Magical Prasonisi!


Rhodes: The largest island of Greece that attracts largest number of visitors from every corner of the world with alluring attractions. There are many beautiful attractions that makes Rhodes as beautiful destination such as sizzling sandy beaches, captivating climate, amazing ancient old towns and comfortable villas, resorts, beach resorts to make your vacation the best. Since, beaches are the gift that Rhodes have there are effortlessly beautiful beaches here with great amenities. One such destination of Rhodes is the Prasonisi cape located on the south-west region of this Greek island. An interesting factor which is almost magical about Prasonisi is that, during the winter water level is high this region appears like a separate island near Rhodes, whereas during summer the water level goes low revealing the path connecting it with the Rhodes and also appears to be a peninsular region. One the southernmost point of Prasonisi you can find a majestic lighthouse, from where you can peep the Rhodes and the beautiful sea surrounding. The best way to enjoy Prasonisi is to indulge yourselves in kitesurfing and windsurfing with proper guidance and lifeguards available. Prasonisi have a great set of restaurants, cafes, motels that serves delicious multi-cuisine and of course the Greek cuisines.