Pratunam Market in Bangkok-Never miss this lively and largest clothing market in Bangkok city

Bangkok, the amazing capital of Thailand welcome thousands of tourists throughout the year with alluring attractions and amazing holiday villas to let people enjoy a fantastic holiday in Bangkok. If you’re shopaholic and interested in fashion then you must definitely visit the popular Pratunam Market in Bangkok which is located just 5 kilometres away from the Bangkok’s city centre. Neither an shopaholic, you’ll definitely get the craving to do shopping when you’re in Bangkok’s Pratunam Market and you can experience it only when you stand inside the market. You can buy shoes, bags, watches, handicrafts, gift shops and the Pratunam Market is famous for clothings and it’s the largest market for clothings in Bangkok and also in entire Thailand. You shall find all types of clothings such as fashionable, traditional, casual wear available for women & kids at highly dominating level than being available to men. Pratunam Market in Bangkok is set near the Amari Watergate and hence the word ‘Pratunam’ means ‘watergate’ in Thai. You can also find numerous food stalls, cafés, restaurants with popular Thai cuisines and snacks along with other popular food lining the borders of Pratunam Market in Bangkok.