Al Nahda Pond Park of Dubai – Amazing ‘family friendly’ park in Dubai

Dubai city of UAE is the most happening and popular city of UAE and entire Middle East that welcomes tourists throughout the year, from different parts across the world. One of the picturesque, family-friendly park which is most suitable for ‘family picnic’ and to spend leisure time while holidaying in Dubai is Al Nahda Pond Park, a massive & beautiful man-made attraction of Dubai. From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach Al Nahda Pond Park by travelling 20 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai is a park surrounding a man-made pond and there is a bunch of attractions to enjoy along with family and friends, especially when you’ve kids with you on your ‘Dubai holidays’. With jogging track, cycling track, neatly lined up gazebos for rest and dining purposes, playground with various courts suitable for both adults & kids, giant inflatable castles & ‘mini-caterpillar’ (or airplane) ride for kids & toddlers, a fountain, beautiful walkway around the park, and little shops to get refreshments, the Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai is one of the important parks in Dubai set in urban ambience and been a favorite for both tourists and locals of Dubai. If you want to spend some leisure time with family/friends without any hustle-bustle & surrounded by peaceful and lively ambience, then you should definitely visit Al Nahda Pond Park in Dubai.