Lia Beach of Mykonos – Relaxed, family friendly beach in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, the popular holidaying island of Greece is one of the most loved and visited holiday destination that welcomes tourists throughout the year. Tourists love Mykonos, not only for containing bunch of beaches, warm climate and many more attractions but also for carrying natural ‘resort town’ ambience and the luxury holiday villas, beachfront villas in Mykonos with round the clock services, let people enjoy a ‘wholesome’ holidays with family/friends. For tourists who love to enjoy their holidaying with more privacy, there is a great range of luxury holiday villas in Mykonos with private pool found all over and they’re set in picturesque and peaceful ambience. A picturesque beach to visit and enjoy in Mykonos is Lia Beach, a naturally beautiful beach located on east coastline of Mykonos island, Greece. From Mykonos’ main town, you shall reach Lia Beach by travelling 13 kilometre towards east coastline, following the directions. With pristine waters and sandy+pebbled shoreline, the Lia Beach is one of the popular but at the same time, a relaxed beach in Mykonos. Though, a relaxed beach, there are perfect tourists amenities, shops, and beach clubs to keep your ‘enthusiasm’ high during your entire ‘beach day’ in Mykonos. Since, the waters is shallow at Lia Beach, it’s suitable for both adults and kids which is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and this beach is one of the most popular spot for scuba diving in Mykonos island. Do visit Lia Beach of Mykonos which is ‘family friendly’, possessing amenities, and relaxed ambience, while holidaying in Mykonos.

San Antonio Sunset Strip of Ibiza – Amazing seafront stretch with sunset and everything in Ibiza

Ibiza, the beautiful island of Spain surrounded by mesmerizing Mediterranean is one of the vibrant and happening holidaying island with lot of attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. One of the popular tourists’ attraction and a viewpoint on where you should never miss to enjoy the spectacular seafront and sunset views in Ibiza is San Antonio Sunset Strip, a popular seafront on Ibiza’s west coastline. From Ibiza’s main town on east coastline, you shall reach San Antonio Sunset Strip by travelling 17 kilometre towards west coastline, following the directions. San Antonio Sunset Strip of Ibiza is ‘one of the most scenic spot’ and a bustling seafront stretch which is filled with excellent series of cafés, seafront bars with music(sometimes live music!) and offers ‘one of the most beautiful and dramatic sunset’ of Ibiza which is a delight to sit back & admire. Do visit San Antonio Sunset Strip in Ibiza which is safe, picturesque, easily accessible, highly popular, suitable for all ages and filled with amenities to sit back and relax while you watch the sky glittering like ‘gold’ during the evenings and do remember that, “No holiday in Ibiza is complete without visiting and clicking pictures at San Antonio Sunset Strip of Ibiza”.

Platja de Cantal Roig(Cantal Roig beach) of Calpe – Blue flagged beach in Calpe

Calpe, the amazing coastal town of Spain which possess magical Mediterranean coast, extra-ordinary beaches and holiday attractions through which Calpe welcomes tourists throughout the year. One of the beautiful and prestigious ‘blue flagged’ beach in Calpe which you shall quickly access and enjoy ‘beach day’ with family/friends during ‘Calpe holidays’ is Platja de Cantal Roig(Cantal Roig beach), a small sandy beach surrounded by rocks(partially) and been set in ‘semi-urban & lively’ ambience in Calpe. From the main centre Calpe you shall reach Platja de Cantal Roig by travelling/walking for 650 metre towards south-east, following the directions. Though, small in size, the Cantal Roig Beach will let you enjoy amazing ‘beach day’ with crystalline waters favoring good swimming conditions to all ages and the sandy beach let you enjoy ‘sun bath’ and there is a long & lively chain of local cuisines seafront restaurants which makes your ‘beach day’ complete with swimming, relaxing and tasting delicious Spanish cuisines. Tourists amenities in Cantal Roig Beach will excite, amaze and make you realize ‘Why it was awarded as ‘blue flag’ beach in Calpe?’, because you’ve showers, toilets, foot wash, seafront walkways that are clean & tidy, lifeguard services, beach bars and lot of seafront holiday villas and holiday rentals with full-fledged services and hospitality. Additionally, Cantal Roig Beach is also popular to enjoy snorkeling and it’s undeniably ‘one of the favorite’ beach for both tourists & locals and perfectly suitable for both adult and kids to spend ‘beach day’, while holidaying in Calpe.

