Gitgit Waterfall in Bali island – Most beautiful waterfall to visit in Bali

Bali island of Indonesia is one of the most loved and visited island of Indonesia that attracts family & kids, honeymoon couples and also group of friends, as there are attractions suitable for everyone in Bali and there are holiday villas in Bali with full-fledged services, making your holidays more comfortable and enjoyable. When you’re tired of beaches and parties in Bali island and wish to experience Bali’s rich floral part along with adventure and unspoilt nature, then you shall prefer to visit Gitgit Waterfall in Bali island. From Bali’s main town you can reach Gitgit Waterfall by travelling 34 kilometre towards northern direction, following the navigations. With lush green ambience contributed by tropical trees & various types of trees, a waterfall with 40 metre height, the Gitgit Waterfall is the biggest as well as most popular waterfall and a tourists’ attraction in Bali island. Since, it’s located on a Bali’s country-side village named ‘Gitgit’, the waterfall found here is called after the name of it’s location in Bali. Do you know? Reaching to Gitgit Waterfall calls for a little hiking/walking the trails, and the waterfall is found at high land which is about 300 metres above the sea level. With a mesmerizing lush green ambience, naturally formed pools, birds chipping in fresh air, the Gitgit Waterfall is dreamy destination to spend a day in Bali island and there are also facilities like parking area, restaurant and art shop nearby. Do visit, Gitgit Waterfall which is one of the ‘perfect’ picturesque and popular destination which you shouldn’t miss, while holidaying in Bali.

Amazing Sundays-a vibrant beach party event in Marbella – Join the beach party event at Nikki Beach of Marbella this Sunday(June 6,2021)

Marbella, a coastal town of Spain is a natural resort town and also a part of Spain’s favorite Costa del Sol possess spectacular attractions, beaches and warm climate which makes it a lovable holiday destination(city) in Spain. One of the best holidaying activity you shouldn’t miss, when in Marbella is the vibrant beach parties and here’s a ‘Marbella Beach Party’ event that takes place this weekend and you may not miss, if you’re in Marbella this weekend. On June 6, 2021(Sunday), Amazing Sundays-a vibrant beach party event, happens at popular Nikki Beach, a beach club and a restaurant which is located 11 kilometre east and away from Marbella’s main city centre. Amazing Sundays in Nikki Beach of Marbella is a ‘afternoon beach party event’ that will start from 1pm and ends at 7pm and you shall enjoy it with cocktails and Champagne, curated dining, DJs playing vibrant music, and entertainment by Nikki Beach tribe and barefoot chic vibes completely captivating the Sunday noon’s atmosphere. You can make you reservations at, the event’s official website. If you’re going to be in Marbella city this weekend and you want to make it more enjoyable, then do participate in the ‘Amazing Sundays’ event at Nikki Beach of Marbella.

Platja Es Morer Vermell of Alcudia – Secluded but spectacular beach to visit in Alcudia

Alcudia city is undoubtedly a fantastic holidaying city located in Majorca island of Spain with interesting attractions and perfect luxury holiday villas with round the clcok services and that’s why people fly to Alcudia with family/friends to enjoy their holidays. A beautiful, naturally unspoilt beach which is located just 1.5 kilometre away and north to Alcudia’s main city centre & shall be definitely visited while holidaying in Alcudia city is Platja Es Morer Vermell, a secluded beach which appears like a secluded bay. Platja Es Morer Vermell is surrounded by lush green ambience which is caused by lot of trees and offers spectacular views to Tramuntana mountains on the peninsula of Formentor. With turquoise crystalline shallow waters and white sandy shore, the Platja Es Morer Vermell of Alcudia is definitely family-friendly. suitable for all ages but it lacks tourists’ amenities. Since, Platja Es Morer Vermell is a tranquil beach, you shall arrive after backpacking food, water, drinks, umbrellas, towels, and your other basic needs, but you can find a mini-market Petit Mercat where you can get drinks and snacks, and you have to walk nearly 150 metre from the beach. Though, lacks tourists’ facilities, people love to visit Platja Es Morer Vermell, because of the unspoilt nature, less-crowded, picturesque and calm ambience it possess and that’s why! We recommend you not to miss this, when in Alcudia.

