Attend a beautiful Greek wedding in Santorini-Famous White Door Theatro in Santorini

Santorini, the Greek island have beautiful attractions and amazing holiday villas that will make you enjoy your holidays in Santorini with your family and friends. One of the best holidaying activity you can involve yourselves, and definitely take family, kids and friends when you’re in Santorini is The White Door Theatro Show in Santorini. The White Door Theatro Show in Santorini is an unique Greek wedding show that appears to represent the traditional Greek weddings of late 1940s and the tourists (or) people who visits ‘The White Door Theatro Show’ will be treated the guests to the wedding. The White Door Theatro Show will be so lively and beautiful with bride, bridegroom, wedding ambience accompanied by Greek music, songs, dance performances and Greek Tapas to dine. You can break the monotony- a special Greek wedding tradition breaking plates and you can pre-book your arrival to The White Door Theatro Show in Santorini. You can reach The White Door Theatro Show by travelling just 3 kilometres from Fira(Thera)-capital of Santorini.