Take you children into ‘The World of Children’ in Alicante – Don’t miss this, when you’re with your kids in Alicante

Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca is one of the best holidaying destination filled with amazing attractions and can also find good holiday villas in Alicante with spectacular views of Mediterranean coast of Spain. One of the beautiful ‘family friendly’ destination(amusement park) in Alicante to visit, especially when you have kids along with you is The World of Children, an amusement park which is dedicated to children in Alicante. From the main city centre of Alicante, you can reach ‘The World of Children’ amusement park just by walking for few minutes straight and can find this amazing park with waterfront views in Alicante. There are many games designed & developed exclusively for children and interesting facts like Go-Kart racing with proper safety guidelines, 7D Cinema which is a visual treat incorporating technology and fun, and many more. You can also find good range of cafés and restaurants inside The World of Children where you can sit back, dine and relax on your visit to the amusement park in Alicante.

Platja dels Capellans in Salou – Prestigious ‘blue flagged beach’ of Salou

Salou, an amazing & natural resort town of Spain which is located on Spain’s coastline and set in north-east of Costa Dorada have bunch of attractions to visit and you can find spectacular holiday resorts and villas in Salou which will let you enjoy your holidays with family and friends. There are many beautiful beaches which offer good swimming & sunbath in a relaxed ambience in Salou and Platja dels Capellans is one such small beach which is located just 2 kilometres away from Salou’s main city centre and in south-east coastline to Salou town, Spain. Due to small beach area, you may need to arrive earlier to get a room for your and your family/friends if you’re visiting Platja dels Capellans in Salou, but it’s definitely worthy with beautiful cove like appearance with sandy beach with rocks(partially), shallow & clean water which is apt for kids, beachfront cafés, bars & restaurants, limited crowd , lifeguard services and parking services. Though, Platja dels Capellans is small, it manages to acclaim the prestigious ‘blue flag’ award every year for it’s cleanliness and amenities and thus, you shouldn’t miss the ‘blue flagged beach of Salou’ when you’re holidaying in Salou.

Plaça Triangular in Benidorm – Simple & stylish town square to visit in Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most loved & visited city in Alicante province located at the eastern part of Spain with beautiful attractions and you can also find exquisite holiday villas in Benidorm that will let you enjoy a ‘happy-filled’ holiday with friends & family. One simple but lively destination(square) to visit in Benidorm is the picturesque Plaça Triangular, a plaza which is located just 1 kilometre away from Benidorm’s main city centre. With both the locals and tourists of Benidorm moving, sitting in benches, under trees and you can also find cafés, restaurants and tapas open at the Plaça Triangular and many shops near by and also the stylish, urban ambience ; Plaça Triangular is definitely a refreshing, lively destination to visit and enjoy spending leisure time in mornings (or) evenings, while holidaying in Benidorm.

Playa de la Arena in Tenerife – Natural resort region with hotels, villas, black sand beach in Tenerife

Tenerife, an amazing & largest among the Canary island of Spain is a natural resort island with beautiful attractions and amazing holiday villas, beachfront villas with round the clock services and utmost privacy to enjoy spectacular holidays. Tenerife possess many exquisite resort towns with each and every tourist amenities you would prefer and wish to have during a ‘beach holiday’ and Playa de la Arena, on the south-west coastline of Tenerife is such a natural resort town to visit and enjoy your holidays with family and friends. From the main city centre of Tenerife you can reach Playa de la Arena by travelling nearly 70 kilometres towards the west coastline of Tenerife. When you translate ‘Playa de la Arena’ it tells ‘Beach of sand’ and it describes this resort town of Tenerife very well by the presence of beautiful sandy beach with amazing beachfront hotels, beachfront villas, beachfront resorts and beachfront restaurants along with beach bars, cafés, various shops lining like ‘shopping street’ and also vibrant nightlife with nightclubs, discos and pubs with abundant lights & music. Playa de la Arena possess a beach that portrays the volcanic landscape of Tenerife island with entirely natural black sand(volcanic sand) and also have clean & shallow waters for which Playa de la Arena has been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag award, since 1989 continuously. When you want to enjoy a wholesome ‘beach holiday’ by staying in holiday villas with beachfront views in Tenerife and then you shall definitely choose Playa de la Arena in Tenerife, Spain.

Start your sightseeing with Manchester Cathedral – Beautiful medieval century cathedral in Manchester

Manchester, the beautiful and famous city of England have a lot of attractions to visit and to enjoy a great holidaying with family and friends you’ve amazing holiday villas in Manchester with full-fledged services and profound hospitality ranging from luxurious to economy budgets. Paying a visit to Manchester Cathedral is always and forever best way to kick start your holidaying and sightseeing tour in Manchester. Being located at the very ‘heart of Manchester city’ you can’t unsee this amazing Gothic(perpendicular) architecture when you’re in Manchester, since, you can reach the cathedral by walking for few minutes from the main city centre of Manchester. With amazing exterior and interior architectural works which showcase the architecture style of medieval times is the undisguised evidence that Manchester Cathedral built with various developments from 1421 to 1882 in Manchester. You’ll love taking pictures in front of the Manchester Cathedral’s beautiful tower which stands for about 135ft of height majestically and you must take a look at ‘Angel Stone’, a small carving which dates back to 700 AD and it’s preserved on the wall of Manchester Cathedral. Do visit this beautiful and picturesque Manchester Cathedral which will remain as one of your best visit, when you’re holidaying in Manchester.

