Cala Carbó in Ibiza – Small but beautiful cove in Ibiza

Ibiza, one among the beautiful Balearic islands of Spain surrounded by Mediterranean sea have lot of attractions, mesmerizing nightlife to enjoy and the amazing holiday villas in Ibiza makes your holiday ‘Perfect!’. Though there are many beautiful beaches to visit in Ibiza you can also find amazing coves which are small in size but can assure you good ‘beach day’ in Ibiza and Cala Carbó is such a beautiful cove to visit and enjoy in Ibiza which is located in south-most west coastline of Ibiza island. From the main city of Ibzia in east coastline of Ibiza you need to travel nearly 22 kilometres in straight opposite direction towards west coastline to reach the Cala Carbó in Ibiza. Being surrounded by pine trees and backed by rock cliffs & pebbles, Cala Carbó is a beautiful, small cove which feels like a ‘private beach’ due to the less crowd & secluded ambience(But, Yes! It’s a public beach!) in Ibiza island. Irrespective of size, Cala Carbó can afford you all the good amenities like cafés, restaurants, umbrellas, sun loungers you look out during a ‘beach day’ and that’s why, people love to swim and sunbath at Cala Carbó in Ibiza.