Dolphins Bay Phuket in Phuket island – Exquisite holidaying experience in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand’s beautiful island offers you interesting attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas & beachfront villas in Phuket with utmost hospitality to enjoy a great holiday with family and friends. A beautiful, family-friendly destination in Phuket that provides amazing, unique and joyful holidaying experience when you’re in Phuket island is the popular Dolphins Bay Phuket, and it’s also called as Nemo Dolphinarium Phuket. From Phuket’s main town you shall reach Dolphins Bay Phuket by travelling 8 kilometre towards south, following the directions. In Dolphins Bay Phuket, you can enjoy watching shows that involves dolphins and sea lions and you can swim along with dolphins, take pictures with dolphins and both adults & kids can enjoy being a trainer for a while in this dolphinarium with proper guidance from staffs at Dolphins Bay Phuket. In most of the dolphinariums you can only watch and interact for a while with dolphins whereas in Dolphins Bay Phuket, you can swim, play and click pictures with dolphins and that’s what make this visit enjoyable and memorable for the tourists of Phuket.

Baina Beach of Goa – Tranquil beach with picturesque views and perfect amenities in Goa

Goa, a stunning holiday destination in India is packed with alluring attractions and exquisite holiday villas and beachfront villas, will let you enjoy great holidaying in Goa with friends & family. A popular and beautiful beach of Goa with picturesque views, secluded & calm ambience, bunch of water sport activities and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Goa is Baina Beach of Goa. From Panaji(Panjim) – Goa’s capital, you shall reach Baina Beach by travelling 30 kilometre towards south, following the navigations. Baina Beach is well-known for the natural beauty it possess, picturesque views it’s surrounded by and tranquil atmosphere with proper safety measures in Goa. You can enjoy underwater sea walking, kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, trip to islands near by and go for dolphin watching when you’re in Baina Beach of Goa. You have good restaurants, beach bars and beach shacks at Baina Beach, lining up at the back to facilitate each and every tourists during their holidaying in Goa. If you’re looking for a picturesque beach with less-crowded ambience but full-fledged facilities & amenities available, then you shall definitely visit Baina Beach in Goa.

Mushrif Park of Dubai – Amazing family-friendly park with play area and BBQ services in Dubai

Dubai, UAE’s beautiful city & most-loved holiday destination have whole of attractions and you can also find amazing holiday resorts, holiday villas in Dubai to enjoy a perfect holiday with your family & friends in Dubai. One of the popular public park and a family-friendly destination of Dubai which you can’t miss when you’re holidaying in Dubai is Mushrif Park of Dubai. From the main city centre of Dubai, you shall reach Mushrif Park by travelling 22 kilometre towards east, following the directions. Being opened during 1980s, the Mushrif Park of Dubai is spread vast for about 5.25 sq.kms (i.e,) Mushrif Park is a massive 1300 acre of family-oriented park with green spaces, verdurous ambience, gardens with rich colors & aroma, play area for kids, representing 13 traditional models of houses across the world, track for cycling, entertainment zone with electronic games, football grounds, theatre, swimming pool, and amazing barbeque services. Mushrif Park is one of the best place which is family-friendly, kid-friendly and a pleasant destination, which can’t be missed while holidaying in Dubai.

Armenistis Lighthouse of Mykonos island – Visit the mesmerizing viewpoint in Mykonos

Mykonos, the beautiful island of Greece and amazing holiday destination possess bunch of attractions to visit and you can find spectacular holiday villas in Mykonos which paves a great way to enjoy your holidays with your family/friends. Mykonos island possess a great course of holiday villas with full-fledged services and for people who prefer more & more privacy, comfort during holidaying can choose the luxury villas in Mykonos with private pool. You can also find villas in Mykonos with private beaches which have splendid beachfront views, private access to beach surrounded only by your family (or) friends. Choosing holiday villas in Mykonos City Centre is wise and more comfortable, since, it makes your stay comfortable with more privacy, privileged services, specific hospitality, easy access to all popular destinations and amenities available specially to you and your people during your entire holidaying in Mykonos island. A popular and beautiful viewpoint of Mykonos which you shall definitely visit when you’re in Mykonos island is the Armenistis Lighthouse, a 19th century lighthouse located over hill top at north-most west coastline of the island of Mykonos. From the main city centre of Mykonos you can reach Armenistis Lighthouse by travelling 8 kilometre towards north-west coastline, following the directions. Overlooking the Aegean sea, the Armenistis Lighthouse was constructed during the year 1891(19th century) in Mykonos island. Armenistis Lighthouse is the popular viewpoint, from where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Aegean sea and neighboring Greek islands accompanied by soothing breeze and sizzling chimes produced by sea waves. If you’re visiting Armenistis Lighthouse, do visit during the evenings, when you’ll be able grab the arresting picturesque views of Armenistis Lighthouse along with amazing sunset, which is considered ‘One of the best sunset to watch in Mykonos’.

