Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) of Lisbon – Amazing 18th century church with rich architecture in Lisbon

Lisbon, the fantastic Portuguese city isn’t only Portugal’s capital but a major holiday attraction for many tourists from various parts of the world to arrive and enjoy ‘happy-filled’ holidays with Lisbon’s bunch of holiday factors and attractions, throughout the year. One of the beautiful and iconic Roman Catholic church to visit and admire in Lisbon is Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) and also addressed as ‘Royal Basilica and Convent of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus’ of Lisbon, Portugal. From the main city centre of Lisbon, you shall reach Royal Basilica and Convent of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by travelling just 3 kilometre, following the directions. Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) is a 18th century church built in Lisbon located in a hill with giant dome, a mixture of late baroque and neoclassical architecture, impressive façade, bell towers, and statues of saints, this is one of the most beautiful architecture in Lisbon and the use of grey, pink and yellow marble on the interior works, makes it more picturesque and unique in Lisbon, Portugal. Queen Maria I’s tomb and the popular nativity scene made by sculptor Joaquim Machado de Castro, are two major attractions for tourists to visit Basílica da Estrela(Estrela Basilica) and do take guided tours to enjoy your visit with more knowledge about the rich history, cultural heritage and architectural values, while holidaying in Lisbon.

Parco Uditore of Palermo – Picturesque ‘family friendly’ Italian park in Palermo

Palermo, a classic beauty of Sicily in Italy is one of the most visited and cherished holidaying city in Sicily with so many attractions put together and make the tourists to enjoy peaceful and fun-filled holiday with family/friends. One of the pleasant tourists’ attraction and absolutely a family-friendly destination to visit in Palermo is Parco Uditore(Auditor park), a lush green space which is located just less than 6 kilometre away and north-west to Palermo’s main city centre. Parco Uditore was found in Palermo city since 18th century and it has managed to evolve with time and renovated several times to be a pleasant attraction and that’s why, the park is favorite for both locals and tourists of Palermo. Parco Uditore covers larger area with lush green ambience, pathways, typical park shades, benches, play area for kids and adults and it is also used a ‘event space’ on various occasions of events and happenings in Palermo city. Parco Uditore, possess rich flora and carries rich aroma due to the presence of numerous flowering plants and forming impressive garden atmosphere and the well-maintained cleanliness is another reason for people to love this park in Palermo. If you’re with family & kids, then do visit Parco Uditore, to spend leisure time with family, for your kids to enjoy the play area and as couples to take leisure walks and click beautiful pictures, while holidaying in Palermo.

Claverton Pumping Station of Bath – 19th century pumping station in serene, country-side of Bath

Bath city of United Kingdom is one of the classic holidaying destination that welcomes tourists from various parts of the world and let them enjoy the picturesque & historical attractions, fun-filled holidaying activities accompanied by rich climatic conditions and you have a great range of luxury holiday villas in Bath with round the clock services. A classic ‘old town’ attraction and nothing less than a historical landmark to visit and enjoy in Bath city is Claverton Pumping Station, a pumping station built during the year 1813(19th century) in Claverton village of Bath city. From the main city centre of Bath city, you shall reach Claverton Pumping Station by travelling just 4 mile towards east, following the directions. Though, it takes only a 4 mile distance to Claverton Pumping Station from Bath’s main centre, an urban area, the destination where the pumping station is located will let you experience the ‘country-side’ atmosphere easily by it’s verdurous, calm surrounding. Claverton Pumping Station look amazing with a pump house, pond, lush green ambience with rich flora, and a country-side, serene atmosphere which is suitable for taking leisure walks, spend time, enjoy food you brought and make it like a ‘family picnic’ & also clicking pictures with beautiful backdrop before leaving here. Do visit Claverton Pumping Station to feel the country-side beauty of Bath and also to spend leisure time with family & kids in serene atmosphere, while holidaying in Bath.

Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) of Amalfi Coast – Most popular viewpoint in Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast of Italy is one of the most loved, natural ‘resort’ ambience, holiday destination in Italy with a magical strip of coastline, rich climate, picturesque atmosphere and many holiday attractions that let people to enjoy beautiful holidaying with family/friends. A popular & picturesque tourists’ attraction of Amalfi Coast set in lush green ambience is Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) located in Villa Cimbrone of Amalfi Coast. From the main centre of Amalfi, you shall reach Terrace of Infinity by travelling just 3.2 kilometre towards NE, following the directions. Villa Cimbrone of Amalfi Coast is a beautiful villa set in hill-top with expansive gardens, rich architecture, offering dramatic views and it’s origin dates back to 11th century. Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) is found in Villa Cimbrone which is lined by series of marble floors, impressive statues and a magnificent views of Mediterranean and Amalfi coast stretching in foot. Holidaying in Amalfi Coast is incomplete without visiting, admiring the views and taking ‘Iconic Amalfi Holiday’ pictures at Terrazza dell’Infinito(Terrace of Infinity) and it’s one of the most popular ‘family friendly’ attraction and favorite for both locals and tourists of Amalfi Coast.

Adega do Cantor, a popular winery of Albufeira – Wine tasting tour in tranquil ambience at Albufeira

Albufeira, the beautiful coastal city in Portugal is one of the most loved holidaying city that welcomes tourists, throughout the year & it’s also been a part of Portugal’s most popular and happening holidaying region ‘Algarve’. Albufeira offers a lot of holidaying activities and attractions to enjoy, experience and one such popular attraction to visit is Adega do Cantor, a popular winery of Albufeira. From the main town centre of Albufeira, you can reach Adega do Cantor by travelling 7 kilometre towards north, following the directions. With picturesque ambience, lush green vineyard surrounded by rich aroma, the Adega do Cantor is a beautiful winery by appearance and you’ll find it extra-ordinary when you taste their delicious wines and servings/cuisines based on Portuguese. You and your people will be taken for guided tours to look around vineyard followed by ‘wine tasting’ and the destination is totally ‘family friendly’. You should definitely visit Adega do Cantor of Albufeira to taste some good wine with Portuguese sides set in picturesque & peaceful ambience, while holidaying in Albufeira.

Elephant caves of Crete – Amazing ancient caves that offers adventure and thrill in Crete

Crete, the beautiful Greek island is one of the most loved and visited holidaying island of Greece that welcome tourists from various parts of world, throughout the year. One of the unique and popular tourists’ attraction in Crete island to visit definitely is Elephant caves which is located on north coastline of Crete. From Chania(a main town in Crete’s NW) you shall reach Elephant caves by travelling 34 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Elephant caves, also called as ‘Caves of Elephants’ are sub-marine caves which was home to a group of rare elephants that lived in Vamos, thousands of years ago. Now, Elephant caves in Crete have been a favorite spot for diving, scuba diving and snorkeling; if you’re a adventure seeker/nature admirer/loves to dive then you shouldn’t miss Elephant caves in Crete. There are a lot guided tours in Crete to get you to ‘Elephant caves’ to admire it’s breathtaking views of caves and guide you with diving & snorkeling organized by many tour agencies in Crete, Greece. Elephant caves do possess amazing ancient history which’ll definitely take you in surprise when you go on ‘guided tours’ and it’s one among the ‘most interesting attraction’ which you can’t miss when holidaying in Crete.

Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli of Rhodes – Beautiful Byzantine chapel in Rhodes

Rhodes island of Greece is undoubtedly the most popular holidaying island of Greece which welcomes thousands and thousands of tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. One of the small but beautiful church to visit in Rhodes island is Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli, a Greek orthodox church which is located 38 kilometre south to Rhodes town(main town of Rhodes island). Rhodes island consists of many beautiful historical landmarks & architectures and Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli is such a notable historical chapel to visit and admire in this Greek island. Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli was built during 15th century and it’s one among the best example of Byzantine chapel in Rhodes with four-cone building architectural style & well-preserved frescoes show. Being surrounded by lush green ambience and located near Profitis Ilias(3rd highest peak of Rhodes), the Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli is beautiful to look & admire from both inside and outside & do take guided tours which is a iconic tourists’ attraction that shouldn’t be missed, when holidaying in Rhodes.