Bagatelle park of Paris – Amazing 18th century park with rich colors and family picnic ambience in Paris

Paris, the most popular city of France and also it’s capital is well-known for the rich history, cultural heritage, architectures, viewpoints and many more attractions that let tourists from different parts across the world to enjoy holidaying with joy and peace. One of the pleasant destination of Paris city with family-friendly ambience and feels like being inside a beautiful painting is the popular Bagatelle park(Parc de Bagatelle), a 18th century massive landscaped park with chateau(French styled country house/castle) in Paris. From the main city centre of Paris, you shall reach Bagatelle park by travelling 9.5 kilometre towards west, following the directions. Bagatelle park in Paris is one of the most picturesque, family picnicking, lively park of Paris which is filled with lush green landscape, waterfalls, lots of peacocks, lots & lots of flowering gardens that fill the ambience with rich colors & spreads rich aroma in air, and the park also possess a world-class well-designed architecture of 18th century times which is ‘elegant’ till date after centuries. The chateau and Chinese-style pagoda adds more ‘picturesque’ potential to Bagatelle park in Paris and it’s one of the popular ‘photo spot’ and also ‘selfie spot’ for both tourists and locals of Paris. Do visit Bagatelle park in Paris city, which is one of the popular tourists attraction suitable for all ages, when holidaying in Paris.

Camel Safari Park of Gran Canaria – Unique camel ride around natural reserve in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, the spectacular Canary island of Spain is one of the most loved and visited holidaying island which is surrounded by Atlantic ocean and consists of interesting volcanic landscapes, magical strip of coastline and many attractions that welcomes tourists, all the time of year. There are many ‘family friendly’ attractions in Gran Canaria and one such popular amusement park to visit is Camel Safari Park, a park in Gran Canaria which is different and unique from ‘regular’ parks and it’s related more to natural flora and fauna of Gran Canaria. The name ‘Camel Safari Park’ itself, explains that, the park is based on the safari on camel and it’s located 19 kilometre away and south to the main town of Gran Canaria. Camel Safari Park is surrounded by amazing nature and set beautifully between mountains of Gran Canaria where you & your people can ride the camel through the fantastic ‘natural preserve’ with rich floral exhibit of palm groves which is more than 300 years old. You can enjoy the unique landscape and interesting tropical gardens with fruit trees along with variety of farm animals here. There is also an amazing cafeteria to sit back and enjoy natural juices from the farm, accompanied by typical Tapas of Gran Canaria and with good wine. Visit to Camel Safari Park is one of the most popular and loved ‘family friendly’ as well as kids favorite holiday attraction which you can’t miss, when holidaying in Gran Canaria.

Bettys Café Tea Rooms in York – Best & authentic place to go for afternoon tea in York, UK

York city, the classic beauty & amazing holiday destination in United Kingdom is one of the best city which is safe, historically rich and also possessing ‘modern day’ attractions that let you enjoy holidays ‘happily’ with family/friends, through all seasons of the year. One of the beautiful destination(tea house) to visit and experience the authentic taste of ‘English’ in York city is Bettys Café Tea Rooms, a popular tea house that opened during 1919 at Cambridge Crescent in Harrogate and continues to rule the hearts of people with authenticity and class, even after 100 years. The first Bettys Café Tea Rooms in York was opened during 1937 and there are now multiple Bettys tea rooms in York city. With old-fashioned interiors, class ambience, authentic ‘English’ cuisines, amazing coffee and tea and other beverages, various food well-presented and served with friendly staff & services, the Bettys Café Tea Rooms is one of the best way add more ‘goodness’ to your holidaying in York. If you’re planning a visit to Betty’s, do visit during afternoon for which Bettys Café Tea Rooms is popular and loved across York city in United Kingdom. Bettys Café Tea Rooms also consists of gift shops, where you can buy some ‘good gifts’ for your loved ones, & a remembrance of your holidaying in York.

Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici – Luxurious and sophisticated ‘Turkish bath’ in Antalya

Antalya of Turkey is undeniably popular holiday destination that welcomes tourists throughout the year because of it’s natural ‘resort town’ ambience, soothing coastline and holiday attractions that let people to soak in happiness with family/friends. One of the beautiful thing to experience while holidaying in Turkey is ‘Hammam’ or ‘Hamam’, a traditional and healthy method of steam bath associated with Roman thermae & rich cultural heritage of Turkey, and they’re also termed as ‘spa’ & ‘Turkish bath’ across many parts of the world. Being in a Turkish town like Antalya and not experiencing ‘Turkish bath’ makes your holiday ‘incomplete’ and one such beautiful destination to take ‘hamam’ in Antalya is Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici, a luxurious and sophisticated ‘Turkish bath’ with massages & spa services. From Antalya’s main city centre you shall reach Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici by travelling just 3 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Sefa Hamam Antalya Kaleici provides authentic ‘Turkish bath’ and massaging n clean ambience which is healthy to both mind and body and you’ll be provided delicious Turkish tea, coffee and fruits as well, that makes you feel that you’re living in ‘olden times’ for a while, when you’re holidaying in Antalya.

