Parco del Mercatello(Mercatello Park) in Amalfi Coast-One of the best urban park in Italy

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Amalfi Coast, the amazing coastline of Amalfi, Italy is a natural treasure that lies on Italy’s southern coast and offers picturesque destinations and natural beach resort ambience to spend a great holidaying with family and friends. One beautiful and pleasant destination which is visited (most of time!) by tourists who visit Amalfi Coast is the popular Parco del Mercatello(Mercatello Park) located in Salerno, Amalfi Coast, Italy. From Amalfi Coast, you can reach the Parco del Mercatello(Mercatello Park) by travelling nearly 40 kilometres towards east coastline following the directions. Though, you need to travel a bit far away from Amalfi, you must definitely consider visiting the Parco del Mercatello(Mercatello Park), since, it’s considered as one of the largest equipped urban parks in entire Italy and you can’t miss such a massive landmark destination while you’re holidaying just few kilometres away. Parco del Mercatello(Mercatello Park) is spread almost for about 25 acres and was opened during the year 1998 in Salerno, Italy. With verdurous ambience and lively appeal, Parco del Mercatello(Mercatello Park) is one of the best destination to take family and kids and also friends to visit and enjoy along with a bit of travelling, when you’re in Amalfi Coast, Italy.