Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai-Open Doors in Dubai

Dubai the luxurious city of UAE have all sorts of attractions to keep you engaged and happy throughout your holidaying with your family and friends in Dubai. One of the beautiful destination to definitely visit into, when you’re in Dubai is the popular Jumeirah Mosque located 7 kilometres away from the main city centre of Dubai. Jumeirah Mosque is so popular and pleasant destination for everyone who visits because, it adopts into the motto as ‘Open Doors, Open Minds’ which means that, the Jumeirah Mosque welcomes visitors of all faith and religion to admire. Jumeirah Mosque looks so beautiful with towering minarets and a large dome as it was built using white stones incorporating the medieval Fatimid tradition in it’s architecture. You can take a leisure walk in the Jumeirah Beach road after visiting the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai. Definitely, Jumeirah Mosque is a good destination to take your family & kids in Dubai.