The attractive urban beach of Malaga- Playa de la Malagueta


Malaga is one of the Spain municipality with exquisite beaches and many other natural attractions that attracts many tourists, travelers across the globe throughout the year. Malaga have many beautiful beaches since it have a very comfortable lengthy coastal line naturally that accomplish many beautiful holiday rentals such as villas, resorts and serviced apartments, and also restaurants, cafes, beach bars in them. One such beautiful beach with dramatic views and urban look is the Playa de la Malagueta beach. People call ‘Playa de la Malagueta’ as the urban beach fondly because, you can reach this beautiful sandy beach just by walk from the main city of Malaga in few minutes. If you get to encounter the aerial view of Playa de la Malagueta, you can find calm and crystal sea water separated from a busy urban city with buildings by sandy beaches with good width of 45 metres and length less than 2 kilo metre. The main attraction of Playa de la Malagueta is the delicious sea food restaurants and fish shacks, especially. The sandy Playa de la Malagueta is bordered with a promenade looking over the sea with palm trees lining them completely, which makes the beach more beautiful to appear. If you’re looking for quick and good beach day immediately after reaching Malaga, then Playa de la Malagueta is your spot!

Palheiro Gardens-Crown of Madeira


Madeira is a typical island possess all the attractions that could make people from various parts to flock to this Portuguese island. Madeira have many beautiful attractions and more comfortable holiday rentals to make your stay and whole vacation more pleasant and happier. Madeira in the ‘world of tourism’ have a separate fan base for the rich flora it have got, even though the main land of island is volcanic and rugged. Instead of lowering the bar, the volcanic landscape with rugged terrains, green flora with rock cliffs contributed to the beauty of the island to be unique and enjoyable. Madeira is a island of gardens with many beautiful and attractive gardens possessing rich flora open for the visitors to walk-in and admire. One such beautiful botanical garden that can make your Madeira vacation more pleasant is the Palheiro Gardens, which is located 500 metres above sea level approximately in between two hills on the east Funchal. You can spot various types of flowers which have magnificently colored petals and blooming & smiling throughout the year. The Palheiro Gardens is active, opened to public and been growing plants inside rock stoned walls since the year 1885 (i.e.,) for the past 135 years. The Palheiro Gardens is built in a way of over-looking the ocean from the hills and the views from the gardens were unique making them more dramatic and mesmerizing.

Fuerteventura’s natural resort-Costa Calma


One of the abundant gift of the nature to Spain is their beautiful canary islands which is actually the crown to Spain’s tourism with lot of attractions and perfect amenities. Being one among the Canary islands, Fuerteventura is a major tourist attraction of Spain with lot of nature’s blessings put-together and packed together perfectly. Fuerteventura have many destinations which are so beautiful and worthy for a visit, while some of the destinations here are capable enough to be a separate tourist destination where you can spend a whole vacation. One such beauty of Fuerteventura is the Costa Calma, a natural resort town with attractions to visit and amazing holiday rentals with spectacular amenities and services. To reach this beautiful resort coastal town you need to drive nearly 40 kilo metres towards the southern region of island from the main city of Fuerteventura. Costa Calma have beautiful beaches which looks dramatic with white sand shore and wide enough to accommodate many groups of people and their families, friends, team. Never miss the thrilling kitesurfing, windsurfing when you’re in Costa Calma as they’re world class here with proper safety measures. When you’re in Costa Calma you can additionally visit the amazing Oasis Wildlife Park situated just 5 kilo metres away from here. The spectacular beachfront holiday rentals of Costa Calma such as holiday villas, resorts, serviced apartments, are actually the silent treasure of this destination with exquisite views, excellent services with proper safety measures for COVID-19 prevention and delicious restaurants, beach bars and cafes.

Amazing Ashwem Beach of Goa!

Goa, the most happening tourist destination in India which have attained a great fame and continues to keep the hype up in the ‘tourism world’ for its natural beauty such as sandy beaches, tropical climate, shining sea and above all the amazing holiday rentals with full-fledged services and amenities. In simple, the number of foreigners visiting any other places in India for a year will be collectively less than people visiting Goa. Goa have many beautiful beaches with beachfront villas, resorts, serviced apartments that provide stunning services and amazing hospitality, water sport activities with life-guard services, delicious restaurants, cafes, beach bars, and good transportation services. Every holiday rental in Goa have been strictly following the COVID-19 prevention rules to ensure the visitors safety since the beginning of unlocking phase in India after the broke out of COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many beautiful beaches in Goa, that you shall definitely visit during your Goa vacation is the Ashwem beach located 31 km from the main city of Goa, on the Northern region of Perne and also to the south of Mandrem beach. Ashwem beach is clean, calm and less crowded and especially a very good beach day spot for families. Ashvem have mild-hot climate which lets you to enjoy the best sunbath in Goa. There are a lot of good and classy restaurants, cafes, bars, spas, massage centres, pubs, beach shacks lining the borders of Ashwem beach and they have been covered by the tall coconut groves and flora grown; thus making the Ashwem beach more dramatic and beautiful. Ashwem also let you enjoy speed boat rides and surfing with proper guidelines and safety measures.

