Fuerteventura’s tiny neighbor – Lobos!


Fuerteventura is one of the finest destination among the Canary islands of Spain with so many beautiful attractions surrounded by the alluring Atlantic ocean. There are so many attractions such as beaches, awesome climate, historical old towns, restuarants that serves delicious cuisines and amazing series of resorts, villas, beach resorts with full-fledged services to make your Fuerteventura vacation more pleasant and happier. One beautiful attraction you shouldn’t miss in this island is the captivating islet called Lobos island, located 2kms away from the Fuerteventura. The excitement of Lobos island will catch from the moment you start sailing from Fuerteventura, since you need to take short ferry ride to get here. Archaelogical evidences in Lobos island shows that there was seasonal settlement of Ancient Rome and the age of this tiny island is estimated to be 7000-8000 years old. Lobos island is also an volcanic island with a 127 metre height volcano called Montana La Caldera. Lobos island is a fascinating destination for bird-watching. You can enjoy watching at various of seabirds, rare birds like Bulwer’s Petrel, Storm Petrel nesting beautifully and flying the rocks and cliffs of this islet. Like birds, you can also spot rare marine fishes in the water and also spot Dolphins easily near Lobos and also can do a much of snorkeling, surfing. Lobos have a lot of walking trails which makes the visitors to walk and explore this islet(But limited access only). You can also rent a cycle and ride over the islet happily. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the islet and look over the Fuerteventura island from the Punto Martino lighthouse built over the volcanic mountain Martino. There are not so wide range of restaurants but a definitely descent ones available in Lobos islet. Spending one complete day in Lobos island and getting back to Fuerteventura in ferry will be definitely worth it.