Peñas del Chache-Lanzarote’s highest peak but also the best spot to stargaze in Lanzarote

Peñas del Chache
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Lanzarote island surrounded by the Atlantic is one among the beautiful Canary islands of Spain which is filled with alluring attractions and amazing holiday villas & beachfront villas that offers great views and services, and that’s why people from United Kingdom, Europe and many other countries flock to the spend their holidays in Lanzarote. When you’re in Lanzarote you should definitely visit the mesmerizing viewpoint of milky way called the Peñas del Chache located in northern region of Lanzarote island. You can reach the Peñas del Chache by traveling 18 kilometres towards north-east from Lanzarote’s main city centre. Peñas del Chache is the highest peak in Lanzarote which is 670 metres in height and thus, it explains ‘Why Peñas del Chache is popular for sky watching in Lanzarote?’. The best time to visit Peñas del Chache is during the summer nights of the Lanzarote island when you can feel as if the twinkling stars shower on you from the dark sky and the amazing sight will never fade-out from your memory about your ‘holiday in Lanzarote’. You can also spot two constellations in summer: Scorpius and Sagitarius. You may not be a ‘star gaze person’ but you’ll turn out to be, if you visit the Peñas del Chache in Lanzarote.