Crete’s White mountains!

Lefka Ori

The largest island of Greece with abundance of attractions and beauty that magnetizes visitors from different parts of the world is the ‘Crete’ island. There are beautiful beaches, perfect resorts located at the rim of sandy beaches with amazing climate, ancient architectures located in old towns, functioning fishing villages, rich flora-fauna and thus makes ‘Crete’ of Greece as one of the finest holiday destination in the Europe. If you’re in Crete, then you must visit and experience the ambience of Lefka Ori, which is one of the famous destination in the island. Being located on the most western part of Crete, these mountain ranges are popularly known as ‘White mountains’ because of the limestones with natural color palette ranging from grey to bluish black. There are about 30 peaks higher than 2000 metre and the one highest peak of White mountains is the Pachnes(2453 metre). The panoramic view you get from the White mountains will never fade away from your memory. Another attraction about White mountains is that, they have nearly 40 narrow steep valleys which makes your hiking more beautiful. Best season to visit this beauty in Crete is spring, where there is no snow and little warm sun. There are also amenities arranged for the visitors to rest, eat and enjoy good time with White mountains.