Urbanização Parque da Corcovada(Corcovada Park Urbanization) in Albufeira – Posh ambience to spend leisure time in Albufeira

Albufeira, the beautiful coastal town in Portugal’s south and also a part of popular Algarve region, possess a natural resort town ambience with soothing attractions and features, for which people/tourists from various places land here to spend their holidays with family/friends. If you wish to take a look at the urban beauty phase of Albufeira accompanied by lot of shopping, eating, enjoying and experiencing ‘Portugal’ completely, then you shall definitely visit Urbanização Parque da Corcovada(Corcovada Park Urbanization), a popular & perfect urban park in Albufeira. From the main town’s centre of Albufeira, you shall reach Corcovada Park Urbanization by travelling 3 kilometre towards east, following the directions. With lot of modern residential buildings, kids’ park, shops, cafés and restaurants, the Corcovada Park Urbanization is a happening, urban neighbourhood of Albufeira with posh ambience. You can find a wide range of cafés, restaurants and various shops with International brands lining around Corcovada Park Urbanization and there are also entertainment factors for both kids and adults to enjoy their time here. Corcovada Park Urbanization will look so stylish and cool which you can’t leave before clicking enough pictures to boast about your ‘Albufeira holidays’

Aspri Paralia(White beach) of Santorini – Typical ‘Santorini beach’ for adventurous and nature admiring tourists

Santorini, the spectacular Greek island is one of the most loved and visited holidaying island which is suitable for all with unique volcanic landscapes, amazing coastline and a bunch of attractions to visit, enjoy and experience with family/friends. To make sure you enjoy ‘Santorini Holidays’ at best, do make a choice of staying at the luxury holiday villas in Santorini with full-fledged services, providing utmost comfort and hospitality to you and your people. If you seek for better privacy and specific care, then you should consider the holiday villas in Santorini with private pool which are found all across the island with picturesque views and peaceful ambience and no others than staff will enter your zone, during your entire holidaying in Santorini. One of the popular and tranquil beach with ‘unspoilt nature’ and less-crowded ambience in Santorini is Aspri Paralia, popularly called as ‘White beach’ by both locals and tourists of Santorini. From Thera(Fira), Santorini’s capital you shall reach Aspri Paralia by travelling 14 kilometre towards southernmost coastline of Santorini, following the directions. Though secluded, small and lacks basic tourists’ amenities, people love to experience a ‘beach day’ in Aspri Paralia, because, it’s covered with dark volcanic sand and pebbles, with white shining rocks which eventually led to call it as ‘White beach’ and these are the characteristics of a typical ‘Santorini beach’ and that’s what people arrive here to experience, when holidaying in Santorini. There is no further equipment on the beach available and thus, Aspri Paralia is strictly for people who loves adventure, nature and for those who’re ready to spend a beach day in secluded ambience without any amenities and those who come after backpacking necessities can definitely enjoy here. The easiest way to get to Aspri Paralia is hiring a water-taxi, boat from the ports of Akrotiri or Perissa and though it can be reached by foot from it’s neighbour Kambia beach of Santorini, the path is difficult. If you wish to escape the ‘real world’ for a while during ‘Santorini holidays’, then you should visit Aspri Paralia(White beach) in Santorini

Paralia Mpataria, a marvelous beach on Corfu’s coastline – Beautiful beach in Corfu suitable for all ages

Corfu, the beautiful island of Greece consists of perfect holiday attractions which let you enjoy ‘fantastic’ holidaying with family/friends surrounded by picturesque ambience and rich climate. One of the most picturesque beach which is more like a secluded cove (or) bay in Corfu and shall be definitely visited is Paralia Mpataria, a marvelous beach located on the north-east-most coastline of Corfu island. From Corfu’s main town you shall reach Paralia Mpataria by travelling 36 kilometre towards north-eastern tip, following the directions. With blue-green waters which is also warm, gentle waves, rich climate, fresh aroma in air, backed by white sandy shore and surrounded by rock cliffs with flora, the Paralia Mpataria is definitely a picturesque & secluded cove than a beach in Corfu. Paralia Mpataria is one of the best destination to enjoy a lot of swimming, snorkeling and sunbath at ‘natural scenery’ ambience in Corfu and there are cafés near Paralia Mpataria with good services. Though, Paralia Mpataria possess limited amenities people in Corfu definitely visit here to enjoy the unspoilt nature with limited crowd in a peaceful surrounding with family & kids (or) spouse (or) friends, while holidaying in Corfu.

