Summer Holidays in Tamilnadu, India


Tamilnadu is a state located in the southern part of India. One of the most interesting locations in India. It is the state which receives large number of tourists from abroad. With the wealth of attractions starting from the amazing temples in Madurai, Trichy and Thanjavur, stunning rock carvings in Mahabalipuram, beautiful hill stations of Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud, the other places like Kanyakumari and Chennai are also offers fantastic sight seeing options.Overall the state of Tamilnadu is a all time favorite for visitors from Europe and USA.

The all year round sunshine and the rich heritage are the major factors for the visitors. The people here are friendly and have high opinion on foreign visitors. The hospitality of these people is simply amazing and they treat visitors as king and queen. Months of April and May are considered summer months and are the local holiday months. It is the best time to visit the state, though the temperatures are easily reaching 40’c the amount of cultural activities and festivals during these times are interesting and colorful.

Tarragona, the capital of Costa Dorada

Tarragona is the capital of the Costa Dorada,positioned on a hill surrounded by the Mediterranean sea.Tarragona has numerous places of interest centered in a very small area.Tarragona,the main city on the Costa Dorada,is a combination of the vintage and the new.The historical city walls,Roman ruins and old time harbour mix flawlessly with the tree covered boulevards and shopping centres which along with a number of the areas perfect beaches creates a great day trip.For culture lovers,the city furthermore offers some outstanding museums that are residence to significant Roman relics, art,tapestries and archaeological findings.


There are not a great deal of prearranged outdoor pursuits in Tarragona beyond walking throughout the town,swimming at the beautiful beaches,and people gazing in the plazas. Probably the most lovely parts of Tarragona is the old fashioned streets, the ones close to the cathedral,you should not ignore them.Tarragona´s gorgeous beach, Playa El Milagro.The fantastic sands of this Costa Dorada shore draws in tourists from all over and it provides an attractive stretch of sand along with vistas of the port.Tarragona is merely 13km from Reus airport that can be reached by bus routes and local and express trains.

Chianti – Wines, Farms and Picture Perfect Countryside


Chianti has grown to become a much desired holiday location for both Italian and foreign vacationers, because of its natural splendor, authentic cultural heritage and a great deal of Chianti Classico wine makers providing hospitality on their ranches.Exploring Chianti suggests integrating yourself into a historical,well protected and interesting world where folks live their existence tending vineyards and olive trees.Venturing Chianti also means being in a position to taste the finest wines on the planet and savouring classic Chianti food made from traditional recipes that the natives of Tuscany cherish.Chianti is not simply an attractive postcard it is also odours,fresh air to breathe in and the sounds of Mother nature.

Chianti usually means red wine, but not exactly that.It also suggests an enchanting countryside filled with vineyards and red rooftops glowing under the Tuscan sun.The ultimate way to travel Chianti is by walking,particularly if you walk along the well-known eco friendly path, or ecopassaggio, that takes you you from San Gusmè over the mountains and vineyards to Castelnuovo Berardegna. Also, the area has a plethora of beautiful farms rejuvenated into holiday rentals.Chianti wine takes its term from the region in the countryside close to Florence,exactly where they make the popular Tuscany wine, renowned and offered all over the world.The taste of these wines is represented by fruity tips only that match up well with the many Tuscan food.

Top 25 cities in the world which are very best for travel for the year 2018 – by TripAdvisor


Trip advisor has released a list of top 25 cities in the world which are very best for travel for the year 2018. The cities are chosen by millions of tripadvisor users. Here is the list..

