Aigües Blanques of Ibiza – Tranquil beauty of Ibiza island

Ibiza, one among the beautiful Balearic islands of Spain surrounded by magical Mediterranean sea consists of a lot of attractions, vibrant nightlife to enjoy and the amazing holiday villas in Ibiza make you more holiday in Ibiza more comfortable and enjoyable. Ibiza have many beautiful beaches to visit and enjoy & one among them is the Aigües Blanques, a popular shallow beach in Ibiza located on it’s north-most east coastline. From Ibiza’s main city centre you shall reach the Aigües Blanques beach travelling 25 kilometre in north-east direction. Aigües Blanques is beautiful beach but tranquil in nature, because of the way it is backed by rock cliffs and possess a golden sandy beach with turquoise crystalline water. Do you know? Aigües Blanques beach is a official nudist beach of Ibiza island but it’s totally optional and safe here. However, only a part of Aigües Blanques is nudist and there is another side(space) for people who visit with families & kids. Aigües Blanques beach is one of the best beach of Ibiza to enjoy lot of swimming and snorkeling, and you also have couple of café, restaurant and beach bar near by, for the convenience of tourists & visitors. Aigües Blanques beach is also known for mud baths which is a good skin care therapy to get during holidaying in Ibiza. With peaceful ambience and picturesque ambience, Aigües Blanques beach is such a beauty which you shouldn’t miss when you’re holidaying in Ibiza.