Basilica of Santa Maria Novella(Santa Maria Novella) in Tuscany – Amazing 14th century church in Florence, Tuscany

Tuscany, an amazing holiday destination of central Italy that posses a good part of Italy’s west coastline and bunch of attractions to visit, whereas you can also find amazing holiday villas in Tuscany to enjoy complete holidaying with friends and family. There are many iconic & historical landmarks, architectures, chapels to visit and admire, when you’re holidaying in Tuscany and the popular Basilica of Santa Maria Novella is definitely into the list of ‘Must visit places in Tuscany’. From the centre of Florence(Capital of Tuscany), you shall reach the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella by travelling just 1 kilometre following the directions. Based chronologically, the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella(popularly ‘Santa Maria Novella’) was the first great basilica in Tuscany’s Florence was built during 14th century in the beautiful Gothic-Renaissance architectural style. You have a lot to admire about the stunning interior & exterior artworks of Santa Maria Novella and the vast church consists of chapels inside and do take guided tours to enjoy every bit of this amazing medieval century architecture in every aspect. Do take pictures in front of Santa Maria Novella, will remain your ‘Iconic Tuscany moment’ and don’t miss visiting this church, when you’re holidaying in Tuscany.

Aigües Blanques of Ibiza – Tranquil beauty of Ibiza island

Ibiza, one among the beautiful Balearic islands of Spain surrounded by magical Mediterranean sea consists of a lot of attractions, vibrant nightlife to enjoy and the amazing holiday villas in Ibiza make you more holiday in Ibiza more comfortable and enjoyable. Ibiza have many beautiful beaches to visit and enjoy & one among them is the Aigües Blanques, a popular shallow beach in Ibiza located on it’s north-most east coastline. From Ibiza’s main city centre you shall reach the Aigües Blanques beach travelling 25 kilometre in north-east direction. Aigües Blanques is beautiful beach but tranquil in nature, because of the way it is backed by rock cliffs and possess a golden sandy beach with turquoise crystalline water. Do you know? Aigües Blanques beach is a official nudist beach of Ibiza island but it’s totally optional and safe here. However, only a part of Aigües Blanques is nudist and there is another side(space) for people who visit with families & kids. Aigües Blanques beach is one of the best beach of Ibiza to enjoy lot of swimming and snorkeling, and you also have couple of café, restaurant and beach bar near by, for the convenience of tourists & visitors. Aigües Blanques beach is also known for mud baths which is a good skin care therapy to get during holidaying in Ibiza. With peaceful ambience and picturesque ambience, Aigües Blanques beach is such a beauty which you shouldn’t miss when you’re holidaying in Ibiza.

Pont Neuf of Paris – Beautiful stone bridge from past centuries in Paris

Paris-Pont Neuf
Pont Neuf at night

Paris, the exquisite capital of France and also one of the most loved holidaying destination, as you can find amazing attractions and best holiday villas in France which attracts tourists throughout the year. There are many beautiful attractions to visit and admire in Paris and one such popular viewpoint which is simple but can’t be missed when holidaying in Paris city is the Pont Neuf, a impressive stone bridge built between mid 16th to early 17th century over River Seine in Paris. From the main city centre of Paris, you shall reach the Pont Neuf bridge by travelling just 1 kilometre following the directions. Though, nothing much to look and admire than a arch-designed stone bridge, the Pont Neuf is such ever-green destination without visiting which your holidaying in Paris is ‘Incomplete!’. A good time to visit and walk on Pont Neuf in Paris is during mornings surrounded by fresh ambience and the best you shall grab is watching beautiful sunsets from here, which is considered ‘One of the best sunset in Paris’, and then followed by night when the bridge is illuminated with lights and thus, making it one of the picturesque spot in Paris.

Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria – Crocodile park with interesting shows in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, the beautiful Canary island of Spain surrounded by Atlantic is known for ‘contrasting beauty’ by the presence of volcanic landscapes and sandy beaches in it and there are also other attractions to visit & enjoy. You can find exquisite holiday resorts & villas in Gran Canaria which will let you enjoy great holidaying with family and friends. One of interesting destination to visit in Gran Canaria and also suitable for people of all ages is the Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria which is located 25 kilometre way and east to main city centre of Gran Canaria island. Since, the name depicts crocodiles are the main attraction here but you can also spot wild animals and colorful parrots and other birds. You can spot nearly 300 Nile crocodiles at Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria and don’t miss the popular & spectacular crocodile show where these crocodiles are fed live to show the strength of their jaws. You’ll be allowed to touch baby crocodiles while they were being handled by staff members of Cocodrilo Park Gran Canaria. You’ve cafés inside the park to relax and grab some energy, when you visit this park when holidaying in Gran Canaria.

Walk the beautiful & busy shopping street in Antalya – Uzun Çarşı Sokak in Antlaya

Antalya in Turkey is naturally gifted resort and coastal city which possess beautiful attractions and holiday villas and resorts that’ll let you enjoy your holidays in Antalya with your family and friends. If you’re looking forward to enjoy the liveliness of Antalya town and to buy local-made products, eat & shops based on Antalya’s culture, tradition then you shall visit the beautiful Uzun Çarşı Sokak in Antalya. From Antalya’s main city centre you shall reach the Uzun Çarşı Sokak by travelling nearly 2.5 kilometre and you’ll find this narrow cobbled-street filled with numerous cafés, food stalls with authentic Antalya cuisines, traditional clothing shops and Turkish-style architected homes from past centuries. Since, Uzun Çarşı Sokak is very close to Kaleiçi(historic old town region of Antalya), you shall find the traces of ‘old town’ look in this street too and you’ll definitely enjoy walking, shopping and eating in this ‘perfect’ Turkish styled street, when you’re holidaying in Antalya. A visit to the busy and charming Uzun Çarşı Sokak in Antalya will remain one of the best moment to cherish about your holidaying in Antalya.

Ftelia beach in Mykonos island – Beautiful, tranquil beach in Mykonos

Mykonos, a beautiful island of Greece surrounded by Aegean sea consists of so many attractions to visit and enjoy holidaying with family & friends. A great way to enjoy holidays in Mykonos island is choosing holiday villas in Mykonos for your stay, since they provide round clock services and splendid hospitality. If you need more privacy, you’ve holiday villas in Mykonos with private pool and more facilities available at affordable prices along with picturesque views. When you’re in Mykonos and looking for a serene, secluded beach to spend your ‘beach day’ then you shall head to Ftelia beach which is located on north coastline of Mykonos island and 7 kilometre away & in north-east to Mykonos’ main city centre. Since, the beach is tranquil it’s less-crowded but looks beautiful with crystalline waters and a wide enough sandy beach surrounded by rocks and rock cliffs partially. If you’re a fan of windsurfing & kitesurfing, then you’ll love Ftelia beach in Mykonos, since, both locals and tourists of Mykonos island call it the ‘Surfers Paradise’, due to the presence of strong, gentle winds here. You’ve limited count of cafés and restaurants available near Ftelia beach and also beach bars near by. You can also visit the famous neolithic settlement and tomb of ancient Iliad war hero Ajax the Locrian, which is a historical landmark to visit near Ftelia beach in Mykonos.

Vathia Gonia Beach in Ayia Napa – Blue-Flagged beach with perfect tourists’ amenities in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa of Cyprus island is a perfect holidaying destination with lots of attractions to visit and enjoy. The best thing about holidaying in Ayia Napa is: You’ve spectacular holiday villas in Ayia Napa with round the clock services, picturesque views and available at affordable prices. Choosing holiday villas in Ayia Napa will let you enjoy amazing holidaying, as there are villas in Ayia Napa with private pool facilities and there are also holiday apartments in Ayia Napa which provide you utmost privacy & make your holidays ‘comfortable’. One of the best beach to visit in Ayia Napa is the Vathia Gonia Beach, a spectacular, perfect ‘blue-flagged’ beach in Ayia Napa which is located just 5 kilometre away and south-west to Ayia Napa’s main city centre. Though small in size, Vathia Gonia Beach is beautiful with thin golden sandy beach bordered by rock cliffs which appear as a natural bay that possess shallow waters, moderate waves along with scenic atmosphere in Ayia Napa. Vathia Gonia Beach have amenities at best with shops to rent umbrellas, sunbeds, and handful of good seafront cafés, restaurants and there are also showers, toilets, changing rooms for tourists and visitors. You can also enjoy water sports with safety measures in Vathia Gonia Beach of Ayia Napa and that’s why people address the beach as the beach for all in Ayia Napa.

