Candlemas Holy Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Santorini – Beautiful 19th century cathedral in Santorini

Santorini, the Greek island is packed with many attractions that boasts picturesque views and you can find good holiday villas in Santorini, beachfront villas and also there are villas in Santorini with private pool which let you enjoy great & private holidaying with your family and friends. Villas in Santorini with private pool offers the bestest of services, personal hospitality, special attention and more importantly your privacy won’t be disturbed during your entire holidaying in Santorini. Though the holiday villas in Santorini with private pool may feel pricey than normal holiday villas, the villas with private pool in Santorini is totally worth your penny for the picturesque ambience, and luxurious services. A beautiful cathedral to visit and admire in Santorini, which is located less than 100 metre away from Fira(Thera)-Capital of Santorini’s centre in Santorini is The Orthodox Metropolitan Church of Santorini (or) Candlemas Holy Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral of Santorini. Yes! the cathedral is located right at ‘heart of Fira/Thera) and can be reached by just walking for 2-3 minutes. Candlemas Holy Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral was built during 19th century(1827) and you can enjoy the best views to the Santorini’s caldera & volcano of Santorini from here. With white-washed buildings, amazing mosaic works, a majestic bell tower and rolling arches which contributes to peaceful courtyard: On the whole makes the cathedral to appeal beautiful & picturesque destination of Santorini. Wall paintings and interior architectural works at inside of cathedral will definitely stun and amaze you, while you look at. Do visit this ‘snow white’ beauty and picturesque 19th century cathedral and admire it’s elegance, when you’re holidaying in Santorini.

Aqua Creta Limnoupolis in Crete island – Amazing water park with amenities in Crete

Choosing the luxurious villas in Crete with private pool is wise and advisable because, villas with private pool offers best & specified hospitality, full-fledged facilities, amenities only to you & your family/friends and no one other than staffs will come to your room, pool to clean and full-fill your needs where you’re relaxing during your holidaying in Crete. There are villas in Crete with private pool which are available with round the clock services, possessing picturesque views and luxurious ambience and you can choose them according to your budget and preferences for ‘Crete holidays’. A beautiful, family friendly destination to visit and enjoy in Crete island is Limnoupolis, a water theme park with slides & eateries located in north-west most part in Crete island. From Heraklion(Crete’s capital) you shall reach Limnoupolis by travelling 140 kilometre towards west, whereas, from Rethymno(a main town in north Crete), Limnoupolis shall be reached by travelling 65 kilometre towards west. Limnoupolis is popular name said to address the water park in Crete, while the original name of the theme park (or) water park is Aqua Creta Limnoupolis. There are many water games, dry games, rides, interactive games for kids, water slides, water rides, swimming pool, wave pool and many more attractions, which is suitable for both kids & adults, present in Limnoupolis and there’s also cafés and restaurants to sit back, relax, dine and enjoy the theme park day in between your holidaying in Crete. Do visit Limnoupolis, which is one of the best family friendly destination, and no matter you’re with family (or) friends, you shall definitely visit and enjoy this one, while holidaying in Crete.

Cala Binidalí(Binidalí beach) of Menorca – Secluded, shallow water beauty of Menorca island

Menorca island of Spain is filled with lot of attractions to visit, enjoy and surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean that makes it to possess an exquisite coastline with beaches, coves and calas. You can also find full-fledged servicing holiday villas in Menorca which provide profound hospitality and privacy to let you enjoy holidaying in Menorca with family and friends. A beautiful, secluded, tranquil and small beach located in south-most west coastline of Menorca island and shall be visited while holidaying in Menorca is Cala Binidalí, a picturesque cala of Menorca. From Menorca main town’s centre, you shall reach Cala Binidalí by travelling 22 kilometre towards south-west coastline of Menorca and from Mahón(Capital of Menorca), the Cala Binidalí can be reached by travelling 10 kilometres. With little white sandy space to relax, sunbath and rest & as well as white sandy shore being touched mesmerizing turquoise crystalline water, Cala Binidalí(Binidalí beach) is a picturesque, narrow beach which is also shallow making it suitable for kids & families. Spending a beach day at Cala Binidalí is more like enjoying at a private beach of holiday villas you’re staying in, because, it’s one of the best secluded, less crowded beach in Menorca. Be ready to backpack drinks and food, before arriving at Cala Binidalí, since, there are very less amenities near & around Binidalí, due to it’s tranquility. If you’re ready to backpack, then you’ll enjoy the calmness and picturesque ambience of Cala Binidalí and enjoy a good ‘beach day’ with your family, while holidaying in Menorca.