Playa del Albir(Albir beach) of Altea – Amazing pebble beach with blue flag in Altea, Spain

Altea, the amazing coastal town of Spain is one among the calm and most captivating holidaying city/town in Spain with unadulterated ‘holiday vibes’ and attractions filled across to let you enjoy a splendid vacation with your family/friends. One of the beautiful beach to visit in Altea is Playa del Albir, a vibrant ‘holiday’ attraction and a prestigious blue flagged beach of Altea in Spain. Playa del Albir(Albir beach) is located only 6 kilometre south & away from Altea’s main centre and it shows a ‘semi-urban’ development with lots of amenities around and near by and that’s why both tourists & people of Altea loves this beach, always. With deep-blue crystalline water & a unique & beautiful pebble shore, the Playa del Albir(Albir beach) is not only a comfortable beach but also picturesque one that could make anyone to ‘fall in love with first sight’ when arrive to spend ‘beach day’ in Altea. You can enjoy a lot of swimming and sunbath in Playa del Albir(Albir beach) and also it has got one of the perfect promenade that offers various and almost all types of facilities like cafés, restaurants, beach bars, showers, changing rooms, parking, shops to rent umbrellas & sunbeds and many more shops & facilities that’ll make your day more comfortable and happier. Do visit Playa del Albir(Albir beach) which is one of the family-friendly beach suitable for both adults & kids and completely safe, amenities-filled to enjoy ‘beach day’, when holidaying in Altea.

The Irish Tavern of Alcudia – Iconic Irish pub to visit and enjoy drinks and food in Alcudia, Spain

Alcudia, a beautiful holidaying city of Majorca(Mallarco) island of Spain attracts tourists throughout the year with picturesque and natural ‘resort town’ ambience which gives the much needed peace, joy and relaxation craved during holidays. One of the popular and authentic tavern to visit, enjoy during ‘Alcudia holidays’ is The Irish Tavern, a iconic Irish pub in Alcudia of Majorca island of Spain. From Alcudia’s main city centre, you shall reach The Irish Tavern by travelling 2 kilometre towards south-coastline, following the directions. With beautiful ‘old town’ pub look accompanied with authentic ‘Irish’ pub ambience and sea-breeze, ‘The Irish Tavern’ is one of the classic pub that serves drinks(both alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and delicious dishes made with traditional authentic Spanish and Irish cuisines, makes this tavern a favorite classic Irish pub and a popular attraction for both tourists & locals of Alcudia. The Irish Tavern is one of the best place in Alcudia to meet the authentic taste of drinks and food & to spend leisure time along with family/friends during the holidays in Alcudia.

Basilique Sant’Eustorgio of Milan – Beautiful Roman Catholic church in picturesque city park of Milan

Milan, the spectacular Italian city is one of the best holidaying city in Italy which consists of various kinds of attractions and holiday villas with round the clock services that conjointly let tourists to enjoy holidays, happily in Milan. There are many beautiful churches in Milan which are historically rich and also carries rich Italian cultural heritage which you can’t miss while holidaying in Milan. One such beautiful church to visit in Milan is Basilique Sant’Eustorgio, a massive Roman Catholic church which is located just 6 kilometre away from Milan’s main city centre. Basilique Sant’Eustorgio is built using the ‘First Romanesque’ architectural style, which clearly explains that, the church exhibits the ‘first’ stream of ‘Romanesque’ architectural style without any other influences. The process of ground breaking took place at 4th century(344 AD) and after many years of construction with few pauses and stories, the construction of ‘Basilique Sant’Eustorgio’ was completed during 16th century. The church is located inside a popular city park of Milan called as, ‘Basilicas Park’, which offers a ‘family picnic’ experience with lush green & lively ambience. Do take guided tours to Basilique Sant’Eustorgio, when you’re in Milan to know properly about the ‘history behind’ and to enjoy the visit to a popular historical landmark/architecture in Italy’s Milan.