1. Paris
2. London
3. Rome
4. Bali
5. Crete
6. Barcelona
7. Prague
8. Marrakech
9. Istanbul
10. New York
11. Phuket
12. Hanoi
13. Siem Reap
14. Jamaica
15. Playa del Carmen
16. Lisbon
17. Dubai
18. Tokyo
19. Kathmandu
20. Hong Kong
21. Hurghada
22. New Delhi
23. Cusco
24. Rio de Janeiro
25. Sydney

Stunning Greek Island Crete

With 600 miles of incredible beaches, long stretches of exotic seashores, extraordinary azure waters, stunning mountain ranges and small classic villages, it is no surprise that this lovely Greek island Crete draws in so many visitors all through the year.Whether you are trying to find fantastic beaches, some peaceful rest and pleasure,an intimate break influenced by tales and legends or some culture, Crete has all of it.This island heaven is famous for its hospitality, mythology, historical sites, nutritious Mediterranean food and infinite exotic blue flag beaches punctuated with rough, spectacular rugged shorelines.Crete has some breathtaking walks taking advantage of the mountains, gorges and shoreline.



Apart from the beaches tourists can discover the island on horseback; moving along deserted seashores, past charming unspoilt villages and through vineyards and olive groves.This Mediterranean shoreline of Greece offers year round cozy and warm weather, with hot summer season from April – October and wonderfully mild winters. While tourist and guests can be seen, holidaying in Crete, all year around, ideal time to holiday is definitely the summer time.Crete is filled with awesome and beautiful sightseeing opportunities, abundant history and tradition, lots of water and ocean front, villages and a lot more, for a memorable holiday.Holiday in Crete with family can become a lot more fun by visiting water parks, boat tours, palaces and museums.The best way to stay here is to choose one of the holiday villas in Crete.

Dubai, a magical world in the middle of the desert


Dubai is definitely an excellent vacation destination for both the vacationer as well as the business visitor. Dubai has a great deal to provide in means of pursuits, resorts and infrastructure to name a few.Dubai, situated on the Persian Gulf, is a vital emirate of UAE with the biggest population.It shares boundaries with Abu Dhabi in the south and also Sharjah in the northeast.The location delights in the privilege to be called the world’s multi-cultural mix of diversified, youthful, vibrant, and professional people.There is a good reason why lots of people from several corners of the globe arrived at Dubai. They come to get the jobs, get pleasure from the top quality of life and feel the awesome lifestyle.

Overwhelmingly gorgeous, the city features a number of plazas and souks, luxurious hotels, delicious dining options and top quality bars. The monstrosity of the city simply leaves many unnerved and amazed. However, beneath the glossy and glowing surface lies a more traditional and a sober Dubai. In fact, Dubai is among the few cities that provide the excellent mix of classic and modernism.The enchanting Dubai culture, Dubai’s multifaceted Islamic religion, the attractive Dubai weather, huge hotels and inexpensive shopping options all add up to make Dubai tourism and vacations so fascinating and delightful. Dubai is really a top notch holiday location that has amazed the world with artificial wonders along with its natural splendor.

Ubud – Indonesia’s Cultural Paradise

Ubud is an amazing village in the middle of the bali island.Located in the heart and soul of Bali Indonesia. Ubud is well regarded as an creative area and a center for authentic cultural allure and art products.Furthermore, Ubud is captivated by the artistic and spiritual life of the people.Ubud is an attractive destination to watch the Balinese’s unique culture in-depth.Be it classic, old-fashioned, modern, or abstract artworks, all is available when you move around all through the city of Ubud.There are numerous galleries and affordable art shops where one can buy Bali’s mementos and exclusive works of art.


The holiday accommodations of Ubud are set amidst the attractiveness of the rain forest and mountain ranges, with all of the hotel room and villa accommodations starting from the mid value up to the top luxury deluxe Ubud resorts. There are also some inexpensive places to stay but are not located anywhere near the peaceful settings which makes Ubud such a preferred location.If you would spend an evening or two in Ubud, regardless of whether you stay at exclusive villas or cottages, then you definitely will really encounter vacationing in a paradise of serenity and seclusion.Most Ubud luxury villas are perched high above an abundant green valley, off from the homes and covered and walled by tress and terrace-gardens in an enchanting hanging architectural idea .There’s such plenty to consume and encounter in Ubud that after you have toured once; you are sure to come back for the next trip. The landscape around Ubud offers such a large amount of different stunning views that there may be many Ubud lodges that you will manage to stay in over some breaks and still wish more; it is just such an sensational scenery and cultural paradise.

