Massive ‘Mall of Emirates’


Being the most popular city of UAE and middle east, Dubai boasts a wide range of attractions that can easily make any tourist or visitor to go exclaimed. One of the best attraction in Dubai which also conveys the hyper development the city acquired from last century to now is the ‘Mall of Emirates’. This huge mall in Dubai was inaugurated during September 2005, exactly before 15 years and it have been adapting to modern technologies since then and thus continues to the biggest, favorite mall of Dubai. Mall of Emirates is a home for around 600 retail outlets and almost 100 cafes, restaurants, and hotels together. Excluded from the 600 regular stores/shops the ‘Mall of Emirates’ have 80 luxury stores exclusively. This will be the only mall probably that includes a Ski park to play leisurely accompanied by a snow park. The ‘Mall of Emirates’ also have Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre which could give visual feast during your visit to the mall. For some amusement and thrills you have ‘Magic Planet’ that have pool and billiard tables, ten-pin bowling alley with 12 lanes, soft play and around 200 amusement machines. Dining at ‘Mall of Emirates’ will make you amazed with whole new level of luxurious cuisines and also multi cuisines belong to various Nationals under one single roof. The ‘Mall of Emirates’ is an absolute stellar that adds value to Dubai’s beauty!

Rodini Park, Rhodes: Park from 2nd Century BC


Rhodes in Greece is easily one of the beautiful city in and out Greece with incredible beauty and rich attractions packed together. Rhodes have so many beautiful attractions that could leave you amazed once visited and Rodini Park is undoubtedly one among the attraction. Rodini Park was the standing example of the Roman monarchy’s rule in Rhodes during the olden times. Rodini Park is definitely like other parks around the world, but what makes Rodini special is: Rodini could be the very first landscaped park in the world and that’s what makes it special. The park was built without disturbing the natural stream which makes this an perfect scenario for peacocks to live and breed in harmony. A short walk will sooth your minds for sure. You can easily notice yourself getting attracted to Rodini easily by admiring the rich flora it exhibits. There are oleanders, perennial plane trees, high-sky pines in the park along with beautiful, antique, ancient park benches and playground. In Rodini you can find a tomb that belongs to 2nd century BC called ‘Tomb of Ptolemies’. If you’re in Rodini park, you must realize that you’re standing at a park which is almost 4000 years old.

Calm and Captivating Goa beaches


The prolonged shoreline contributes as the major attraction for Goa and the warm climate, bright sun attracts foreigners than the Indian nationals. Goa is the most loved International beach destination in India. Goa welcomes thousands of toruist from abroad to India throughout the year. Goa can offer you both wild, happening beaches to enjoy and calm, serene beaches to relax. The calm, serene beaches are actually the beaches that you’ll definitely love to spend your time. The serene beaches here are calm with splendid palm groves surrounding which make the beach view more dramatic. Every beach of Goa have great facilities such as beach resorts, villas and also villas with private villas and kitchen. Most of the calm beaches with great facilities are found in the Southern part of this beach city. Some of the serene beaches are Palolem, Colva, Betalbatim, Cansaulim, Agonda and Benaulim. Each of the six beaches are beautiful in their own way and features. Colvo is a romantic gateway for couples with palm, coconut trees standing erect to make the beach scenic and it interest others with exciting water sporting activities. In Palolem you can hit the beach bars and pubs at night to enjoy the sizzling nightlife of Goa. Agonda is the best beach for sunbathing whereas you can watch dolphins and take little sail into sea at Betalbatim. Goa is beautifulness packed together!

Must visit museums of Malaga


The beautiful port city of Spain called Malaga have a spectacular compilation of beauty of various characteristics put together. Malaga have rich history, fascinating climate, beautiful beaches, great flora and fauna, vibrant nightlife and many more attractions. One of the greatest asset that Malaga got is the amazing set of museum that tells the beautiful and preserved history of this beautiful port city. Malaga have wonderful museums that definitely need to be visited such as Picasso Museum of Malaga, Picasso’s Birthplace Museum, Malaga Contemporary Art Centre, Bullfighting Museum and Popular Arts and Customs Museum. Malaga have two dedicated museum for Picasso, Malaga is the birthplace of this greatest artist of all times. Both these museums have beautiful drawings, arts, etchings, and sculptures. Spain is home for modern art and you can witness them clearly at Malaga Contemporary Art Center. Bullfighting was once traditional game played in Spain which was later abolished. But, the Bullfighting museum tells the greater history of Spain’s interest and involvement in this animal included sport. The Popular Arts and Customs Museum depicts and displays the medieval modern times of the city dating 17th century AD. Every museum is located in beautiful street accompanied by multi chain of cafes, restaurants, parks and old towns.

Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo


Fuerteventura is one of the iconic and most beautiful among the Spain’s Canary islands that is perfectly blessed by Atlantic surrounding it. Fuerteventura have natural attractions and people of the island were preserving them perfectly for a long time and will continue that. Fuerteventura is a beautiful destination with amazing set of resorts, villas that have a lot of choice and worth for every penny you spend on your vacation. One of the natural attraction in Fuerteventura that you shouldn’t miss in this beautiful island is the sand dunes of Corralejo known as ‘Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo’. Here you can see vast sized sand dunes set near sandy white beaches, turquoise blue waters spotted along with spicy red and pepper black volcanic landscape make the natural asset of Fuerteventura more scenic and dramatic. Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo extends for about 25 kms nearly which have their own beaches and shifting sand dunes. Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo is a home to wide range of habitat where you can spot many bird species and other land-living animals. Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo have Grandes Playas which is the longest beach that stretch for about 10 km length. Grandes Playas offers a lot water sporting and also great chain of restaurants, hotels, cafes with amazing atmoshpere. For the best panoramic view of Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo you must get over the 314 metre height Red mountain.

