The steep hyper roller coaster of Shambhala at PortAventura theme park makes adrenaline gush!

Salou PortAventura

Though you are settled with your choice of day-out activities in Salou, think how you are going to convince your kid. Shambhala hyper roller coaster is themed with water fun games and its steep coaster thrills your brain. Get chances to peek out while doing the thriller ride, just feel the wonder when the ship touches heights. The one spot that extends your day activities in Salou is PortAventura where you can get rentals around at your favorite rates. Visit the place which is must when you are going to poke something in Salou.

Tourists get disappointed on Pantomime deferment in Glasgow!

Glasgow is bombarded with interactive plays that say no to the audience being glued to the chairs until the end of the session. Pantomime Glasgow is a well-known packed auditorium play that renders different acuity for enjoyment. It attracts the summer guests of the city as it is recognized as one of the top recreational options of Glasgow. Due to the stretched impact of pandemic lockdown, the Tron theatre justifies that the favorite Pantomime session gets postponed to 2021 with usual Panto experience.

Amazing green borders in Los Lobos Island, Fuerteventura- The place of Graciousness

Los Lobos Island, the protective and seductive land gloried with diversified flora and fauna along the deep blue water. While visiting the wolf’s island, the mountainscape of La Caldra view is a gift for the boaters. This fascinating family vacation spot renders option for private shipping and fishing thus you get engaged with fabulous time to spend with your kids. Finding cheaper rentals around the destination is not a big deal and prior booking help hands to the Fuerteventura tourism lovers.

In Benidorm, the beach lands are plotted for visitor’s safety during holidays


Benidorm beaches are rated 5 stars by international tourists for being clean and spacious. The crowd is hidden under sunbed umbrellas when it is viewed from the top on summers. Now there is a change in trend to make everyone get some sun and relax. The beaches are planned to be plotted into blocks to hold people in sets as a safety measure to prevent the virus spread. If co-operation is there among the visitors, then Benidorm government would plan for the next step in relaxation for beach activities. There are also social distancing recommendations for street eatery shopping nearby beaches. 

The pricey drink you order, the pricey gift you get from your lady!

Benalmadena beaches are the serene adorable destinations to propose and fall in love with your lady again and again. The brilliant choice of your romantic theme can be the Las Yucasbeach that possesses a solitary beach bar station. Apart from usual beach activities, you can sip your favorite liquor blend in the beach-bar restaurant. No price hiking on seasonal times thus the bar is well engaged by international tourists. Of course, Las Yucas possesses a longshore to have morning bike rides enjoying the favorable beach breeze around. 

Dubai sports resumes! Its’ time to curb your lockdown fat and stay fit

Due to the prevalence of the stress about Covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their fitness. It is obvious that if there is no date outside, our mind might think that having one more biscuit doesn’t matter. It is official information that with the return of sports activity in Dubai, physical training centers and academies can work with 50% of people at the max. Major sports activity teaching institutes and yoga centers can be resumed now with all medical essentials. Dubai tourists’ most interesting water sport and swimming activities can also be resumed but in indoors as of now. It is expected to be leveraged for outdoors very soon.

The super-rich quality of London never vanishes even at the rapid changes in the society

London Street

With ample space and money, London suffers the least even now says, Rowland Atkinson, the Professor and Researcher in Inclusive Societies, University of Sheffield. Fine homes, adorable urban neighbourhoods, adjacent residential parks, luxury coated services and shopping, lavish hotels are the signs of the sense of grandeur in London. Though the impact of the pandemic has made the transfer of wealth from rich to the super-rich, the quality remains the same. Over-the-top tourists would get the living rooms at their affordable even now.   

A plankton-eating mammal did not bother about the swimmer floating within inches!

Malaga bay is a well-renowned tourist spot; especially the swimmers prefer this vast coast for stretch-outs and roll-outs. The shark is estimated to be 20ft long but the man shows dare to swim nearer to the approaching animal. The Southern Spain water’s mouth has more than two of it almost in similar sizes that are witnessed within weeks before. The animal bothers no man but is linked to a larger amount of deep-sea plankton. Malaga bay adds up curiosity among the tourist population who visit the spot on a regular basis now.

The day to resume foreign tourism is getting closer in Menorca!


It sounds better that the Council of Menorca wants its foreign tourist population in the land from the middle of June this year. Menorca has a lot of interesting things to do once it attains new-normality sooner. Kayaking, Catamaran rides, Steamboat sailing and private boating would get operated in this safest destination from the last week of June with minimal operations. Break the locks and explore Menorca to reset tourists’ minds to resume their positive past.

Aiya Napa’s beach comes under top 10 Instagrammed beaches!

Ayia napa

The place is a true paradise beach destination in Spain withholding all fascinating features that attract tourist population more. If something blocks your mind to work further, just drop your pen and come to Aiya Napa. Nissi beach in Aiya Napa is otherwise known as the ‘blue-green sea’ where you would find something interesting as the water lacks its usual color here. Beach Nissi, comes under top 10 Instagrammed beach destinations in Aiya Napa. It looks like an artist’s outstanding imagination to color blue-green instead of sea blue for
water. Tourists spot it out and visit it without fail to adore the elegance of the coral rocks that gets wet by the waves often.