Castle of Asklipio (Asklepieion), a medieval fort from 15th century in Rhodes

Rhodes island of Greece is spectacular holidaying Greek island surrounded by Aegean sea and possess a lot of attractions to visit and enjoy holidays; Rhodes will give joy to people of all ages and offers it’s best to every tourists who steps in, from various nations across the world. If you’re bored out of beaches and wish to explore popular, historical landmarks in Rhodes then you shall visit Castle of Asklipio (Asklepieion), a medieval fort built during 15th century in Rhodes. From Rhodes town(capital of Rhodes) you shall reach Castle of Asklepieion by travelling 60 kilometre towards south, following the directions. With stone-built castle, two massive towers, Castle of Asklepieion was built during Byzantine period(during the time of the Knights) and was more like a defense tower to protect surrounding villages during medieval centuries. Nothing to look more than castle ruins, but the verdurous and picturesque surrounding and the overlooking Rhodes’ villages in south and offering spectacular panoramic views of them, makes the visit to Castle of Asklipio ‘worthwhile’, when in Rhodes. If you want to look a medieval built castle and spend some time in a peaceful ambience which keeps you away from ‘busy reality’, then do visit this castle in Rhodes.