Casa Parlante of Corfu – Interesting museum with robotic figures in noble mansion from 19th century in Corfu

Choosing the beautiful villas in Corfu with private pool is one of the best way to enjoy holidaying in Corfu, because you can enjoy private hospitality, services and no third person won’t interrupt your holidaying with your family & friends. Also, the villas in Corfu with private pool are well-maintained, set in picturesque and peaceful ambience which will keep your mind relaxed during your entire holidaying in Corfu. A beautiful and interesting museum to visit in Corfu is Casa Parlante, a very special museum located in the Corfu Old Town’s centre and only few metres away from Spianada square in Corfu. Casa Parlante is set in a 19th century noble mansion and was opened to public during the year 2014. With animated figures(as persons) using robotic technology, clothings and old furnitures, decorations around the mansion, interior works, sounds, smells: Casa Parlante take you closely to the day-to-day life of a noble family living in Corfu during 19th century. Corfu island is greatly influenced by Venetian, French, and British, thus, you can see the impact everywhere around Casa Parlante and don’t miss experiencing it, when you’re holidaying in Corfu.

Playa del Janubio (or) the Janubio beach(Yaiza) in Lanzarote – Adorable black sandy beach of Lanzarote island

Lanzarote, the spectacular canary island of Spain surrounded by Atlantic is filled with beautiful attractions and you can find amazing holiday villas in Lanzarote which will let you enjoy a satisfied holidaying with your family and friends. An interesting beach for photoshoot lovers and people who would love to spend some time in tranquil, secluded, calm and typical ‘Lanzarote’ destination is the Playa del Janubio (or) the Janubio beach(Yaiza) in Lanzarote. From the main city centre of Lanzarote you shall reach Playa del Janubio by travelling 30 kilometre in south-west direction, since, the beach is located over the western coastline of Lanzarote island. Playa del Janubio is located right near the popular Salinas de Janubio, a most popular tourist destination of Lanzarote. With strong current waves, moderate wind blow and amazing stretch of black sand and a red flag(to indicate ‘Danger to swim’), standing and being there at Playa del Janubio of Lanzarote may give a feel that you’ve visited some other different part of world, with so much calmness and tranquility surrounding the beach. With dominating black and sea waves that are ‘white’ and the sky which is ‘blue’, Playa del Janubio is one of the must to visit and experience places in Lanzarote, though you won’t be able to swim here. Do take more pictures at Playa del Janubio, which is one of the picturesque & ‘more Lanzarote’ destination and also visit Salinas de Janubio, Los Hervideros and Timanfaya National Park which are near by Janubio beach and also important places to visit, while holidaying in Lanzarote.

Ride the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok city – Beautiful way of sightseeing the city-side of Bangkok

Skytrain during night

Bangkok, Thailand’s beautiful city and also the capital is a fantastic holidaying destination with many attractions along with amazing holidays villas in Bangkok, which makes your holiday in Bangkok as ‘Best’. Though, you may feel as ‘off beat’ holidaying activity in Bangkok, this is one of the beautiful way of sightseeing the beautiful capital of Thailand-the Bangkok city and it’s nothing but riding in the popular BTS Skytrain, a elevated transit system of Bangkok city. BTS Skytrain is operated in Silom line running from west to south of the city connecting National stadium in Siam shopping area with Bang Wa in Thonburi, and also the Sukhumvit line running from north to east between Ma Chit of Bangkok city.. While travelling in BTS Skytrain you’ll get the opportunity to admire the beautiful cityscapes of Bangkok city along with few important destinations and also the beauty of Chao Phraya river on which banks most of the beauty of Bangkok resides. Riding the BTS Skytrain is one of the beautiful sightseeing of Bangkok city and also cheap & faster transportation you should experience, while holidaying in Bangkok.

