Taste the traditional spirit of Crete-Cretan Raki of Crete

Cretan Raki

Crete, the beautiful Greek island is one enjoyable holidaying destination with bunch of attractions and holiday villas which let you to stay & enjoy a great holidaying with family, friends in Crete. When you’re in Crete and if you have the habits to alcohol drinks, then you must definitely try Tsikoudia , a strong-homemade spirit of Greek’s Crete. People of Crete call Tsikoudia as “Cretan’s Raki”, & most commonly as “Raki” and it’s available in the main towns of Crete island such as Chania, Rethymno(Rethimno), Heraklion and many others towns of Crete. In the taverns and restaurants of Crete, the Raki is served as complimentary treat after every meal along with sweet delicacies, & fresh fruits and in some places they’re consumed with olives as a perfect starter for any type of meal. Do try this traditional Cretan Raki, while holidaying in Crete.