Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh-Stand over the 350 million years old volcano in Edinburgh

Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh of Scotland is one beautiful city which can port you to the medieval and classic times of United Kingdom with royal architectures, destinations and you’ll experience a new adventure in Edinburgh. One of the interesting and adventurous visit you shall not miss in Edinburgh is the popular Arthur’s Seat, a extinct volcano and popular hill in Scotland. You can reach the foot of the Arthur’s Seat from the Royal Mile and Holyrood Park in the backdrop, since they’re located close to each other surrounding the Edinburgh’s main city centre. Arthur’s Seat is a paradise for people who loves trekking/climbing/ hiking over a hill terrain. When you visit the iconic Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh you must remember that you’re climbing a extinct volcano covered with lush green flora and it’s also 350 million years old. You can get the beautiful panoramic views of the classic Edinburgh city from the Arthur’s Seat which is about 823 feet above the sea level and one of the highest viewpoint in Edinburgh.