Alcudia’s Cala Pi de la Posada – Hidden gem on Majorca’s coastline

Alcudia, the beautiful town in Spain’s Majorca(Mallorca) is one of the popular holidaying destination that satisfies and spreads joy to everyone who visits to enjoy their holidays with family/friends. One of the most tranquil and a hidden gem on Majorca’s coastline & located near Alcudia is Cala Pi de la Posada, a unspoilt natural cove in Majorca’s east most coastline. From Alcudia’s main town centre you shall reach Cala Pi de la Posada by travelling 18 kilometre towards north-east coastline of Marjorca island, following the directions. Cala Pi de la Posada is picturesque; possess gentle, deep-blue waters, a mixture of sandy and pebbled shore surrounded by rocks and rock cliffs providing secluded ambience and natural shades for people who arrives here to enjoy beach day in Alcudia. You can enjoy a lot of swimming and a bit of snorkeling in Cala Pi de la Posada and there are very limited amenities like shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds as well as restaurant and parking. Though, it’s a tranquil beach/cove, the Cala Pi de la Posada is suitable for family and a must visit beach for people who loves nature and natural scenery, while holidaying in Alcudia.