Nissi beach in Ayia Napa – Popular beach resort region of Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa of Cyprus island, surrounded by Mediterranean sea possess picturesque destinations to visit and there is a great course of holiday resorts & holiday villas in Ayia Napa which will let you enjoy your ‘holidays at best’ in Ayia Napa with friends and family. When you’re in Ayia Napa and looking for a vibrant ‘beach day’ with natural resort ambience then you must head towards Nissi beach, a popular beach resort area located 5 kilometres west & away from Ayia Napa’s main city centre. Nissi beach in Ayia Napa is very popular among both tourists and locals of Ayia Napa, as they naturally carry a ‘resort region’ aura by the presence of holiday villas, resorts, beachfront villas, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, nightclubs, DJs, organized beach parties & foam parties at night, boats & yachts parked near the coastline and many more. At the same time, the water in Nissi beach is shallow, tidy and also encourage water sport activities with proper lifeguard services which is why, Nissi beach holds the prestigious blue flag award given for best beaches around the world and yes, Nissi beach can be said as “Blue flagged beach of Ayia Napa!”.

Iconic Porta del Moll in Alcudia – Visit the gateway to Alcudia old town

Alcudia, most beautiful coastal town in Spain’s Majorca island is an amazing ‘holiday island’ with alluring attractions and spectacular holiday resorts and villas in Alcudia will make your holidays ‘happier’ with friends and family in Alcudia. When you’re in Alcudia, do visit the beautiful and historical landmarks spread across the town & one such beautiful destination to visit is the Porta del Moll, a historical landmark in Alcudia, Spain. From the main city centre of Alcudia you can reach Porta del Moll, by just walking for less than 5 minutes, since, the Porta del Moll is located at the very heart of Alcudia town in Spain. Porta del Moll is the majestic old city fortifications and well-preserved ancient architecture and it is found at the entrance of Alcudia old town and Porta del Moll was built during the 14th century in Alcudia. You’ll be amazed by the narrow, cobbled streets with ancient touch and lively market which operates till date with abundant of local (or) Alcudia-made products and food stalls. Do click pictures near Porta del Moll, which will boast about your visit to ‘Alcudia’ forever and you’ll definitely enjoy the lively vibes of Porta del Moll in Alcudia.

Amazing Danau Beratan in Bali – Lake with 17th century temple in Bali

Bali, one of the most loved and iconic tourist destination island of Indonesia is packed with exquisite attractions and there are amazing holiday villas in Bali will let you enjoy great holiday with family and friends. Bali is such an exquisite island which offers the nature’s most picturesque views and sheer dominance with a little ‘traditional touch’ in most of the destinations and the popular Danau Beratan, a lake with waterfront Hindu temple is one such destination with picturesque views that you can’t miss while sightseeing in Bali island. From Denpasar city(Indonesia’s capital) you can reach Danau Beratan in northeast of Bali by travelling nearly 50 kilometres whereas from Bali’s main city centre you can reach the lake and temple by travelling 28 kilometres. The lake of Danau Beratan is a natural attraction and the temple here was built during 17th century and called as Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Bali. You can enjoy boating and soak into nature’s dominating beauty and can also taste delicious food & cuisines in the restaurants near by Danau Beratan. Being suitable to people of all ages, you must not miss ‘Danau Beratan’ and it’s beauty while holidaying in Bali.

George Square in Glasgow – Best way to kick start your ‘sightseeing’ in Glasgow

Glasgow, a beautiful port city on the Clyde river of Scotland that attracts tourists from various parts of the world with amazing attractions it possess and the spectacular holiday villas in Glasgow will let you enjoy great holidaying with family & friends. When it comes to ‘sightseeing’ while you’re holidaying in Glasgow; One beautiful, lively & historical landmark which you can’t miss is George Square, a iconic square and events venue of Glasgow city. George Square in Glasgow is surrounded by many beautiful and historical architectures as well right from the medieval (or) past centuries. George Square is a lively destination with both locals and tourists walking and admiring the beauty of square and can also relax in the cafés and dine in the amazing restaurants near by George Square. A picture at George Square of Glasgow will remain as ‘Iconic Glasgow moment’, when you rewind about your holidaying in Glasgow.

Gümbet beach in Bodrum – Perfect urban beach to visit in Bodrum

Bodrum, a beautiful touring/holidaying destination in Turkey with lots of attractions and the holiday resorts, villas in Bodrum will let you enjoy good holidaying in Turkey’s Bodrum city. One beautiful urban beach of Bodrum which can be reached by travelling just 3 kilometres from the main city centre of Bodrum is Gümbet beach, an amazing beach in Turkey’s Bodrum city. Gümbet is a beautiful coastal village of Bodrum which is now serving as a natural resort region of Bodrum and also favorite tourist spot for many in Bodrum city with beach, resorts and vibrant nightlife with lights, discos & music. During the day time, you can enjoy a lot of swimming, sunbath and many water sport activities with lifeguard services at Gümbet beach and during night you can find great course of beach bars, night clubs, restaurants, pubs to visit and enjoy during your ‘beach holidays’ in Bodrum. Gümbet beach is a ‘family-friendly’ beach with perfect amenities that families will seek on ‘beach day’ and suitable for anyone who visits and thus, Gümbet beach is one of the beautiful beach to visit and enjoy, while holidaying in Bodrum.