Praia dos Aveiros of Albufeira – Small, secluded, blue flag beach in Albufeira

Albufeira’s beautiful, secluded and can be said almost as ‘hidden gem of Albufeira’ and shall be visited when you’re holidaying in Albufeira is Praia dos Aveiros, which is located 3.5 kilometre away and east to Albufeira’s main city centre. More than a beach, the Praia dos Aveiros is more of a small cove with golden sandy shore which is surrounded by rock cliffs on back and on the either sides. The rocky formations on the sides forms natural pools which are shallow and clean, and that’s more suitable for families and kids who arrive at Praia dos Aveiros of Albufeira. Though small in size, Praia dos Aveiros is one of the prestigious ‘blue-flagged’ beach in Albufeira for the cleanliness, maintenance and the support it extends for the visitors & tourists who arrives at the beach to enjoy a good ‘beach day’, during their holidaying in Albufeira. Praia dos Aveiros do possess tourists amenities, since, being a holder of a ‘blue flag’ but in limited and small numbers, as the beach will receive only less crowd due to it’s tranquil nature and small size. If you’re looking for a beach day with facilities but less-crowd, then you shall visit Praia dos Aveiros of Albufeira.

Silves Cathedral of Algarve – Amazing 13th century Gothic styled cathedral in Algarve

Algarve’s historical and beautiful cathedral which you shall visit definitely, while holidaying near western Algarve is Silves Cathedral, a national monument of Algarve, Portugal. From Lagos(a main town in western Algarve) you can reach Silves Cathedral by travelling 40 kilometre towards east, following the directions. The Silves’ Cathedral(Sé Catedral de Silves) was built in a site, which was Moorish Grand Mosque before and the cathedral was completed construction during 13th century. Since, built before 800 years, it mostly represents the Gothic style of architecture and also it’s considered as one of the main & foremost Gothic monument in entire Algarve of Portugal. You’ll be amazed by the medieval looks, spectacular interior and exterior architectural works of cathedral and definitely in the ‘list of must visit destinations/places in Algarve’, while holidaying in Algarve.

Salt Museum Salinas del Carmen of Fuerteventura – Interesting destination to visit in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, the beautiful Canary island is a vibrant holiday destination in Spain, as you can find beautiful attractions & amazing holiday villas in Fuerteventura. A popular destination and a viewpoint of Fuerteventura, that shall be visited when you’re holidaying in Fuerteventura is Salt Museum Salinas del Carmen which is located 23 kilometre and east to Fuerteventura’s main town. In fact, the Salt Museum Salinas del Carmen is located over the east coastline of the Fuerteventura island. Salt Museum Salinas del Carmen(Museo de Las Salinas del Carmen) is a very unique and interesting destination to visit in Fuerteventura and to know about the salt production & salt business(a little) here. You can eat and relax at the restaurant at Museo de Las Salinas del Carmen and do click pictures before leaving from here. Museo de Las Salinas del Carmen is definitely an interesting place for people of all ages to visit, while holidaying in Fuerteventura.

Lardos beach near Lindos of Rhodes island – Beautiful, tranquil beach of Rhodes

To enjoy perfect holiday with your closed ones without any hustles, interferences, then you shall choose holiday villas in Rhodes with private pool, since, they offer specific services during your holidaying in Rhodes. There are luxury villas in Rhodes with private pool which offers sophisticated services, set in a picturesque ambience and luxurious, private amenities being available to you anytime and services arrive at your door step. Though, felt pricy, people used to choose villas in Rhodes with private pool because, they offer utmost privacy and comfortability and never gets you other people into your zone at any cause and you shall enjoy your holidaying in Rhodes satisfyingly. A beautiful beach on south-east coastline of Rhodes island to visit, admire and enjoy is Lardos beach, a clean & calm beach of Rhodes island. From the Rhodes town you can reach Lardos beach by travelling 50 kilometre towards south-east coastline following the directions. There is a main town in south-eastern part of Rhodes called as ‘Lindos’ and from there the beach can be accessed by travelling just 20 minutes. Lardos beach is a beautiful beach set in tranquil with little pebbles & rocky shoreline touched by turquoise crystalline water all the time, and the presence of beautiful old world shrubs, the tamarisks makes the Lardos beach more picturesque. You’ve limited & good tourists amenities available near by Lardos beach and if you’re looking for accommodation, you’ve beautiful holiday villas in Lindos with spectacular ambience and services. You can also find villas with private pool in Lindos, since, the southern region of Rhodes island is all about tranquil, beauty, picturesque views and peace. Do visit Lardos beach, to experience the tranquil beauty & peace it posses, when you’re holidaying in Rhodes.