Phaistos Minoan Palace of Crete – Ruins of 4000 years old palace from ancient Crete

Crete, a beautiful island in Greece is the largest island as well as the most popular holidaying Greek island across the world and that’s why people love to spend their holidays with family/friends in Crete. There are many beautiful, natural and historical attractions found in Crete and one of the popular and historically rich destination which you can’t miss is Phaistos Minoan Palace, the ruins of a Bronze Age archaeological site located near south-coastline of Crete, Greece. From Crete’s main town you shall reach Phaistos Minoan Palace by travelling 59 kilometre towards south, following the directions. Being the oldest of archaeological ruins, a visit to Phaistos Minoan Palace will be more enjoyable, if you take guided tours. Because, when you’re at Phaistos Minoan Palace do remember that you’re standing at a landmark which was started settlements during 6000 BC and the ruins of Minoan Palace you see were built during 2000 BC in ancient Crete, Greek island. If you visit Phaistos Minoan Palace, it’s like getting ‘time travelled’ for a while to 4000 years back ‘then’ palace and that’s why, it’s been one of the favorite and popular historical landmark for both tourists and locals in Crete.

Praia de Alvor in western Algarve – Popular beach with sand dunes and tourists’ amenities in Algarve

Algarve, the beautiful coastal region in Portugal’s southernmost is one of the best holiday destination to visit and enjoy along with family/friends, which is lush green inside and deep blue on coastal side with rich climate and so many attractions. One of the beautiful beach to visit and enjoy in western Algarve is Praia de Alvor, a expansive beach with lengthy sandy shore in Algarve. From Lagos(a main town in western Algarve) you shall reach Praia de Alvor by travelling 21 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Praia de Alvor is one of the popular beach in Algarve with amazing swimming conditions suitable for all with pristine waters which is backed by lengthy sandy shore possessing fine sand dunes, making the ambience of the beach to be more picturesque and peaceful. Praia de Alvor is well known for the popular 3 kilometere wooden broadwalk over the dunes and it’s called ‘Alvor broad-walk’ and takes you close to Ria de Alvor(a nature reserve) in Algarve. Do you know? Praia de Alvor is one among the prestigious ‘blue flagged’ beaches in Algarve and you can enjoy a lot of swimming and water-sport activities here. There is a plenty of seafront restaurants that serves delicious Portugal cuisines and seafood, as well as a lot of cafés and shops are found at Praia de Alvor, which comforts every visitors with best services and experience, when holidaying in Algarve.

Pentland Hills Regional Park of Edinburgh – Verdurous park with peaks, trails and natural scenery in Edinburgh

Edinburgh of Scotland is the capital city as well as popular city of Scotland across the world, that welcomes tourists throughout the year and let them enjoy holidays with family/friends. One of the most verdurous and popular destination(park/green space)of Edinburgh as well as iconic tourists’ attraction is Pentland Hills Regional Park, a massive regional park of Edinburgh with 9 peaks(each about 1500 feet high) and also offers spectacular panoramic views to Edinburgh. From Edinburgh’s main city centre, you can reach Pentland Hills Regional Park by travelling 4 mile towards south, following the directions. If you’re an adventurous person (or) love to hangout in natural scenery (or) love to walk/hike trails, then you shouldn’t miss Pentland Hills Regional Park of Edinburgh (or) you would miss one of the best holidaying activity (or) attraction in Edinburgh. With beautiful scenery, unspoilt natural surroundings, not-so-difficult trails to walk, spectacular panoramic views of Edinburgh city, suitable for all and especially families, and beautiful hiking experience, the Pentland Hills Regional Park is a nature’s gift to Edinburgh city as well as Scotland and you can’t miss it, when you’re in Edinburgh.

