Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete – Unique attraction to visit near Chania, Crete

Crete, the iconic Greek island which is the most popular and largest island in Greece possess a lot of attractions to visit and let you enjoy amazing holidaying with your family/friends. One of the popular and beautiful attraction to visit in Crete along with family, kids (or) group of friends (or) as couple is Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete, located in west of Crete island. From Chania town(a main town in western Crete) you shall reach Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete by travelling 19 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete was born from the ashes of dismal fires that caused during the year 2003 and you’ll get to know more when you reach the park. With full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants which is totally different from each other, and also the Crete’s land formation & Crete region’s microclimate converts Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete into a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals. There are many beautiful and colorful flowering plants which adds rich aroma into the ambience and also there is a beautiful Garden restaurant which serve delicious food, beverages and snacks until evening 6pm to sit back and relax during your visit to Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete.