Dubai Tourism – Top Source Markets


Recent survey shows, which countries sending more visitors to Dubai. Here is the top 6 countries list…

2.Saudi Arabia

These countries has sent more than 7 million visitors to Dubai in 2019.The top country India alone sent 2 million visitors. Dubai is expecting to welcome more visitors from these countries in 2020 as Dubai 2020 mega event is pulling more crowd.

When to visit Tenerife


Tenerife is the part of the Canary Islands, Spain and a famous vacation destination on the Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife gives some fantastic opportunities for the visitors with its number of attractive beaches, volcanic landscape and plenty of things to do. Tenerife is one of the most modern and developed island of the Canary Islands. Tenerife has over three hundred kilometers of stunning beaches and hosts many blue flagged beaches.The happy news is, you can travel to Tenerife at any time of the year, although the perfect time to go Tenerife is between May and october, when you can really see the countryside and enjoy the nice breeze from the ocean. As for the flights and holiday packages, they are very cheap during the winter months and from March to May. The weather here stays so nice there is no need for coolers or air conditioners even during the summer.

Dubai is the Most Preferred International Destination for Indians

Dubai CIty

According to data, Dubai is the most preferred international destination for Indians. The data reveals Indians booked more hotels, apartments and other accommodation properties in Dubai than any other destination in 2019. And believes the trend will will increase in 2020. This is actually a great news for Dubai tourism sector.Dubai is closely followed by Bangkok, Singapore, London and Kuala Lumpur. And these cities are fastest growing destinations for Indians. This cities are getting ready to welcome more visitors from India.

Dubai 6th Best City in the World

According to the new study by American consultancy company, Resonance Consultancy. Dubai is the 6th best city in the World in 2020.They ranked the cities by monitoring six categories namely place, product, programming, people, prosperity and promotion.Along with these the sub categories include safety, weather and economic prosperity, as well as landmarks, attractions, dining, diversity and culture.In all categories Dubai’s average is 6th. Dubai beat cities like Singapore, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Rome. This is a big news for Dubai Tourism which will boost their chances in pulling more visitors for Dubai 2020 event.