Mayem Lake in Goa-Spot ‘on’ for nature and adventure lovers in Goa

Goa-Water Rafting
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Goa, the most beautiful and natural resort state of India is the tiny state which welcomes foreign tourists/travelers and also equally domestic tourists like any large city in Indian nation and sometimes, more than any state in India. The beautiful part that make people to love Goa is the beautiful beaches and the beachfront villas in Goa with spectacular beachfront views, profound privacy and amazing hospitality. But, Goa do have old towns, chapels, and perfect holidaying activities to enjoy a splendid holidaying in Goa. One such activity to definitely indulge when you’re Goa is visiting the picturesque Mayem Lake (a.k.a) Maya Lake in Goa. You can reach the Mayem Lake by traveling 24 kilometres towards east from the Panjim-Goa’s capital. Visiting Mayem Lake in Goa will be the best activity for nature & adventure lovers to do in Goa, as you can do lot of birdwatching, admire the verdurous ambience, boating in lake and click the ‘best pictures in Goa trip’ and add ’em to your gallery. You shall also visit the Arvalem caves along with Arvalem waterfalls, famous Rudreshwar temple and the mighty Mhadei wildlife sanctuary-One of the best natural biodiversity of the Western Ghats. You can also enjoy the best water rafting in Goa with proper lifeguard measure nearby the Mayem Lake in Goa.