardens are a great example of historical architecture in Rome. This is the third-largest park in Rome with gardens covering more than 200 acres of land. It is a great place to explore in Rome whether you’re with your friends, family, or couple. You will enjoy many impressive flower arrangements, fountains, and water frames.

Rome – Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel

Vatican Museum

We know that your vacation time is precious to you and visiting the Vatican Museum & the Sistine Chapel is one of the best decisions you will ever make, worth your time. If you buy the line-skipping tickets upon arrival you will be able to explore both historical sites at your own pace. This guided tour is one of the most immersive experiences in Rome, that you can’t miss.

Rome – Wine Tour

Rome Wine

Discover the tranquility of the Lazio countryside and taste a glimpse of winemaking. Escape the city chaos and enjoy the views between the stops while someone else drives. Travelers from all over the world come here to taste the food and drink wine in the medieval winery with the starting point of the tour at Piazzale Flaminio, Rome.

Roam in Rome!

If you’re the one who is always fond of reading history and wished to know about the roots of ancient civilization, then staying back without Rome is inappropriate. No matter you don’t like history but you’ll definitely like Rome for its very own Classical and Imperial Roman styles to present-day architecture. If you’re standing in
Rome you’re privileged to be at the world’s oldest and great built town which developed civilization since the 8th century Before Christ. One of the best attraction in Rome which exhibit the greatness of ancient architecture and culture is the Colosseum. You must have encountered the image of Colosseum at least once in your life because of the fame it posses for its age and architecture. The origin of Gladiator battles that happened during Roman empire have a strong connection with the Colosseum, because of the gladiatorial games hosted here. Colosseum is one of largest amphitheatres in ancient times with seating capacity for about 50,000 spectators. Tour to Rome is not a complete one, without visiting Colosseum, the historical monument which have both the dark and proud stories to tell.