Popular naturist beach in Menorca-Playa Binigaus beach in Menorca

Menorca island of Spain surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean is one of the best holidaying destination island in Spain with all the amazing attractions to enjoy a perfect holiday in Menorca. There are many beautiful beaches in Menorca, and if you ever want to visit a perfect naturist and virgin beach in Menorca with less crowd and undisturbed natural ambience then Playa Binigaus beach is definitely the one. You can reach the Playa Binigaus beach in Menorca by traveling nearly 17 kilometres towards the south-west from the main city of Menorca. Playa Binigaus beach look so dramatic with the Biniguas valley behind and the shallow waters makes it comfortable to both the people who knows to swim and doesn’t know to swim as well. As said earlier, Playa Binigaus beach in Menorca is one of the most popular nudist/naturist beach in Menorca, but at the same time it’s not compulsary to strip when you’re here. You can also find amenities of food, drinks, transport services and parking services nearby the Playa Binigaus beach in Menorca.

The Erawan Museum in Bangkok

Bangkok, the exciting capital city of Thailand have bunch of attractions and entertainment zones, which let you enjoy a holiday that is rich with cultural history and fun and equal proportions. Bangkok have many beautiful destinations to visit and you can admire them with your families, kids and friends in Bangkok. One of the interesting museum to visit in Bangkok is the popular Erawan Museum located 23 kilometres away from the city centre of Bangkok. You’ll be definitely stunned by the views when you get nearer The Erawan Museum in Bangkok, as you can see the huge 3-headed elephant statue welcoming you to the museum. The Erawan Museum represent 3 levels such as the underworld, human earth and the heaven. You can take the guided tours from the entrance of The Erawan Museum, which makes the visit more informative and interesting. After completing the tour inside The Erawan Museum, you must definitely take a leisure walk at the lush green tropical gardens with rock ponds, mythological statues and rare plants. The Erawan Museum in Bangkok is definitely a worthy visit, when you’re holidaying in Bangkok.

Playa de Mujeres in Lanzarote-Spot for naturists in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, the beautiful Canary island of Spain surrounded by the alluring Atlantic have many interesting attractions which let you enjoy a great holidaying with your families and friends. There are many holiday villas, resorts, beachfront resorts and beachfront villas in Lanzarote which offers great privacy and utmost hospitality. One of the beautiful beach in Lanzarote to visit is the Playa de Mujeres beach located in the south-most region in Lanzarote. Playa de Mujeres beach in Lanzarote looks so beautiful with turquoise crystalline water touching the golden-colored sandy beach all the time. Playa de Mujeres beach is very tranquil and you can find only very less amenities nearby the beach, however, you can find amenities, food, toilets in another beautiful beach called Playa de Papagayo near the Playa de Mujeres beach in Lanzarote. To be noted, Playa de Mujeres in Lanzarote is one of the popular beach in Lanzarote that supports nudists/naturists and it’s good for people who prefer it. You can also find holiday villas near Playa de Mujeres in Lanzarote that provides complete safety and privacy to enjoy your holiday in Lanzarote. You can reach the Playa de Mujeres beach by traveling 36 kilometres towards the south from the main city of Lanzarote.

Walk the golden steps in Crete-Chrysoskalitissa Monastery in Crete

Crete, the beautiful Greek island welcome thousands of tourists and accommodate them with alluring holiday villas and resorts in Crete. Being an island Crete have beaches, beautiful flora and fauna influenced mountains, museums, theme parks, old towns and other attractions, especially the amazing monasteries spread across the Crete island. One such beautiful monastery that must be visited, when you’re residing near western Crete is the Chrysoskalitissa Monastery. You can visit the beautiful Kedradosas beach in the western Crete after visiting the Chrysoskalitissa Monastery. The monastery was built on a sheer rock and as a icon of Virgin Mary. The name ‘Chryssoskalitissa’ means the golden-stepped, since the last 98 steps that take us to the monastery is made of gold. The entry to Chrysoskalitissa Monastery in Crete is free and it’s definitely a peaceful destination to spend some good time in Crete with your family, kids and friends. Don’t miss this picturesque destination in Crete!

Nissaki beach in Corfu

Corfu, the beautiful Greek island have many amazing beaches and can also find alluring beachfront villas in Corfu island with privacy and full-fledged services. One such beautiful beach to visit, when you’re holidaying in Corfu is the Nisakki beach located in the coastal village called Nisakki in Corfu. You can reach the Nisakki beach by traveling nearly 22 kilometres towards the north-eastern most coastal line from the Corfu’s main town. Nissaki beach is small and actually a protected bay than being a white sandy beach merged with rocks forming natural pools, receives strong winds, and consists of deep waters. Though, the water is deep, the rocks in the shore forms shallow natural pools which is suitable for families and kids. Nissaki beach in Corfu have crystalline waters and it allows you to get the picturesque views of the Nissaki beach and also the amazing underwater views with naked eyes. You can also find handful of local taverns, seafood restaurants, beach bars, serving delicious food and drinks nearby the Nissaki beach in Corfu.