Tolbooth Tavern of Edinburgh – Excellent ‘English’ pub set in 16th century building in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland consists a lot of attractions to visit and enjoy during ‘Edinburgh holidays’ along with family/friends and one such attraction to visit and enjoy in Edinburgh is the popular Tolbooth Tavern of Edinburgh. From the main city centre of Edinburgh you shall reach Tolbooth Tavern by travelling just 1.3 mile, following the directions. Tolbooth Tavern is such a atmospheric pub in Edinburgh which is set inside a 16th century building with both interior and exterior are preserved to give the ‘authentic’ appearance to people who arrives here. Late in 16th century, the building and street was used as ‘toolbooth’ to collect fee and provide pass (acted as ‘toll’) to people who wanted to enter Edinburgh city and when this tavern/pub was opened, the pub was eventually named after it. With past century architectural works and classic ‘old town’ appearance, the Tolbooth Tavern is favorite for both locals and tourists of Edinburgh. Tolbooth Tavern serves amazing drinks such as whiskey, beer and many others and the menu here is ‘one of the classic English-styled menu’ that serves amazing food, dishes, desserts and also serves a good-range of ‘multi cuisine’ menu. With amazing ‘old town’ ambience and class drinks & food, the Tolbooth Tavern is one of the best ‘English’ pub & tavern to visit and enjoy while holidaying in Edinburgh.

Al Nahda Pond Park of Dubai – Amazing ‘family friendly’ park in Dubai

Dubai city of UAE is the most happening and popular city of UAE and entire Middle East that welcomes tourists throughout the year, from different parts across the world. One of the picturesque, family-friendly park which is most suitable for ‘family picnic’ and to spend leisure time while holidaying in Dubai is Al Nahda Pond Park, a massive & beautiful man-made attraction of Dubai. From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach Al Nahda Pond Park by travelling 20 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai is a park surrounding a man-made pond and there is a bunch of attractions to enjoy along with family and friends, especially when you’ve kids with you on your ‘Dubai holidays’. With jogging track, cycling track, neatly lined up gazebos for rest and dining purposes, playground with various courts suitable for both adults & kids, giant inflatable castles & ‘mini-caterpillar’ (or airplane) ride for kids & toddlers, a fountain, beautiful walkway around the park, and little shops to get refreshments, the Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai is one of the important parks in Dubai set in urban ambience and been a favorite for both tourists and locals of Dubai. If you want to spend some leisure time with family/friends without any hustle-bustle & surrounded by peaceful and lively ambience, then you should definitely visit Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai.

Museu Quinta das Cruzes of Madeira – Interesting decorative art museum in 18th century villa in Madeira

Madeira, the amazing holiday island of Portugal surrounded by Atlantic is loved and visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year to enjoy holidays in warm, volcanic landscape island with lots of attractions and filled with lush green mountains. When you’re holidaying in iconic island like Madeira, the real pleasure isn’t about beach days and nightlife but also about visiting and admiring the unique, historical and at the same time interesting destinations of Madeira and Museu Quinta das Cruzes is one such attraction(museum) of Madeira. From Funchal(Madeira’s capital) you shall reach Museu Quinta das Cruzes by travelling just 3 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Museu Quinta das Cruzes in Madeira is a picturesque decorative art museum which consists of art works, arts, statues, ceramics, jewelry, antiques which are & more than 500 years old and the museum itself is set in a 18th century villa with rich architectural works. Museu Quinta das Cruzes isn’t a ‘decorative art museum’ with lots of arts and antiques but also the beautiful portrayal Madeira and Funchal’s rich history and cultural heritage. Another important attraction of Museu Quinta das Cruzes is verdurous and amazing gardens surrounding the villa with rich colors because of flowering plants, natural shade by trees and providing a peaceful ‘picnic’ ambience to spend leisure time with family and kids after visiting the museum. When you’re in Funchal or anywhere in Madeira, do visit Museu Quinta das Cruzes to know some interesting history and look at interesting collections and enjoy being at a beautiful villa and garden of Madeira.