Phuket’s Koh Tapao Noi


Phuket is a popular tourist destination in Thailand and also in entire Asian region. Phuket is so beautiful with many naturally cultivated attractions and have attained a proper rank in the ‘World of tourism’ for its amenities, full-fledged servicing holiday rentals and friendly people who encourages tourism in their province. Phuket have many amazing beaches with beachfront villas, resorts and a very rich flora spilled all over Phuket. There are many amazing tiny islets/little islands near Phuket’s sea shore, where tourists can reach them by hiring boats, ferries for rent taken care by local fishermen. One such beautiful islet near Phuket is the Koh Tapao Noi which is also referred as ‘Hornbill island’, since the islet is home to many hornbills. You can reach Koh Tapao Noi after sailing for less than 30 minutes from the southern sea shore of Phuket. If you’re with your family in Phuket and wondering about a beach day with perfect privacy then Koh Tapao Noi is the destination for you with beautiful sandy and serene beaches with calm atmosphere and less crowded. You can also find a little mountain terrain with a lighthouse at the peak from where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the islet and if climate is clear and you’re lucky enough, you can watch the Phuket’s seashore line from here. You can get back to Phuket’s soil by the same boats/ferries you used to sail to Koh Tapao Noi.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium of Dubai- Take a walk into fictional island in real time

When you’re in Dubai, you can experience the real posh and luxuriousness of the city you have read, heard, seen while discussing about Dubai, a well-known destination of the Middle East. Dubai lives to the every inch of hype you had imagined in your head before visiting this city in United Arab Emirates. One of the beautiful destination to experience the luxuriousness and dedication of Dubai to attract people towards this city is ‘The Lost Chamber Aquarium’ located at the Atlantis, The Palm. Being located on Atlantis, the Lost Chambers aquarium was built with the theme of fictional Greek island called ‘Atlantis’. You can witness nearly 65000 marine creatures moving inside 10 different chambers surrounded by shipwrecks and ruins to appear like ‘Lost island of Atlantis’. The Lost Chambers aquarium is not just looking at marine creatures inside glass but let’s you to get interacted with them. One top activity you can experience in this aquarium is the ‘Atlantis Dive centre, where you can dive into world-class saltwater pools along with proper boat for rentals and with diving equipment. Other than that, you can interact with Dolphins, Sea Lions at Dolphin bay and Sealion point. The Lost Chambers aquarium will literally take you into fictional Greek island for a while!

Beatiful Bataria of Corfu!


One of the wholesome beauty by which the Greek got gifted naturally is the amazing islands and some of them are absolute jewel in the Greek waters. One such alluring island that attracts many tourists from various parts of the world throughout the year is the Corfu island. Corfu have beautiful beaches and many other attractions to enjoy and holiday rentals such as villas, resorts, apartments with greater standards for a amazing vacation at Corfu. If you wish to have a secluded beach day at Corfu, then you can start driving to the Kassiopi village located at the Northern part of island and 37 kilo metres away from Corfu’s main town to visit the beautiful Bataria. Comparing to other beaches of Corfu, Bataria’s sandy beach is not so wider but definitely dramatic than other beaches of Corfu. Bataria’s less availability of coastal space eventually made it secluded and serene beach but that only have added value to this pebbled shore destination. You can find Bataria beach as a cove with pebbles and crystal clear water, situated behind the Kassiopi port. Bataria is secluded with less crowd but provide all the amenities a perfect beach would provide in all aspects. Bataria in Corfu is better choice for a beach day when you’re with your family and kids and wishing to get some relaxation along with privacy during your Corfu vacation.

Koules Fortess- Rock Castle of Crete


Greek islands are always special and perfect for an island vacation as they always come as well packed destination with beaches to relax; old towns, ancient architectures, ports to admire the rich history of Crete; restaurants, cafes to eat delicious Greek cuisines; resorts, villas, holiday rentals to make your Crete vacation more happier and enjoyable. As we said, old towns of Crete have ancient architectures that have valuable connect with the island’s history and you can’t miss admiring them when you’re in Crete. One such beautiful ancient architecture or historical building that should be definitely visited during Crete vacation is the Koules Fortess, located at Heraklion- Old port of Crete. According to Crete history, the Koules Fortess and the present look we see currently was built around 16th century and it is strong till date. The fort have numerous rooms, amazing interior which is spacious and remarkable. You can also find a lighthouse tower built at the Northern part of Koules. From the top, you can enjoy the panoramic views of amazing Crete and you’ll definitely feel that you’re in a ancient time zone while looking at the fortess made from solid gold colored stones and rocks.

Museo Atlantico – Europe’s only underwater museum

One of the worthy vacation of the Spain’s Canary island is the Lanzarote vacation which have many beautiful attractions that shall give you the most beautiful experiences that shall never fade from your mind. Lanzarote have many beautiful attractions such as beaches, volcano landscapes and the amazing beachfront resorts, villas and holiday rentals that could accommodate you during your vacation with standard hospitality and amazing amenities. One of the interesting attraction you must have came across in Internet but may not know that it is located in Lanzarote is the Museo Atlantico- the underwater museum with sculptures and the only underwater museum in entire Europe. The main ideology behind is creating an artificial reef under the Lanzarote’s sea and there are 10 different groups of sculptures in this museum. You can dive near the Coloradas region of Lanzarote in the Playa Blanca and can find this ‘Underwater museum’ at the depth about 15 metres. There are arrangements with perfect life-guard services for both divers, non-divers at the shore to make sure everyone gets to experience this amazing Underwater Museum, and leaving Lanzarote without visiting them is totally inappropriate and incomplete.

Menorca’s El Toro


Being one among the Spain’s Balearic island, Menorca is one beautiful destination with a lot of alluring attractions packed together and surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. Menorca have beautiful destinations that can be visited and enjoyed as joyful experience with beautiful, comfortable holiday rentals filled on the beachfront with standard amenities. Menorca have many naturally beautiful destinations and one such destination that shall be definitely visited during ‘Menorca’ vacation is the El Toro- Menorca island’s tallest hill. Menorca have a very good flora, fauna nd El Toro is absolute example of that being a home to Verge del Toro- a sanctuary. You can reach El Toro just by driving 3 kilo metres from the Menorca’s central town. El Toro give a beautiful toast of hiking, dramatic views and a chance to explore Menorca’s rich flora and fauna.