Platja de la Fossa(La Fossa beach) of Calpe – Perfect ‘family friendly’ beach in Calpe

Calpe, a beautiful coastal town of Alicante in Spain which also happens to be a part of Costa Blanca is a popular beach holiday destination with Mediterranean coast and attractions. A beautiful beach with ‘family-friendly’ aspects and perfect tourists’ amenities in Calpe and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Calpe is Platja de la Fossa(La Fossa beach) which is located 3 kilometre away and east to Calpe’s main city centre. With turquoise crystalline water and fine sandy shore, Platja de la Fossa is a perfect beach in Calpe with good tourists’ amenities available at the promenade and back of the beach. Due to the urban level development and being located close to Calpe’s main town, you can find great course of holiday rentals such as holiday villas, beachfront villas, holiday serviced apartments with best quality of services, profound hospitality and picturesque ambience of Calpe(Calp) are found near La Fossa beach in Calpe, Spain. With warm weather and lively atmosphere, Platja de la Fossa is one of the perfect ‘family-friendly’ beach to take your family and kids, while holidaying in Calpe.

Eivissa Harbour(Port d’Eivissa) of Ibiza – Popular and lively destination to visit in Ibiza

Ibiza, one among the beautiful Balearic islands of Spain surrounded by magical Mediterranean sea consists of a lot of attractions, vibrant nightlife to enjoy and the amazing holiday villas in Ibiza make you more holiday in Ibiza more comfortable and enjoyable. One of the beautiful and lively destination of Ibiza, which must be visited when you’re holidaying in Ibiza to enjoy the liveliness of Ibiza is the popular Eivissa Harbour(Port d’Eivissa) and also called as ‘Ibiza Port’, a amazing marina/harbour of the Ibiza town in the island of Ibiza. From the main city centre of Ibiza, you shall reach Eivissa Harbour by travelling 3.6 kilometre towards east (or) towards the coastline of Ibiza, following the directions. Eivissa Harbour of Ibiza is the favorite spot for both locals and tourists of Ibiza with plethora of restaurants, bars (rock and base), various shops, local street vendors of Ibiza, night clubs, dance clubs and on the waters you can spot numerous of boats, yachts, ferries resting, moving which adds more beauty and bringing typical ‘port ambience’. These yachts and ferries at Eivissa Harbour organize many ‘One day trips’ to nearby islets, islands, calas of Ibiza and it’s one of the best holidaying experience you shouldn’t miss in Ibiza. Do you know? Eivissa Harbour is home to one of the most expensive moorings across the world and it’s called as ‘Ibiza Magna’. Visiting Eivissa Harbour in Ibiza is one of the best holidaying experience and a popular tourist destination suitable for people of all ages and happening spot for all days of the year to visit and enjoy, while holidaying in Ibiza.

Pisa Baptistery of Tuscany – Beautiful 14th century cathedral in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, an amazing holiday destination of central Italy that posses a good part of Italy’s west coastline and bunch of attractions to visit, whereas you can also find amazing holiday villas in Tuscany to enjoy complete holidaying with friends and family. A beautiful and historical chapel (or) cathedral of Tuscany and shall be definitely visited, when you’re holidaying in Tuscany is Baptistery of San Giovanni(Pisa Baptistery) and also known as Pisa Baptistery of St. John, a 14th century Roman Catholic cathedral in Pisa, Tuscany. Though, the current structure (or) architecture we see as Pisa Baptistery of St. John was completed during 14th century, it was built over older baptistery and was began construction from 12th century(1152) in Pisa city of Tuscany. In simple, the Pisa Baptistery of St. John shall be addressed and identified as the chapel that is found in front of popular ‘Tower of Pisa‘ (or) ‘Leaning tower of Pisa‘. Do you know? Pisa Baptistery of St. John is the largest baptistery in Tuscany and as well as entire Italy and it’s one of the best example of transition of architectural styles from Romanesque to Gothic in Tuscany, Italy. From Florence(Tuscany’s capital) you shall reach the Pisa Baptistery of St. John by travelling 84 kilometre in west, following the directions. Visiting Pisa Baptistery of St. John will automatically include visiting ‘Pisa Tower’ which is one of the most famous viewpoint to visit in Tuscany and without visiting and clicking pictures in front of these destinations, your holidaying is ‘incomplete’ in Tuscany.

