A great place to swim and tan with fascinating features in Tenerife!

Twin pools of LagoMartianez are famous for swimming and this leisure park is exactly located in Puerto de la Cruz. It is an open-air complex that comprises of islands, gardens, bars, snack points, restaurants and terraces. This lovely place is good to have sunbath along with drinks of interest. There are no water slides for kids along the poolside which is a disadvantage of the park but kids have more delicious eatables and snacks to get engaged with.

A hill with a monastery at the middle of the scenic view in Rhodes!

People with pioneer thoughts prefer knowing about the history and heritage of the city they travel. The Filerimos, Rhodes is a hilly monastery building located in the middle of the scenic mountainous landscape is a must-visit spot to stay relaxed. People are suggested to visit the spot in the afternoon time to visualize the sunset view from it. Get light snacks on hand while digging out the heritage of the building as its views tend to mesmerize.  

Enjoy the best shopping in Menorca compared to nearby islands

Comparatively cheap rates and vast collections are the attributes of the pioneer shopping centre, the Binipreu, Menorca. The most extensive commercial collections belong to a single roof is its fabulous advantage. Binipreu isa boon to the foreign shoppers, who has nil experience in Spain shopping. The shopping mall is located within 5 min from Airport thus shopping on the last day of the Menorca trip is also fine and time-saving. 

The sweet taste of Malaga’s traditional wines is addicting!

Fortified wines prepared from special grape varieties such as Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez are famous in the Malaga province. The enthusiastic drinkers of Malaga wines never drop the foot on the next station without visiting its ‘Wine Museums’. The red and white wines are prepared in traditional ways and also using modern bodegas. Present Malaga wines to your beloved ones who are sitting in your home country and let them adore at the heritage of these special bottles. 

The eastern part of the island is scenic and holding a hiking trail!

Madeira Island is rich in natural reserves and jaw-dropping terrains made up of rocks. The adoring widespread nature is an acknowledgeable aspect of Madeira whereas its eastern part is quiet more interesting to walk or hike along the terrain slopes or mountain trails. The end point of the rocky grounds makes the guests enjoying the spectacular views of the sea and dispersed rocks. Endemic plants and fauna are well-reserved in Ponta de Sao Lourenco, Madeira Islands.

Lanzarote- The land of multiple attractions in one spot!


If tourists get an attractions list, they never miss out any attraction from the list and would like to cover up everything within the trip. Some of the spots of Lanzarote are good for travellers where more than two attractions are compiled on the same spot. ‘Rancho Texas’ is one among the list where the visitors can admire at the theme park, a zoo with water attractions in a day. Kid-friendly Crocodile Park is also available here and there is an option to play with seadogs and seals also.

What is kids’ preference Nissi beach, Aiya Napa?

Heads of little bikinis and shorts are becoming more in Nissi beach, Aiya Napa. The adorable views of the clear water and calm waves make kids come closer to the waterscape casually. Possibilities to get light snacks and soft drinks are available in the nearby shops thus the time is fully used for fun and joy in the beach. Running, building sand towers, discus throw are some of the activities that the naughty kids try at its shore level.

The best part of Spain family trip is visiting Salou!

Salou is bombarded with many recreational options for adults and kids. Though it is a summer or winter trip, the ‘Caribe Aquatic Water Park’ belongs to ParkAventura theme park engages tourists very well. It hosts plenty of shows and it is advisable to settle in the first row for clear visibility and is the best option to spend with family if you are allergic to winter’s chill water. The morning visit of PA let you enjoy the views of widespread greenery while enjoying their snack and walk time. 

Travellers say it’s the best for nightlife partying in London!

Camden London

The spot has a unique advantage that it is going to attract people of different hues. The plus point of enjoying the nightlife in ‘Camden Town’ is the guests can enjoy the jazzy and rocky atmosphere under many roofs during nights here. Natives recommend the travellers not to miss out the funk and hip-hop clubs that brightens the nightlife in London. Nights in this area would fetch you some secret ways to reach the joyful bars for glass and dance.

Spend a day here during your Glasgow visit to get enthralled!

In the west end of Glasgow, the most interesting Kelvingrove Park is located on the River Kelvin. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum are the parts of the park and once entered the park has a lot of things to do. The shadowy roads of this oldest park are used by walkers, joggers and cyclists now. Eatery shops to taste variants of tapas, fresh meat items and exotic traditional wines are available for the refreshment of the guests.