Simple & Best way of sightseeing in Albufeira-Take a ride in Open Top Buses in Albufeira

Open Top Bus-Albufeira
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Albufeira, the beautiful region in of Algarve, Portugal is definitely a good holiday destination with packed attractions and luxury holiday villas that shall let you enjoy your holiday in Albufeira with family and friends. One best and simple way to explore and transport in Albufeira is hopping in the famous ‘Open top bus’ in Albufeira, which runs through most of the main attractions in this coastal town and provides audio comment in 8 languages(to facilitate the tourists to Albufeira). The Open top buses come around every hour and the complete trip around Albufeira these buses takes 90 minute without stepping down anywhere. You can enjoy sightseeing the beaches, churches, restaurants, old towns of Albufeira and you can get down anywhere you wish and spend time in the destination. But, to take another ride in Open top bus you need to wait an hour from the moment you get down anywhere in Open top bus’ path in Albufeira.

Attend a beautiful Greek wedding in Santorini-Famous White Door Theatro in Santorini

Santorini, the Greek island have beautiful attractions and amazing holiday villas that will make you enjoy your holidays in Santorini with your family and friends. One of the best holidaying activity you can involve yourselves, and definitely take family, kids and friends when you’re in Santorini is The White Door Theatro Show in Santorini. The White Door Theatro Show in Santorini is an unique Greek wedding show that appears to represent the traditional Greek weddings of late 1940s and the tourists (or) people who visits ‘The White Door Theatro Show’ will be treated the guests to the wedding. The White Door Theatro Show will be so lively and beautiful with bride, bridegroom, wedding ambience accompanied by Greek music, songs, dance performances and Greek Tapas to dine. You can break the monotony- a special Greek wedding tradition breaking plates and you can pre-book your arrival to The White Door Theatro Show in Santorini. You can reach The White Door Theatro Show by travelling just 3 kilometres from Fira(Thera)-capital of Santorini.

Haría village in Lanzarote-Must visit this Lanzarote’s charming country-side village

Lanzarote, one among Spain’s Canary islands is a beautiful destination with attractions and amazing holiday villas to stay & enjoy ‘good holidaying’ with family and friends in Lanzarote. One of the beautiful and picturesque village you shall visit in Lanzarote to spend your day with sunshine, warmth and peace is the Haría village, located in ‘the valley of 1000 palms’ in northern part of Lanzarote island. From Lanzarote’s main city centre you can reach the Haría village by travelling nearly 27 kilometres towards northern-most west direction. Haría village looks so beautiful with ornate churches, whitewashed buildings built in cobbled streets and also fascinating museums, especially the Casa Museo (Museum Home) of the world famous Lanzarote Artist César Manrique who took architecture to greater extent with new ideas and designs in Spain. If you visit the Haría village on Sundays, you’ll be able to visit the lively markets of Haría, where you can taste delicious local foods and shop products of local craftsmen selling art, textiles and local jewellery. Visiting the Haría village will make you admire the exact country side beauty of Lanzarote.

Visit the iconic Museo Etnologico Molí de Dalt in Menorca island

Menorca, the beautiful island of Spain which is surrounded by mesmerizing Mediterranean have whole of attractions, holiday villas and resorts that will let you enjoy beautiful holidaying with your friends and family in Menorca island. One interesting and picturesque museum you shall visit when you’re in Menorca island is the Museo Etnologico Molí de Dalt, a museum located in Sain Lluís(a small town in Menorca). You can reach Museo Etnologico Molí de Dalt(Es Molí de Dalt) by travelling nearly 20 kilometres towards south-east of Menorca island and from Mahón(Menorca’s capital) it takes only 5 kilometres to reach Museo Etnologico Molí de Dalt(Es Molí de Dalt). You can spot around 3-4 windmills built during 18th century by French occupation in Sain Lluís, Menorca. The best one restored is Molí de Dalt and thus, it got the name for this museum in Menorca. You can take beautiful pictures, dine and relax at the traditional cafés and restaurants functioning nearby this museum in Menorca.

Call it ‘Wat Pariwat temple’ or ‘David Beckham temple’, but do visit this beautiful temple in Bangkok

Bangkok, sizzling capital of Thailand have alluring attractions and spectacular holiday villas that will make you comfortable and enjoy a great holidaying in Bangkok with family and friends. If you’re either an authentic football fan (or) a fan of David Beckham (or) a fan of Manchester United FC (or) interested in visiting traditional & cultural, architectural rich temples in Bangkok; if your answer to anyone of the options is ‘Yes’, then you must definitely head to Wat Pariwat temple, a unique Buddhist temple located 12 kilometres away from Bangkok’s city centre. If you ask us “Why visit a temple for being a fan of football (or) David Beckham (or) Manchester United FC?”, then you’ll be amazed to find that, there is a golden statue of David Beckham inside the temple. The golden statue of David Beckham was built during the year 1998 to honor his contribution to Football World Cup, since the head monk of Wat Pariwat temple was a fan of Manchester United FC. People of Bangkok fondly call Wat Pariwat as ‘David Beckham temple’. You can also find carvings with some good details of famous fictional & real life characters such as Captain America, Winnie the pooh, Dobby the Elf(Harry Potter film), and Obama taking a selfie and many hidden references with brilliant works. You can also admire the amazing Thai architecture of Wat Pariwat temple when you visit it in Bangkok.