Platja de Mutxavista in Alicante – Perfect beach in Alicante

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca is one of the best holidaying destination filled with amazing attractions and can also find good holiday villas in Alicante with spectacular views of Mediterranean coast of Spain. There are many beautiful beaches in Alicante to visit and enjoy and the one you shall definitely visit is the Platja de Mutxavista which is located nearly 11 kilometre away and north-east to Alicante’s main city centre. With clean waters & lengthy, wide white sandy beach, the Platja de Mutxavista looks so ‘lively & beautiful’ and also backed by beautiful promenade filled with every tourists’ amenities like cafés, restaurants and other facilities. If you walk along the beach of Platja de Mutxavista, it eventually connects with another popular beach of Alicante called Playa San Juan. Since, the waves are moderate and waters are shallow, the Platja de Mutxavista is suitable to kids also, and for adults it’s definitely a good beach to swim, sunbath & enjoy a relaxed beach day in Alicante.

Vilafortuny beach(Platja de Vilafortuny) in Salou – One of the ‘blue-flagged’ beauty of Salou, Spain

Salou, a natural resort town of Spain with amazing coastline and beautifully set in north-east of Costa Dorada have a bunch of attractions to visit and you can also find spectacular holiday villas in Salou which will let you enjoy your holidays happily with family and friends. Platja de Vilafortuny, one of the beautiful beaches in Salou which you can visit and enjoy a ‘well spent’ beach day, while holidaying in Salou and it’s located just 3.5 kilometre away & west from Salou’s main city centre. With fine sandy beach and turquoise crystalline waters, the Vilafortuny is nearly a ‘urban beach’ with good range of tourists’ facilities & amenities like cafés, restaurants, bars, water sporting facilities, umbrellas & hammocks for rent, toilets, and showers available at promenade backing the beach. Platja de Vilafortuny in Salou offers great time while holidaying in Salou and if you’re with your family & kids, then you shall not have any ‘second thoughts’ since, Vilafortuny beach(Platja de Vilafortuny) is one of the ‘blue-flagged’ beach with picturesque views in Salou.

Pantai Bias Tugel(Bias Tugel Beach) in Bali island – Secluded beauty of Bali

Bali, a most loved and popular tourist island of Indonesia is packed with exquisite attractions and there are amazing holiday villas in Bali that will let you enjoy spectacular holidaying with family and friends. Bias Tugel Beach, one among the many beautiful beaches of Bali island, which shall be definitely preferred to visit and enjoy great ‘beach day’, while holidaying in Bali. From Denpasar(Bali’s capital) you shall reach the Bias Tugel Beach by travelling 45 kilometre in north-east direction, since the Bias Tugel Beach lies of the south-east coastal line of Bali island. Pantai Bias Tugel(Bias Tugel Beach) is considered a secret beach in Bali which is small, tranquil but consists of picturesque views, turquoise crystalline water and tidy white sandy beach. You can rent umbrellas, beach chairs near by Bias Tugel Beach and also have good range of café, restaurant and beach bar and also have toilet, but lacks in ‘shower’. When you’re at Bias Tugel Beach, you shall enjoy a lot of swimming, scuba-diving and snorkeling and be careful with waves sometimes! Bias Tugel Beach isn’t completely ‘family-friendly’ but for a bunch of friends and honeymoon couples who’re holidaying in Bali island, shall definitely visit Bias Tugel Beach in Bali.