Armenistis Lighthouse of Mykonos island – Visit the mesmerizing viewpoint in Mykonos

Mykonos, the beautiful island of Greece and amazing holiday destination possess bunch of attractions to visit and you can find spectacular holiday villas in Mykonos which paves a great way to enjoy your holidays with your family/friends. Mykonos island possess a great course of holiday villas with full-fledged services and for people who prefer more & more privacy, comfort during holidaying can choose the luxury villas in Mykonos with private pool. You can also find villas in Mykonos with private beaches which have splendid beachfront views, private access to beach surrounded only by your family (or) friends. Choosing holiday villas in Mykonos City Centre is wise and more comfortable, since, it makes your stay comfortable with more privacy, privileged services, specific hospitality, easy access to all popular destinations and amenities available specially to you and your people during your entire holidaying in Mykonos island. A popular and beautiful viewpoint of Mykonos which you shall definitely visit when you’re in Mykonos island is the Armenistis Lighthouse, a 19th century lighthouse located over hill top at north-most west coastline of the island of Mykonos. From the main city centre of Mykonos you can reach Armenistis Lighthouse by travelling 8 kilometre towards north-west coastline, following the directions. Overlooking the Aegean sea, the Armenistis Lighthouse was constructed during the year 1891(19th century) in Mykonos island. Armenistis Lighthouse is the popular viewpoint, from where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Aegean sea and neighboring Greek islands accompanied by soothing breeze and sizzling chimes produced by sea waves. If you’re visiting Armenistis Lighthouse, do visit during the evenings, when you’ll be able grab the arresting picturesque views of Armenistis Lighthouse along with amazing sunset, which is considered ‘One of the best sunset to watch in Mykonos’.