The Lost Chambers Aquarium of Dubai- Take a walk into fictional island in real time

When you’re in Dubai, you can experience the real posh and luxuriousness of the city you have read, heard, seen while discussing about Dubai, a well-known destination of the Middle East. Dubai lives to the every inch of hype you had imagined in your head before visiting this city in United Arab Emirates. One of the beautiful destination to experience the luxuriousness and dedication of Dubai to attract people towards this city is ‘The Lost Chamber Aquarium’ located at the Atlantis, The Palm. Being located on Atlantis, the Lost Chambers aquarium was built with the theme of fictional Greek island called ‘Atlantis’. You can witness nearly 65000 marine creatures moving inside 10 different chambers surrounded by shipwrecks and ruins to appear like ‘Lost island of Atlantis’. The Lost Chambers aquarium is not just looking at marine creatures inside glass but let’s you to get interacted with them. One top activity you can experience in this aquarium is the ‘Atlantis Dive centre, where you can dive into world-class saltwater pools along with proper boat for rentals and with diving equipment. Other than that, you can interact with Dolphins, Sea Lions at Dolphin bay and Sealion point. The Lost Chambers aquarium will literally take you into fictional Greek island for a while!