Royal Victoria Park in Bath-Beautiful park with play area and botanical garden in Bath

Bath, the amazing city of England have lots of attractions to visit and also attracts people from various parts to enjoy a splendid holidaying in Bath city, England with family and friends. One of the beautiful and pleasant destination to visit in Bath city is the Royal Victoria Park located just 2 miles away from Bath’s main city centre. The Royal Victoria Park in Bath city was inaugurated by 11-old Princess Victoria during the year 1830 which comfortably overlooks the Royal Crescent of Bath city. The 57 acres of Royal Victoria Park consists many attractions such as; tennis, skateboard ramp, 12 & 18 hole golf course, open-air concerts and a large play area for children and a exclusive maintained colorful botanical garden which covers about 9 acre of Royal Victoria Park in Bath. The Royal Victoria Park in Bath is one of the best destination to take your family and kids, when you’re holidaying in Bath.