Climb the Fóia in western Algarve-Highest peak of Algarve

Algarve, the extremely beautiful southern coastal region of Portugal is one of the most visited destination by many people across various nations of the world and especially the favorite destination for the people of United Kingdom and Europe. One of the best destination for people who loves to do hiking, climbing and enjoy the panoramic views of Algarve is the Fóia mountain, located in Monchique. From the Lagos, a main city in western Algarve you can reach Monchique by traveling 44 kilometres towards the north and Fóia mountain is the highest peak of Algarve region. The peak of Fóia is set 902 metres above the sea-level and you can find abundance of flora and can feel the aroma of eucalyptus in the air. You can go on guided tours to Fóia, as there are plenty of touring agencies in Algarve to get you with this. You can also seek guidance from the management of holiday villas in Algarve, as they’re friendly and available to guide you through your holidaying in Algarve.

Playa de Mal Nombre beach in Fuerteventura-Perfect serene beach in south Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, the Canary island of Spain surrounded by Atlantic have many attractions to visit and you can also find the good holiday villas & resorts in Fuerteventura, which let you enjoy a happiness filled holiday with utmost privacy and profound hospitality. There are many beautiful beaches to enjoy a perfect beach day in Fuerteventura and one such beautiful beach among them is the Playa de Mal Nombre beach located in the southern-west most coastal line of the Fuerteventura island. It takes nearly 50 minutes to reach the Playa de Mal Nombre beach in the south from the main city of Fuerteventura island. But, the travel is definitely worth admiring the beautiful atmosphere of Fuerteventura island and Playa de Mal Nombre beach is calm, tranquil(less crowded) and perfectly suits the families who visits, since the waters of the Playa de Mal Nombre beach is shallow and crystalline. Playa de Mal Nombre beach looks beautiful with white sandy seashore decorated by black pebbles. You have enough room to sun bath and to place the sunbed and sunshades at the beach and can also find good count of restaurants, cafés, beach bars lining the promenade of Playa de Mal Nombre beach in Fuerteventura.

3D Fun Art Museum in Madeira

Madeira, the beautiful Portuguese island welcome thousands of tourists, travelers from various parts of the world and offers a perfect holiday pleasure with all the incredibly beautiful destinations and the perfect holiday villas, resorts, and beachfront villas & resorts in Madeira. One of the interesting and interactive museum to visit in Madeira is the popular 3D Fun Art Museum located 3 kilometres south to Funchal, Madeira’s capital. 3D Fun Art Museum in Madeira can be accessed easily and one of the beautiful museum to take your family, kids and friends when you’re holidaying in Madeira. There are nearly 40 amazing & different scenarios, numerous 3D arts and optical illusions filled across the whole museum. One of the best destination for all ages to visit in Madeira and also can click surreal pictures in this 3D Fun Art Museum in Madeira.

Wat Mongkhon Nimit temple in Phuket

Phuket island of Thailand is one of the most visited holidaying destination in Thailand as it have all sorts of attractions to give a great holiday for you & your family, friends when you’re in Phuket. There are many temples and museums in Phuket, which tell us about the Phuket’s strong connection with their arts, cultural history and being a bridge between the old and present times. One such beautiful & colorful temple to visit in Phuket is the Wat Mongkhon Nimit, which is just 2 kilometres away from the Phuket town and much closer to Old Phuket town. Wat Mongkhon Nimit is built in a impressive way with many sculptures, colorful architectures and a incredible peace prevails almost the entire temple. Wat Mongkhon Nimit temple in Phuket is also school for monks as you’ll find young and old monks inside the temple living in the Sino-Portuguese house inside the temple. Don’t miss admiring the divine golden chedi at the temple’s back side before you leave Wat Mongkhon Nimit temple in Phuket.

Beautiful English garden in Edinburgh-Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland welcomes and accommodates a wide range of tourists, travelers throughout the year. Every destination to visit in Edinburgh is blended along with each other together and you can’t just visit one and miss another when you’re in Edinburgh. Because, every destination in Edinburgh have a royal, rich and classic touch in it and the famous Princes Street Gardens is one such destination in Edinburgh. Being located in the heart of the Edinburgh and created in the year 1820, the Princes Street Gardens is an most notable and visited urban park in Edinburgh city of Scotland. Princes Street Gardens is vast and widespread for 37 acres & consists of an artificial hill called The Mound, which act as a connection between the Old and New town of Edinburgh. You can visit the Princes Street Gardens at any time of year, since it’s beautiful during all the time of the year and never miss taking a picture and admiring the Ross fountain, a structure installed during the year 1872 in the Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.