Self catering holiday accommodation in Tenerife

In the middle of the seas of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is among the most favored locations for anyone going to the Canary Islands.With its sun soaked seashores, exciting resorts and breathtaking volcanic landscapes it is little wonder that this sensational island never stops to entice an increasing number of visitors every year.This culturally wealthy island is residence to the well-known Mount El Teide volcano which is also preferred by those seeking to spend their holiday dipping up the sun and savoring the sand and surf available along the island’s picturesque beaches.Those searching for a place to stay will discover a number of choices that cater to both inexpensive and high end tourists.


Vacationers looking for self catering style holiday accommodation can pick to relax in one of the numerous apartments in Tenerife. Perfect for couples, individuals and little groups of friends,these apartments are offered also close to the primary coastal areas and cities and are suited for guests preparing both brief and lengthy stays on the island.An option to apartments are the many villas around Tenerife.These mostly self contained villas offer visitors with a homely environment in which to cherish some serenity and quiet off from the normal hustle and bustle of a resort.The holiday villas in Tenerife with private pool are usually built with their own cooking amenities and go from those that can accommodate small families to ones that provide holiday accommodation for massive groups.

Vintage British Style Cottages in Ooty, India

Ooty is one of the main summer holiday destination in South India. Ooty is very popular among tourists. Every year thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the cold weather during the summer months of April and May. It is a hill station with loads of nature’s beauty. Breath taking mountain train journey, lovely lake, amazing gardens, rare wildlife, fresh fruits and fun filled activities are the main reasons for people coming here to enjoy their holidays.Also the famous yearly events like Ooty flower show, horse racing, boat race, fruit show, dog show and vegetable show are always admired by the visitors and they come in numbers to these events.

Country Tavern Ooty

Before the Indian independence, Ooty is home for many British officers and their families. Even the Ooty is originally discovered by British man John Sullivan. When the British left India their homes are become summer holiday homes for rich Indians.Today these British style cottages in Ooty are available for holiday renting. The houses are majestic and stunning even for today’s standards. The rooms and gardens were beautiful and nicely built to observe cold. These cottages are now luxury accommodations and provide comfortable accommodation for tourists. Booking a British style cottage in Ooty and spending your holiday there feel like royal. There are several cottages are available to book online as well.

Small and delightful Cork

Cork is the 2nd biggest city in Ireland.Cork city possess a bit of everything in the means of visitors attractions.Folks will discover Cork city to be an immensely lovely blend of things in a compact city environment between two rivers.Visitors can spend the day at the sea or uncover old castles.There is a wild animals preserve with African wildlife, surprisingly, and Cork is crowded with shopping and dining options.Envied by many of the rest of the country for its abundance of amusement, for all age groups,Cork’s lively streets are filled with numerous pubs, clubs and dining places.Cork City’s countless choice of amusement is famous all through Ireland and meets everyone’s social anticipation.

Cork City
Cork City

With a small city centre,Cork is definitely convenient by walking. Its main street, Patricks Street, is a great spot to shop.Hotels and bed and breakfast lodgings are the primary accommodation and there is certainly a wide variety of guest houses and b&b’s in Cork to select from.The hotels vary from contemporary to the smaller sized and more romantic while the Cork guest houses and B and B’s consist of the more classic huge town houses to more compact and casual cottages.It has its’ own airport and is also have an active ferry port.The main towns within County Cork are Cork City, Cobh, Bandon, Kinsale, Middleton and Youghal.The city itself, although little by European or world benchmarks has plenty to do and see. It has achieved a global status for music with the famous Jazz festival being organized in the city every year.