Platja Arrabassada near Costa Dorada – Perfect beach with prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ award in Spain’s Costa Dorada coastline

Costa Dorada, the magical Mediterranean coastline of Spain possess so many attractions, rich climate and a wide range of holiday villas(for more privacy, comfort & guidance) that let you spend your holidays with family/friends happily. A popular beach with so much tourists’ facilities, picturesque landscape, possessing lively, vibrant atmosphere and shall be visited while holidaying in Costa Dorada is Platja Arrabassada, amazing urban beach near Tarragona, Spain. From Costa Dorada’s main city centre, you may take a 45 minute drive(60 kilometre approx.) towards north-east, following the directions in-order to reach Platja Arrabassada on the Mediterranean coastline of Spain. With deep-blue, pristine waters which favor amazing swimming conditions and fine sandy shore which is clean, tidy and spacious enough, the Platja Arrabassada of Costa Dorada is one of the prestigious ‘Blue Flagged’ beach in Spain’s coastline. There are many cafés, restaurants, beach bars found at the promenade of Platja Arrabassada, and there are also showers, toilets, changing rooms available nearby. Not only a favorite beach for swimming and sunbath, but, Platja Arrabassada do support a lot of water sport activities which adds more joy and fun to your beach day at Costa Dorada. Though, a little far, you may visit Platja Arrabassada, for it’s ‘Blue Flag’ quality which favors a perfect ‘family-friendly’ ambience without any hustles and let you and your family/friends enjoy a ‘well and good’ beach day, while holidaying in Costa Dorada.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in London city – A memorial fountain for the famous Princess in history at Hyde Park of London

London city-the most famous city in United Kingdom is a favorite holidaying destination for many people across the world, since, the London city consists of many unique attractions packed together and let you enjoy great holidaying with family, kids (or) friends. A popular, modern history architectural attraction (or) a historical landmark to visit in London city is Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, a memorial dedicated to world famous Diana, Princess of Wales and the fountain is located near the most popular Hyde Park’s southwest corner in London and opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 6th July 2004. You can reach Princess Diana Memorial Fountain by travelling 2.3 mile in the west, from the main city centre of London, United Kingdom. The memorial fountain is designed in a way of reflecting Diana’s life and there are bridges, on which you shall walk to go near ‘heart of the fountain’. Princess Diana Memorial Fountain isn’t a regular fountain architecture but possess a great architectural value which contains 545 pieces of Cornish granite and each shaped by the latest automated machinery and pieces put together using traditional skills. People who’re visiting shall feel free to sit on the edge of the Memorial and refresh your feet but shouldn’t walk on the Memorial. Being set in a lush green ambience with walking trails and the fame which sustained around Princess Diana, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is definitely an important landmark which you can’t miss, while holidaying in London.

Barshaw Park in Glasgow – Massive park with golf course, boating pond and many attractions in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, the fantastic holidaying city in Scotland possess beautiful attractions and it’s also naturally gifted with picturesque atmosphere that provide excellent holidaying experience to you and your family/friends. A massive and interesting recreational parkland and garden to visit in Glasgow is Barshaw Park, a 55 acre massive green space which opened during the year 1921 in Paisley, Scotland. From Glasgow’s city centre, you can reach Barshaw Park by travelling around 9.5 miles in the west, following the directions towards Paisley. Barshaw Park in Glasgow is suitable for people of all ages, since, it possess attractions which’ll be loved by both adults and kids who visit the park. In Barshaw Park, you have golf course, a pond which allows boating & pedalos, bmx track, Barshaw mansion, miniature railway (or) model railway, swing parks, children’s play area and the picturesque & pleasant gardens with rich flora which adds more beauty to park’s ambience and these gardens are walled, and that’s why people call them as ‘Walled Garden of Barshaw Park’. Do visit Barshaw Park, which will offer leisure time individually and as a whole to your family, while holidaying in Glasgow.

