Kitroplateia beach in Crete-Perfect ‘blue-flagged’ beach in Crete

Crete, the most loved and visited Greek island have lot of beautiful attractions to make your holiday in Crete enjoyable throughout the year. The best way to make your holiday in Crete as ‘perfect’ is choosing the holiday villas & resorts, beachfront resorts and beachfront villas in Crete; as they shall offer more privacy and friendly guidance to your family, kids and friends throughout your holidaying in Crete. Since, Crete island is largest island in Greece you’ve so much to explore and experience in this Greek island. One such beautiful & iconic beach to visit in eastern Crete is the Kitroplateia beach located near the popular town in Crete known as ‘Agios Nikaloas’. Kitroplateia beach in Crete is one of the perfect urban beach in Crete with picturesque views, crystalline water, shops to rent chairs & umbrellas, showers, seafood restaurants, beachfront restaurants, caf├ęs and beach bars. Kitroplateia beach in Crete is 70 kilometres away from Heraklion, Crete’s capital. When you’re in eastern Crete you can definitely take your family, kids and friends to Kitroplateia beach, since it’s one of the ‘Blue-Flagged’ beach in Crete island. You also have another popular beach nearby the Agios Nikolaos town, called as the Voulisma beach in Crete.