Exomitis beach in Santorini-Serene beauty of Santorini

Santorini, the Greek island have incredibly beautiful attractions that will make you fell in love, when you’re holidaying in Santorini. You can find many beautiful beaches in this beautiful Greek island and one such treasure of Santorini with dramatic views and tranquil ambience is the Exomitis beach, which is located 13 kilometres to the south of Fira(Thera), Santorini’s capital. Exomitis beach isn’t completely an individual beach of Santorini but the extension and the ending part of the vast Perrisa beach of Santorini. Exomitis beach is calm, secluded and it’s really spacious to accommodate the sunbeds, umbrellas of the people who hop into Exomitis beach in Santorini for a ‘beach day’. You have medium level of basic amenities available behind the beach and if you need more you need to get to coastal villages and towns in Santorini nearby this Exomitis beach. But, people still chose Exomitis beach in Santorini because of the peaceful ambience and picturesque views which can be enjoyed with less crowd & some privacy during your holidaying in Santorini.