Visit ‘Mandalin Bodrum’ to explore the beautiful nightlife of Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, the calm and dignified beauty of Turkey consists of amazing coastline, attractions & beautiful holidaying experience while you be there in Bodrum and one such attraction which you shouldn’t miss experiencing while holidaying in Bodrum is a visit to Mandalin Bodrum, a live music seafront bar of Bodrum, Turkey. From Bodrum’s main city centre, you can reach Mandalin Bodrum by walking just less than a couple of hundred metre, since, it’s located right ‘at the heart of Bodrum city’. Live music, splashing lights, good range of drinks and food, seafront atmosphere and friendly services are the strengths of ‘Mandalin Bodrum’ and that’s what makes both locals and tourists to fall in with Mandalin Bodrum in Bodrum city of Turkey. Getting adapted with technology there is also dance floors to pump up your night with huge screens and DJs in Mandalin Bodrum. To know about Bodrum’s nightlife, visiting Mandalin Bodrum is essential, as the wild partying with music, lights and drinks starts at 5pm in the evening and never shuts down, until it’s 4am in the morning next day. Do visit Mandalin Bodrum, which will definitely remain as one of the best party you had in Bodrum.

Miss Fiesta Events’ Breakfast with Our Princess & Guests” in La Foccacia, Altea – Dress up your kids for this beautiful event in Altea on June 5, 2021

Altea the beautiful coastal city of Spain doesn’t only possess attractions to visit along with family & kids but there are interesting events that’ll take place in Altea with amazing concepts, family-friendly ambience, affordable and accessible from Altea’s city centre. One such beautiful event which is gonna take place in Altea on June 5,2021 is “Miss Fiesta Events’ Breakfast with Our Princesses & Guests” in La Foccacia, a beautiful Italian-styled garden restaurant which located 6 kilometre away and west to the main city centre of Altea, Spain. If you’re with family and kids on Altea for next weekend then you shall definitely plan your visit to the spectacular breakfast event at La Foccacia on next Saturday(June 5,2021) morning. Especially, kids will love this event, because, you can dress-up your kid(s) as their favorite character and you’ll be greeted by event’s Beautiful Princesses & Guests and they’ll also play, entertain your kid(s) as you take your table for a Fabulous Character Breakfast. While your kid(s) play, sing dance with Princesses & Guests, you can relax, dine in the beautiful and calm ambience of La Foccacia in Altea. You can pre-book and ask details for pricing and availability at Do visit this beautiful Breakfast event, which’ll give your weekend a beautiful start next week and your kid(s) immense joy and also suitable for adults, when you’re in Altea.

Church of the Gesù in Palermo, Sicily – Beautiful Baroque-styled church in Palermo

Palermo, the beautiful capital of Sicily island of Italy possess many beautiful attractions to visit, enjoy and the popular Chiesa del Gesù(Church of the Gesù), a iconic Baroque church is a destination, which you can’t miss while holidaying in Palermo. Church of the Gesù is located at the ‘heart of Palermo city’! Yes, from Palermo’s main city centre, you can reach ‘Church of the Gesù of Palermo’ by walking few hundreds of metre, following the directions. Chiesa del Gesù is also known as ‘Church of Saint Mary of Gesu (chiesa di Santa Maria di Gesù) and also as ‘Casa Professa’ popularly by both tourists and locals of Palermo city, Sicily, Italy. With amazing ‘Sicilian Baroque’ style of architecture, exquisite interior and exterior works, and rich ambience, the Chiesa del Gesù was built during the year 1636 in Palermo, Italy. Do take guided tours to know about the rich history about ‘Chiesa del Gesù’ in Palermo, which will enhance your visit ‘worth’, while holidaying in Palermo.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard(La Vigna di Leonardo) in Milan – Wine from a 500 years old vineyard and interesting museum in Milan, Italy

Milan city of Italy consists of amazing attractions and due to it’s connection with Leonardo da Vinci, there are many historically rich attractions related to ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ and one such attraction to definitely visit, while holidaying in Milan is Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard(La Vigna di Leonardo), a unique and interesting museum in Milan. From Milan city’s centre, you can reach Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard by travelling nearly 3 kilometre towards west, following the directions. Considered as ‘secret garden’, ‘hidden gem’ of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard was vineyard gave to Leonardo da Vinci by Milan Duke Ludovico il Moro, during the year 1498 and then, it was taken care by Leonardo da Vinci himself during the years he lived in Milan, Italy. With vineyard, museum, wine from Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard and a museum; Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard is such a popular, iconic museum and a family-friendly destination suitable and interests people who loves to taste authentic wine made from a 500 years old vineyard, while holidaying in Milan.