Paul da Serra in Madeira-Beautiful tourist attraction in Madeira island

Madeira, the beautiful Portugal island is one of the most loved and visited holidaying destinations in Portugal by many tourists from various parts across the world & mostly from the European and United Kingdom regions. One of the natural & calm attraction in Madeira, which you shall never miss when you’re a tourist to Madeira island is the popular Paul da Serra plateau in Madeira. Paul da Serra looks so beautiful with lush green atmosphere and will take you close to the nature and it is about 1300-1500 metres above the sea level in Madeira. You can reach the Paul da Serra in Madeira by traveling nearly 34 kilometres towards the north-west from Funchal-Madeira’s capital. Though nothing to admire than long lush green covered plateau, the Paul da Serra in Madeira is the path that will take you to other must-visit destinations such as 25 Fontes falls, Pico Ruivo and few attractions of Madeira.