Colossus of Rhodes – One among the seven wonders of ancient world, located in Rhodes

Rhodes, the exquisite Greek island possess a lot of attractions and extra-ordinary ‘holiday’ ambience that draws tourists from various parts across the world and let them enjoy amazing holidays with family/friends. One of the most iconic and historical landmark of Rhodes which you shall definitely visit is Colossus of Rhodes, a statue of the Greek sun-god Helios which was sculpted and erected by Chares of Lindos during 282 BC in Rhodes’ north-most tip coastline. From the main centre of Rhodes town(capital of Rhodes island) you shall reach ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ by travelling 3.5 kilometre towards northern tip, following the directions. Do you know? Being constructed during 282 BC and about 108 feet high, the ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ is one among the Seven Wonders of Ancient World for possessing rich architectural and historical values and also been standing strong and majestic during all these centuries though it faced a collapse during 226 BC. If you’re in Rhodes island (or) Rhodes town do visit ‘Colossus of Rhodes’, admire and click pictures at this iconic historical as well as popular tourists’ spot. Because, your holidaying in Rhodes is definitely ‘incomplete’ without a visit to ruins of ‘Colossus of Rhodes’.

Soro – The village pub, a perfect ‘retro’ space with live music in Goa – Amazing pub with relaxed vibes and fusion dishes and drinks in Goa

Goa, the most happening and vibrant resort state in India is filled with so many attractions and welcomes tourists from various parts across the world, throughout the year. Goa is known for the vibrant nightlife it possess which is the main attraction for both tourists and Indians to fly and let them enjoy their holidays in Goa with family/friends. There are vibrant-wild pubs in Goa and also relaxed pubs in Goa and if you’re looking for such a relaxed vibe, then you should visit and enjoy a night at Soro – The village pub, a perfect ‘retro’ space with live music and soothing ambience. From Panaji(Panjim)-Goa’s capital, you shall reach Soro – The village pub by travelling 19 kilometre towards north, following the directions. Soro – The village pub will let you enjoy experience the typical ‘Goan bar set inside Retro pub’ with unique and rustic interiors and Soro also offers the best kind of fusion drinks, fusion dishes which will let you explore the new-taste in Goa and the dancing floor and live music adds so much to your night in Goa. The doors of Soro – The village pub opens during 6pm in the evening and never closes until it’s early morning 2am, which means you shall enjoy and party starting from dusk to late-night, when you’re holidaying in Goa.

XLine Dubai Marina – Adventurous, urban & popular zipline of Dubai

Dubai, the luxurious city of United Arab Emirates is one of the happening holiday destination packed with so many beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy fun-filled and relaxing holidays with family/friends. Ever thought of flying over the Dubai’s Downtown from the popular Dubai Marina Mall and looking at city’s sky scrappers, landscapes too close as well as from top like a super hero? Here’s a beautiful holidaying activity that you shouldn’t miss while holidaying in Dubai and it is, riding & enjoying the popular XLine Dubai Marina, a popular zipline ride of Dubai city and most loved adventure sports functioning in Dubai Marina Mall, which is located 21 kilomtere away and south to Dubai’s main city centre. XLine Dubai Marina is the world’s longest urban zipline that rides through a urban & most-developed city like Dubai and there are packages, various zipline rides available for both adults and teens & family. You can pre-book, check for prices, and packages in XLine Dubai Marina’s official website: xline.xdubai.com. If you’re in Dubai and enjoying your holidays, don’t miss to take a ride in XLine Dubai Marina which offers a double dose of fun and excitement with perfect safety measures in Dubai.

Kapari Beach of Mykonos – A hidden treasure of Mykonos island

Mykonos, the beautiful island of Greece surrounded by Aegean possess many beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy along with family/friends. A beautiful beach on Mykonos’ south-west coastline which is considered as ‘hidden gem’ and shall be definitely visited if you’re looking for naturally unspoilt beach is Kapari Beach, a picturesque and peaceful beach. From Mykonos’ main town, you shall reach Kapari Beach by travelling 5.6 kilometre towards south-west, following the directions. Though a beautiful beach, Kapari Beach is strictly for people who loves and admires nature, and doesn’t bother about lack of tourists’ amenities nearby and ready to backpack things before arriving here and also for those who prefer a less-crowded secluded ambience to enjoy beach day in Mykonos island. With turquoise crystalline waters and beautifully stretching white sandy beach, the Kapari Beach is one of the best beach to enjoy a lot of swimming and sunbath with relaxed-vibes offered in a calm, tranquil ambience and being surrounded by rock cliffs & appearing like secluded bay. One of the popular church in Mykonos island called ‘Agios Ioannis’ is located near Kapari Beach and do visit the chapel after enjoying your beach time. Due to tranquility, Kapari Beach is unofficially a nudist/naturist beach of Mykonos island and it’s totally safe to get along with nature for-a-while and don’t miss the sunsets here, since, they’re one among the few most-beautiful sunsets in Mykonos.