Taste the traditional spirit of Crete-Cretan Raki of Crete

Cretan Raki

Crete, the beautiful Greek island is one enjoyable holidaying destination with bunch of attractions and holiday villas which let you to stay & enjoy a great holidaying with family, friends in Crete. When you’re in Crete and if you have the habits to alcohol drinks, then you must definitely try Tsikoudia , a strong-homemade spirit of Greek’s Crete. People of Crete call Tsikoudia as “Cretan’s Raki”, & most commonly as “Raki” and it’s available in the main towns of Crete island such as Chania, Rethymno(Rethimno), Heraklion and many others towns of Crete. In the taverns and restaurants of Crete, the Raki is served as complimentary treat after every meal along with sweet delicacies, & fresh fruits and in some places they’re consumed with olives as a perfect starter for any type of meal. Do try this traditional Cretan Raki, while holidaying in Crete.

Canal d’Amour beach in Corfu-Swim with your spouse in ‘Channel of love’ in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful island in Greece possess attractions that are beautiful to visit and admire and also amazing holiday villas that let you stay and enjoy holiday with privacy in Corfu island with your family and friends. One beautiful beach for people who loves adventure, appreciates nature’s dominance to visit in Corfu is the Canal d’Amour beach located in the north-most west coastline of Corfu island. You can reach the Canal d’Amour beach located in Sidari, a coastal village of Corfu by travelling nealry 38 kilometres from Corfu town(Corfu’s capital). Canal d’Amour beach looks beautiful, unique with large & long rock cliffs that forms a rectangular creek with the turquoise crystalline waters; almost of the Canal d’Amour beach & creek appears with these sand-colored walls (or) rock cliffs. The entrance to Canal d’Amour beach’s creek is a tunnel and it appeals more beautiful & romantic to couples who visits the beach and hence popularly called as ‘Channel of love’. When the water is calm you can swim through tunnel and enjoy some swimming in Canal d’Amour beach and there’s a myth that, ‘the couples who swim together in Channel of love will remain together, forever’. Do visit the Canal d’Amour beach with your partner, spouse to make your ‘beach day’ more romantic in Corfu.

Vila Real de Santo António city in Algarve-Do visit this ‘little Lisbon’ in Algarve

Algarve, the beautiful region in Portugal’s south that have bundle of attractions, amazing coastline to visit & beautiful holiday villas to stay in Algarve, makes Algarve a ‘good holiday destination’ to enjoy with family and friends. There are many beautiful cities to visit and admire, especially for the pleasing ambience and rich atmosphere in Algarve and one such city you shall visit when you’re in Algarve is the popular and beautiful Vila Real de Santo António city in Algarve, Portugal. You can reach Vila Real de Santo António, the Portugal city by travelling 60 kilometres towards east coastline of Algarve from Faro(Algarve’s capital). People call Vila Real de Santo António as tiny resemblance of Lisbon(Portugal’s capital) due to the well-built streets, medieval architectures, classic & unique appearance contributed by Pombaline architecture found in Vila Real de Santo António in Algarve. There are many attractions to visit in Vila Real de Santo António and cafés, restaurants, shops that boasts the traditional touch of both Algarve and Portugal together and if you’re interested in spending your day in Algarve at slow pace with traditional ambience then you shall definitely visit Vila Real de Santo António in Algarve.

Hike the Sacred mountain of Tindaya in Fuerteventura-Strictly for adventure lovers in Fuerteventura

Sacred Mountain-Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, the Canary island of Spain is filled with attractions and holiday villas, resorts which will let you enjoy good holidaying with your family and friends. One best destination to hike than visiting for people who loves to hike and people who loves adventure must hike the popular Sacred mountain of Tindaya, located in the Tindaya village of Fuerteventura island. The mountain of Tindaya village rises up to 1300 ft above sea level and due to the presence of this mountain in Fuerteventura traces back to 18 million years old and the interesting pyramidal shape and also being located in the centre of Esquinzo plains, it’s called the Sacred mountain of Tindaya and you’ll definitely acknowledge it when you visit it in Fuerteventura. You can find around 300 foot-shaped rock carvings on Sacred Tindaya mountain’s top and it shows that the ‘Tindaya mountain’ is considered a holy place and religious rituals took place here during ancient times. You can find tours, hiking tours organized by touring agencies in Fuerteventura and if you love to see the nature’s power, you shall never miss this beauty in Fuerteventura.

Sip a coffee at luxurious Belmon Reid’s Palace in Funchal, Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful island of Portugal is filled with beautiful attractions to visit and enjoy the ‘best holidays’ with your family and friends. There are many beautiful, posh, luxurious hotels filled in Madeira with rich ambience and great services, and one such luxury hotel you’ll find in Madeira is the popular Reid’s Palace, A Belmond Hotel, also called as Belmon Reid’s Palace located just 5 kilometres away from Funchal(Madeira’s capital). From the Madeira’s main town you can reach Belmon Reid’s Palace by travelling narly 19 kilometres towards south coastline of Madeira island. Belmon Reid’s Palace belongs to 19th century and functioning majestically till today in Funchal, Madeira. Being very famous, a stay in Belmon Reid’s Palace may feel little pricey but you shall definitely visit the hotel for lunch, coffee (or) dinner to feel the royal rich aura that surrounds the palace(hotel) and there are many cuisines available at Belmon Reid’s Palace, Funchal, Madeira.