Things to do in Funchal-Madeira’s capital


Madeira is a beautiful Portugal island with amazing attractions such as beaches, villas, resorts, rich history and culture, ancient architectures in old towns and all these accompanied by temperate climate throughout the year. Being the capital of Madeira, Funchal have great things to admire as it have main harbor of island where every ship crossing the ocean almost drop their anchors here and this paved for a great development to ‘What Funchal is today!’ The exciting thing to be done first is taking a small tour on the Funchal cable car which begins at scenic seafront and ends at a church at Monte-an amazing village over mountain. You can spectate the entire city while locomoting at the top. Once you get out from cable car, take a look at ‘The Church of Monte’ which was recorded as the first chapel to be built in the entire island that shows evidences many centuries ago. The Monte village have beautiful Monte Palace Tropical Gardens where you can see beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers and the special part is: these gardens on built into the mountainside in a exquisite way. You can come back to Funchal through cable car ride and must head to beautiful restaurants at yacht Marina that have rich fish and sea food cuisines, espetada and Madeira’s traditional beef meal at open fire. Funchal is one amazing quotient of Madeira!

Things to do in Albufeira


Portugal’s beautiful city Albufeira have a lot of tourist attractions with fine climate flowing throughout the year. Naturally loaded with beautiful beaches, cafes, resorts, old towns, vibrant nightlife and busy fishing villages makes Albufeira amazing. If you love golf, you’ll fall in love with Albufeira because the city have nearly 25 golf courses between each and every beach of it. If you’re into Shopping then you must visit Guia where you have Algarve’s biggest shopping centre. If you wish to take back in history of Albufeira then you must visit the old towns with narrow streets which have several types of museums and shall also look at the castles that were ruined by time at Ponte Grande. If you’re with family and kids or if you wish to watch some friendly animal shows, then you must head to Zoomarine. Here you can watch and enjoy the shows of dolphins, seals and other water animals. Albufeira is so pleasant and perfect to visit during any time of the year!

Amazing Algarve cuisine!


On the southernmost region of Portugal lies the amazing Algarve, the naturally gifted touring destination with beaches, climate, culture and architectural buildings that adds more beauty. Being surrounded by the sea, Algarve is naturally rich and popular about their delicious seafood cuisine. Algarve have a great chain of cafes, restaurants, family-run restaurants, bars, clubs where you can get the fullest of Portuguese styled cuisines and also other International standard cuisines. Portuguese cuisines are best at making sea foods with swordfish and mackerel as you can see that in menus. You can taste them right-away because the fish are brought and bought fresh each and everyday in the market or harbor. Restaurants here even have tanks that let their customer to select the shellfish to get cooked and served. Algarve cuisines are also good at making chickens which are barbecued, fried, grilled and specially more spicy than usual. Portuguese cuisines include a wide range of food and vegetables in their cooking, so vegetarians can also eat well the Algarve cuisines. Algarve have a good sense at desserts too, people here make excellent pastries, cakes with almonds and other nuts, fruits. Would like to taste some delicious wine in Algarve? There is no way of unavailability to wine at any place and you can enjoy them everywhere in the beautiful coastal town. Algarve have beautiful resorts, villas for staying and villas here provide private kitchen and cook to their visitors.

Mythical bays of Corfu


The beautiful island Corfu is definitely one of the most loved destination of Greece with amazing attractions for a perfect beach vacation. Corfu have awesome climate, beautiful beaches, rich fauna and flora that was backed by a rich culture, history, arts and culture. One of the most interesting attraction of Corfu, that you shouldn’t miss during your vacation is the Porto Timoni, the mythical double beach located at the west coast of Corfu island. On the Afionas village of the Corfu, two beach with turquoise blue water, tiny hills along with few white rocks that forms the two secluded bays makes the destination more scenic and dramatic. There are beautiful restaurants and cafes near these beaches that serves you delicious sea food and Greece cuisines. From one of the beach that faces land side, you can easily walk and reach the naturally made resort Agios Georgios. Both the bays are scenic with blue waters, beautiful pebbles and little caves with cold waters. Porto Timoni in Corfu is nothing less than living a fantasy movie for its excellent views and experience!

Old towns of Crete


Crete is the largest and most loved island of Greece that packs a lot of beauty and attraction inside it so easily. Crete is very rich in flora, fauna which is seen by the terrains, mountains, caves present. Crete is not only just a beach island or vacation destination with beaches, resorts but it is more like a island with rich history, culture and ancient architectures. If beaches are the beauty of Crete on the shore, then old towns of Crete are the beauty inside the island. There are few towns in Crete that you shouldn’t miss visiting and experiencing. First destination is the Rethymno, the old and largest town of Crete with a Venetian Fortress and ancient harbor. Rethymno is well organized and properly built structure by Venetians. Beaches are located so close to Rethymno which makes this destination more fascinating. Another inspiring work of Venetian is the Chania city which also have dramatic view harbor with a mosque near by. Architectures in Chania city also represent Turkish style interestingly. Next to Chania city, you must visit Heraklion which happens to be capital of Crete and 5th largest city in Greece. Heraklion is a home and an upmarket for lively cafes, gourmet restaurants, shops, antiques, handicrafts, gift shops. Beautiful streets with pleasant climate is an added attraction of Heraklion.