Imbros Gorge in Crete-People who love hiking, nature and adventure shouldn’t miss this in Crete

Crete island in Greece is the largest and most loved Greek island by various people across the world and especially by the people of United Kingdom and Europe. Crete offers one of the best holidaying experience whenever you visit the island with incredibly beautiful attractions to visit and impressive hospitality by the holiday villas and beachfront villas in Crete. If you’re an adventurous lover and love to enjoy hiking then you shall never miss the spectacular Gola Di Imbros(Imbros Gorge) in the western Crete. The Imbros Gorge is located in the small village called Imbros which is nearly 50 kilometres away from the Rethymno city, a main city in the Crete island. Imbros Gorge will offer you a pleasant, scenic walk observing the lush green surrounding and peaceful ambience which gets you so close to the nature for a while. You’ll get to walk the downhill, walk the narrow gorge, admire the spectacular narrowest spot in the Imbros Gorge and you shall backpack food, water based on your needs while you walk/hike the Imbros Gorge in Crete. But, like the chocolatey part hiding in the tail of an ice-cream cone, you’ll find few tavernas in the end of Imbros Gorge to sit back and relax after a long walk/hike in your ‘Crete holiday’. Visiting and walking the Imbros Gorge will definitely be an evergreen moment in your holidaying at Crete.