York’s Chocolate Story of York city – Sweet way to start holidaying in York, United Kingdom

York, the beautifully city of United Kingdom is a famous holidaying destination in United Kingdom with many attractions to visit and you can find amazing serviced apartments in York, United Kingdom to enjoy holidaying with your family/friends in York city. There are many serviced apartments in York city, UK which are available across the city and provide full-fledged services round the clock with utmost privacy and specific hospitality. Serviced apartments in York, United Kingdom are available at different & various range from luxurious to budget/economy levels and you can choose them according to your plans for your holidaying in York city. A interesting and sweet destination to visit in York and will be definitely exciting to people of ages and shall be visited while holidaying in York is York’s Chocolate Story, a chocolate museum opened during the year 2012 and set in a old chocolate factory called Rowntree’s factory which opened during 1890(19th century) in York. York’s Chocolate Story is located at the ‘heart of York city’ and yes, it can be reached by travelling just half a mile from York’s city centre towards King’s Square, following the directions. You’ll find about the ‘history of chocolate and chocolate making’ at York’s Chocolate Story and of course, you can taste different types of chocolate and also buy more chocolates from the shops inside York’s Chocolate Story. Do visit this sweet, beautiful and unique chocolate museum of York city, when you’re holidaying in York.

Quai Branly Museum of Paris – Interesting museum to visit near Eiffel tower of Paris

Paris, the exquisite capital of France is one of the most loved holidaying destination with amazing attractions and you can also find amazing holiday villas in Paris which provide full-fledged, round the clock services with utmost privacy in picturesque ambience to make their holidaying in Paris ‘enjoyable’ with friends, family. A interesting and beautiful museum with unique concept and display located in Paris city and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Paris is Quai Branly Museum(Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac), a museum opened during the year 2006 in Paris, France. From the main city centre of Paris city, you shall reach Quai Branly Museum by travelling 4.5 kilometre towards west, following the directions. You can spot around more than million objects(photographs, ethnographic objects, artefacts, documents and many more) which are related to and highlight the indigenous, primordial art and cultures of Asia, Africa, Ocenia, the Americas and almost from all continents of the world. Quai Branly Museum is located close to the most popular Eiffel Tower of Paris and you can visit the museum after clicking pictures at Eiffel tower of Paris. Quai Branly Museum in Paris is definitely a must visit place in Paris for both kids and adults, and nobody can resist themselves from admiring the rich art & cultural objects displayed from different parts across the world and don’t miss it, while holidaying in Paris.

Alcavaneras beach of Gran Canaria – Amazingly calm beach with all tourists’ amenities in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, a beautiful Canary island of Spain is a happening holiday island surrounded by Atlantic and you can also find spectacular holiday resorts & villas in Gran Canaria which will let you enjoy great holidaying in Gran Canaria with friends & family. Gran Canaria is well-known for it’s volcanic landscapes, sandy beaches, and the amazing holiday villas in Gran Canaria which offer full-fledged services & utmost privacy. One of the beautiful & secluded beach with urban development and shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Gran Canaria is Alcavaneras, a calm & pleasant beach located in north-most east coastline of Gran Canaria island. From Gran Canaria’s main city centre you shall reach Alcavaneras beach by travelling 58 kilometre towards north-east, following the directions. Alcavaneras beach is more like a ‘hidden gem’ of Gran Canaria island with natural, picturesque ambience with calm, crystalline waters which touches fine golden sandy beach all the time. You can enjoy a lot of sunbathing, swimming and water sport activities in Alcavaneras beach and you can also find play area for kids and sports area for adults to play games like beach volleyball and many more. At Alcavaneras beach you’ll find good tourists amenities like restaurants, beach bars, showers, toilets and yacht club to enjoy your ‘beach day’ at fullest with joy and comfortability, while holidaying in Gran Canaria. If you’re looking for a clean beach to take your family, kids (or) friends (or) spouse that possess good amenities at the same time less-crowded, then you must head to Alcavaneras of Gran Canaria.