Cascate del Mulino of Tuscany, Italy – Natural hot springs arising from waterfalls in Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, the beautiful country-side holidaying destination with verdurous ambience and at the same time possessing ‘urban development’, which is actually a vast part of central Italy welcome tourists throughout the year. A popular tourists’ attraction with uniqueness and exhibiting natural beauty in Tuscany is Cascate del Mulino, Italy’s most popular hot springs/thermal baths located in Saturnia, a main town in southern part of Tuscany, Italy. Cascate del Mulino is natural hot springs formed by sulphuric waters rising from the ground at 37.5°C which eventually creates warm thermal pools for bathing and gives a unique experience for people who visits them in Saturnia, Italy. Cascate del Mulino is applauded, one of the best & natural free spas in Tuscany and these natural hot springs/thermal pools/natural baths originate from the waterfalls of the Mulino di Saturnia. There is a presence of particular element named ‘Thermal Plankton’, which causes beneficial effects on your skin, as well as on the digestive, circulatory, motor and metabolic systems: Cascate del Mulino is a natural heal, since, it is ‘super mineralised’ and thus, it’s acknowledged as a healthy spa which is available ‘FREE’ to us by Mother Nature in Tuscany, Italy. Cascate del Mulino and the waterfalls is open all 24 hours a day and there is no entry fee to any of visitors/tourists who arrive here and there is a bar, parking facilities at waterfalls of the mill. Being surrounded by arresting natural beauty, Cascate del Mulino is definitely ‘One of the most unique attraction in Italy’ and you can’t miss to visit and experience the ‘gift of nature’, while holidaying in Tuscany.