New Venetian Fortress(Fortress of Saint Mark) in Corfu island of Greece

Corfu, the beautiful Greek island have many beautiful attractions that attracts tourists/travelers from various across the globe and the amazing holiday villas in Corfu adds more privacy, joy to your holidaying with family, kids and friends. Corfu island in Greece have many beautiful attractions to visit and the amazing Fortresses that depict the ancient architecture, culture of the island is one of the best way to explore and experience the rich history of Corfu. One such beautiful fortress to make a visit in Corfu is the New Fortress, which is also called as New Venetian Fortress & Fortress of Saint Mark , located in heart of the main city of Corfu island. You can reach the New Venetian Fortress by traveling just 1 kilometre from Corfu’s main city and locals of Corfu also address the destination as Fortress of San Marco. According to the archaeological evidences found, the New Venetian Fortress in Corfu island was built between the years 1576-1645 and it’s found very close to popular Old Harbour of Corfu which looks beautiful & lively with cobbled streets, old promenade with shops, restaurants, caf├ęs to enjoy. The New Venetian Fortress(Fortress of Saint Mark) is one of the picturesque destination to visit and click beautiful pictures when you’re in Corfu.