Aspri Paralia(White beach) of Santorini – Typical ‘Santorini beach’ for adventurous and nature admiring tourists

Santorini, the spectacular Greek island is one of the most loved and visited holidaying island which is suitable for all with unique volcanic landscapes, amazing coastline and a bunch of attractions to visit, enjoy and experience with family/friends. To make sure you enjoy ‘Santorini Holidays’ at best, do make a choice of staying at the luxury holiday villas in Santorini with full-fledged services, providing utmost comfort and hospitality to you and your people. If you seek for better privacy and specific care, then you should consider the holiday villas in Santorini with private pool which are found all across the island with picturesque views and peaceful ambience and no others than staff will enter your zone, during your entire holidaying in Santorini. One of the popular and tranquil beach with ‘unspoilt nature’ and less-crowded ambience in Santorini is Aspri Paralia, popularly called as ‘White beach’ by both locals and tourists of Santorini. From Thera(Fira), Santorini’s capital you shall reach Aspri Paralia by travelling 14 kilometre towards southernmost coastline of Santorini, following the directions. Though secluded, small and lacks basic tourists’ amenities, people love to experience a ‘beach day’ in Aspri Paralia, because, it’s covered with dark volcanic sand and pebbles, with white shining rocks which eventually led to call it as ‘White beach’ and these are the characteristics of a typical ‘Santorini beach’ and that’s what people arrive here to experience, when holidaying in Santorini. There is no further equipment on the beach available and thus, Aspri Paralia is strictly for people who loves adventure, nature and for those who’re ready to spend a beach day in secluded ambience without any amenities and those who come after backpacking necessities can definitely enjoy here. The easiest way to get to Aspri Paralia is hiring a water-taxi, boat from the ports of Akrotiri or Perissa and though it can be reached by foot from it’s neighbour Kambia beach of Santorini, the path is difficult. If you wish to escape the ‘real world’ for a while during ‘Santorini holidays’, then you should visit Aspri Paralia(White beach) in Santorini