Good News for Goa Travellers – No Transit Permit needed !

Now there is no need for transit permits for people to visit Goa. Yes the local government has annonced yersterday. Now you dont have to have transit permit to enter the state.But Covid-19 negative test report secured 48-hours prior to entering the state is compulsory for anybody entering the state or else you should have to quarantine before exploring outside.This is fantastic news for people love to visit the beach destination.

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The best choice for the teetotalers, in Tenerife, Spain!

The answer to the question of what else tourists can enjoy in Tenerife if they are not ready to smell the liquor is, to get into the well-represented cafes of Tenerife to taste something better in veggies. Coffee and tea bars situated in ‘Los Cristianos’, Arona treat the guests in the most interesting manner by offering all vegan and gluten-free food items. The best in class pastries, tea, coffee and decorated milk are the options the guests can enjoy here. 

Astonishing villas with private pools with beach views in Rhodes!

Villas with private pools are special to enjoy endless swimming and dips in water whenever we do like it. Travellers can find out the villas that match their interest within the walking distance from the ‘Lalysos Beach’ in Rhodes. Beach access makes the guests feel relaxed to enjoy the breeze and to enjoy the sunrise view from the shoreline. The best place to do ‘Pranayama’ and meditation is the sandy beach and people can enjoy it here as well. 

Travellers suggest staying nearby Menorca Airport is of high comfort!

People those who travel to Menorca mostly thought of staying nearby the airport to get connected with good transport facilities to move on to further locations. The favourite suggestion of the tourists is to get into the ‘Villas nearby Airport’. Home type villas and business class villas are available in the Carrer de saNastre street, Menorca and the guests can find these interesting accommodation options within 9km distance from the Airport.

Don’t miss out the Sea Museum located at the Malaga Port!

Museum at the Malaga port is a must-see spot to adore the beautiful sea animals and fish types are tamed for the exhibition. The ‘Classroom of the Sea Museum Alborania’ exhibits the region’s marine life and the guests can enjoy viewing the live aquarium tanks. The school of colourful fish types remains catchy for the kids and adults can also find the visit useful while knowing something about the marine animals.

Nightlife is just amazing in Madeira, say the guests!

Portugal trips never disappoint tourists and it is like a boom box that offers more and more glories when you dig. Apart from many fabulous attractions in Madeira, Portugal, the nightlife here is also just amazing, say the international tourists. The ‘Casino da Madeira’ is recommended to spend the splendid nights in Madeira enjoying the casino games and tasty wines. Bulk your cash in this recreational spot and feed your curiosity to do gambling.

Try out the one day Bike touring in Lanzarote to explore the land!

Exploration never ends on foreign lands and one of the most interesting ways to explore better is to have ‘Bike Touring’. Lanzarote bike touring with the help of professional riders make the visitors explore more places than usual and they would find it useful while crossing some small villages, small bridges and mini natural parks. The majority of the tours start from ‘the Puerto del Carmen’ area where the riders get a chance to ride along the mountains and volcanic craters.

The golden sand beach stretches for 1.2 Km in Aiya Napa!

Ayia napa beach

If all the members of the family are engaged in a single spot, then it is good to go during a new land visit. ‘The Pantachou beach’ belongs to Aiya Napa is stretched for about 1.2Km where options for sunbath for adults and wind-surfing for teen-agers are available. Kids can enjoy their favourite eateries here while playing with the golden sand of the beach. Therefore, the beach is rated well and recommended for family trips in Aiya Napa.

Looking for somewhere to wander and shop? Salou has it!

Salou has a quintessential Old town area with white-washed houses rowed in the narrow streets and is known for its congested lanes. As the town is so small, it is little difficult to find it out in Salou still it has some ‘traditional bars’ to enjoy the trip. If the guests drive on wish to cover up the entire Salou, then the Old town can be visited to explore the past remains of the city and the best suggestion to reach the town is the bike rides. 

What can you adore while travelling from Belgium to London by car?

London and Belgium are situated in a favourable distance of 197 Km by car with many interesting options to do in between the travel. Tourists can make visit the ‘Grand Place’ plaza situated in the Old town of Brussels, Belgium. They can also visit ‘the MannekenPis’, ‘the Atomium’ located nearby London and attractions like ‘the Buckingham Palace’, ‘the Big Ben’, ‘the Piccadilly Circus’ in London in the road trip enjoying their favourite drinks and eateries in the middle restaurants.