The Perfect Beach of Crete-Vai


Being the largest island of Greece, the Crete island is definitely an incredible beauty in the Mediterranean sea that attracts large number of tourists, visitors across the globe throughout the year. Crete is loved the most among the Greek islands because it have indefinitely beautiful attractions put together. The sandy beaches with spectacular resorts, rich flora-fauna and amazing climate are the vital attraction of Crete but the spots like mythical Zeus cave or Ideon cave, the white mountains, old fishing towns, ports, museums add more value to this exquisite island. Being an island, Crete have numerous beaches and few of them were outstandingly beautiful and must be your first preference when you’re in Crete. The Vai beach located on the eastern part of the island is one fantastic beach surrounded by the largest palm forest in the entire Europe. This makes ‘Vai’ to be fondly called as the ‘Palm Beach’ of the Crete. Vai beach have dramatic views with Mediterranean waves touching the sandy shore which is been faced by palm trees bordering all the time. Though being one of the best beach in Crete, Vai is secluded because of the zig-zag mountains filled path that takes to the destination. This makes this beautiful beach with full-fledged amenities to be less crowded and it’s more like welcoming selective audience. Vai beach’s secluded characteristic will let you enjoy the beach vacation with some privacy and spectacular scenery. Snorkeling at Vai beach is one of the best pleasure that will stick to your mind forever once experienced. Vai beach have a great accomplishments of snack bars, beach restaurants, coffee spots(Vai beach special) where you can eat delicious Greek and Seafood cuisines.